Three Queens is the sixth episode of Season Two and 28th episode of Reign overall.


MARY AND CATHERINE GO UNDERCOVER — Upon encountering a mob of angry peasants, Queens Mary and Catherine find themselves concealing their true identities after being forced to abandon their carriage and escape into the woods. Fearful the uprising is a response to his own actions, Francis forms a search party that includes Leith and Condé, only to discover the attack is actually a result of imposters abusing the power of the crown. Meanwhile, Lola sets out to become financially independent but, in the process, finds herself considering a complicated yet intriguing offer from Lord Narcisse. Bash, Kenna and Greer also appear.




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  • The name of the episode was announced on September 11th via the Reign writers twitter.
  • The title is named Three Queens due to an imposter pretending to be the Queen of France and Scotland.
  • When Lola practices archery with Lord Narcisse, she claims she never hold a bow. Anna Popplewell, however, played Susan in "The Chronicles of Narnia", a character famous for the use of bow and arrow.
  • Mary and Catherine work together for the second time in this episode.
  • The third queen from the title is the imposter of Mary Stuart, Jenny.

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