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Wedlock is the ninth episode of Season Three and 53rd episode of Reign.


MARY AND ELIZABETH FIND THEMSELVES IN DIRE SITUATIONS — Mary becomes suspicious of Prince Don Carlos’ true condition and relies on Gideon to help her uncover the truth. Elizabeth makes a shocking discovery which could change the course of her reign over England and forces Dudley to make a tough decision. Meanwhile, Narcisse forces Claude to marry someone of his choosing, against her wishes.


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  • Sheepskin, or more accurately referred to as Lambskin, or sheep intestines can be used as contraception, and are even used today sometimes, in place of condoms.
  • The Crown Matrimonial - In law, it is a person's right to co-reign equally with his or her spouse.
    • The Crown Matrimonial was sought by King Francis II of France, husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, by the Parliament of Scotland and Mary's mother, Mary of Guise, who was regent of Scotland.
      • Mary's 2nd husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, demanded the Crown Matrimonial. However, the plan was never realized.


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