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Three Queens, Two Tigers is the first episode of Season Three and 45th episode of Reign.


ONLY ONE QUEEN WILL REIGN — Queen Mary struggles to hold on to her power in Scotland amidst Queen Elizabeth’s campaign to sabotage her with the help of a new ally in Queen Catherine. Meanwhile, with Francis’ fate at odds and Elizabeth distracted by temptation in her first love, Robert Dudley, both queens struggle to rule.


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  • The title of the episode represents Mary having to take on Elizabeth and Catherine. For the first time ever, she will be fighting two queens at once.
  • For the first time ever, Reign is focusing on two countries; going back and forth between France and England which started with this episode.
  • The first appearances of Martin and Queen Jeanne.
  • This episode will be bloody and have a high body count.[1]
  • Teasers of the premiere[2]:
    • Elizabeth continues her scheming.
    • Francis starts to prepare Charles to become the next King.
    • Martin is hired by Francis and Mary for an important job.
    • Greer will be courted by Martin while Lola will continue to be courted by Narcisse.
    • Bash is on the hunt for Delphine.
  • Elizabeth is no longer the "Virgin Queen" as she lost her virginity to Robert Dudley.


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