• Guys this is just going too far. Im sick of Lorisa's behavior. Its really rude and really mean. It shows us that our work is waste and she can do better (meaning she is better than us)... I just cant, Aria. I just seriously cant hold this anger of mine longer! Who does she think she is? I know this is highlighted...dont be all like why is this highlighted blah blah blah because Im really not into this mood. Guys lets be honest, what have we done? What is all of this? You answer me why people think the way Lorisa thinks? Little actions really hurt alot. Its emotional. I just really cant take it. I will have a poll down here and PLEASE be honest:

    What do you think about our wiki?

    The poll was created at 03:05 on April 12, 2014, and so far 11 people voted.

    My mood for editing is just off right now. Im sick of her attitude. And yes its Lorisa214 (I dont care for saying her name, she deserves it and all of you need deserve to know) She use to be a user here but she had differences with 2 admins and decided to leave create another wiki on the same topic to compete against us.

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