The Vintage Wine Tasting, occurred during Season Two in the episode, Tasting Revenge.

During the Event Edit

In Tasting Revenge, Nobles and Royals from all over France come to French Court in order to sample wine bottled on the King's birthday. Queen Catherine leaves the planning of the festivities to Kenna, and explains that "The King's Mistress" is a sordid tradition during which Nobles bring their lovely young daughters to court in hope that Francis will take one to his bed since his estranged marriage to Mary has become obvious.

Before the party, Catherine talks with Lola about how fathers dangling their daughters under a King's nose worked well for the Boleyn sisters; however Lola doesn't think that Francis will choose any of the ladies because he is still in love with Mary. Catherine responds by saying that if Francis and Mary are indeed over, then there will be a place by his side for a lucky young girl, and she clearly hints that she wants Lola to be the one.

During the festivities, the many guests toast the birth of Francis as well as the fine wine bottled on that day. Catherine and Lola talk again about her and Francis; Lola says that because she is Mary's Lady and friend, and also because the Queen despises her, then she will not dangle herself under Francis' nose. Catherine replies by saying that Lola could make Francis happy, since she has given birth to her grandson, and given Francis something that Mary has not and probably never will; Catherine further comments that any mother would want her son to be happy, as the merriment continues.

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