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The Plague is the first episode of Season Two and 23rd episode of Reign overall. It got a rating of 1.01, a series low however the episode has gotten many great reviews including along with The Vampire Diaries had the biggest viewership increases on broadcast Thursday night.[1]


PLAGUE ROCKS THE KINGDOM — The new King and Queen of France, Francis and Mary, are plummeted into chaos after the Black Plague ravages the land and creeps inside the castle, threatening lives and the stability of their new rule. Francis finds himself on the wrong side of the quarantined gates, with Lola, as they try to make their way back to safety. New and murderous foes are introduced as nobles grasp for power, pressuring Mary -- and Catherine -- even as the death count rises. Meanwhile, Kenna and Bash find themselves separated; Kenna's life endangered as she risks all to save their young ward. Greer is forced to watch Leith move on with a new love and is shocked to realize he's involved with her fiancé’s daughter.


The episode opens with Francis now the new King of France riding hard off to look for Lola who went into labor in “Slaughter of Innocence” praying that she and the baby are safe. Francis passes by lands riddled with the dead as the Black Death (Plague) has returned to France threatening to wipe out the entire country. Meanwhile back at French Court Nostradamus, Queen Mother Catherine, and the new Queen Mary are addressing everyone about the ravage of plague that is spreading through France. Catherine assures everyone that there is no need for fear, but that they only need to take care; however a noble asks about the new King Francis and Mary says that he is safe being protected in a private home as well as that she has ordered the castle locked down to prevent infection. Another noble asks what if the plague is already at court? Catherine says that anyone who is found to be infected will be treated with kindness, as Kenna tells Bash that Catherine is being too nice that she really wants the sick rooted out or turned in by their neighbors. Catherine is urging everyone to seek expert care if they feel ill; Mary mentions that there are early warning signs. A clean shaven Nostradamus explains the symptoms: fevers, spitting up blood, bulbous sores that turn black, aches & pains, and extremities that turn black. He also warns that contact with an affected person spreads the disease.

Greer is standing with her fiancé Lord Castleroy and notices that Leith is standing with a beautiful red haired young woman, and asks Lord Castleroy if that is his daughter Yvette and if she and Leith are together. Lord Castleroy looks at Greer in concern as she tells him that she is not jealous but concerned as Leith told her that he would attain wealth and station and that she would be forced to witness his happiness with another. Lord Castleroy asks if money is the reason Greer thinks Leith has sought out his daughter. Lord Castleroy looks at Greer with concern as she admits that she’s not jealous but concerned as he inquires why this is so Yvette is standing with Leith and points out Lord Castleroy and his fiancée Greer, Leith is in shock as he had no idea that this was her father. Yvette and Leith have an argument about how Leith had no idea about Lord Castleroy and that it’s over between him and Greer, and if he could go back to her he honestly says that he would not. Yvette begs Leith to spend time with her as these could be their last days on earth, but Leith says there are things he must do, and they agree to meet tomorrow.

In the castle hallway Kenna runs into her husband Bash and they talk about how people at court are getting sick and that there isn’t enough food for every household at court; Bash tells Kenna to find Pascal and secure themselves in their chambers until the plague is passed. A couple is seen about to have sex and apparently the woman is infected. Mary and Catherine are seen walking down the hall followed by guards when a man steps out to greet them and a guard puts a sword between the man and the 2 Queens and says “not today” as the ladies continue on their walk. Francis finds Lola in a home where she has given birth and survived along with her newborn son.

In the throne room there are large braziers burning to keep the air pure; Mary is already there as Catherine enters and sits on the other throne. She begins bombarding Mary with a million questions as to why Francis hasn’t returned as the music sounds to signal that someone else has fallen ill, and Nostradamus enters the room and volunteers to go out and find Francis as the guards Mary sent have been apparently delayed, and he believes himself to be immune to the plague; however Mary says that there is much danger and unrest out in the lands and Catherine won’t be happy if any illness has befallen her son and questions Mary if there is another reason her son has gone missing; however Mary is in no mood and asks Catherine to please not taunt her this day and reminds her that Nostradamus is willing to risk his life to go out and find their King, Mary’s husband & Catherine’s son, and commands her to thank Nostradamus say goodbye and be silent.

Kenna finds Pascal being led off by the man who tried to greet Mary & Catherine earlier; however she tries to take him unsuccessfully as the man grossly insults her by calling her a whore though she is married to the King’s brother, and Pascal tells Kenna that he will meet her in her chambers when he is done. Back at Estelle’s house it’s nighttime as Francis talks to Lola about the carriage, and why he is with her and not back at court with his wife as well as the idea that Lola is willing to keep the parentage of her son a secret as Francis has not touched the baby not 1 time; however Estelle’s brother shows signs of the plague and Francis is quick to take Lola and the baby away and they try to get Estelle to come with them but she won’t leave her family stating that she’d be no safe with the King of France.

Back at the castle Lord Eduard has come asking a favor to kill another man who has been sleeping with his new wife, and he wishes this man to die of plague. He gets vengeance and the French Court will get food for all the households, Mary doesn’t want to hear about this but Catherine thinks Mary should know about the type of animosity is in her realm. Lord Eduard explains that the exchange is simple food for a life, and Mary refuses to grant this favor as Catherine says “Welcome to your rule my Queen, and welcome to the real France.” Mary then questions Catherine if trading lives for food with the Nobles is how she and Henry kept their power as King and Queen of France; however Catherine schools Mary on the fact that the power of the Monarchy truly comes from the nobility along with the money and food that comes to court, and that she will be thankful when she sees the hungry at court are fed. Mary refuses to listen instead suggesting that they take the property of Lord Eduard Catherine is shocked as Mary tells the guards to deny Eduard his request of killing Valand in exchange for food. In the castle halls Greer meets up with Leith and she is still shocked by his relationship with her fiancée's daughter and begs him not to go through with it.

Meanwhile in the woods Francis and Lola are traveling trying to make their way back to court and the baby cries because he is hungry and Lola can't feed him as she needs water or something to drink so she can nurse. They stop as there is fresh water up ahead when they run into a band of men on the road who approach her carriage and one of them asks Francis what wrong with Lola and he says that she has just given birth not infected with the plague. The man who seems to be in charge commands his men to bow in respect to their new King. The King recognizes the man who introduces himself as Louis a cousin many times removed; he reassures Lola that they are safe among loyal subjects.

Back at the castle Bash is looking for his wife Kenna no one has seen her, and Bash has been seeing to the lockdown of the castle. In the throne room Eduard is back saying that Valent and his family are back in their private quarters and that it would be impossible to kill him without killing the others as witnesses, he says however that the landscape has changed quite dramatically and tells Mary & Catherine to take a look...they rise and walk to the nearest window and see that there are fires breaking out all over the place as the villages are being burned by those who are ill. Eduard warns that once the plague has passed that there will be famine in the land and the hungry will rise up and kill them.

Back in the woods Lola has put the baby to sleep and she talks with Francis about going back to court or Lola leaving forever and taking the baby with her as well as how Francis feels about Lola wanting to run off with his son.

Back at the castle Kenna is looking for Pascal and enters her chambers and discovers that Pascal is infected when a maid sees in the room and before Kenna can get Pascal out of the room guards shut the door and block it leaving Kenna inside with the infected people. In the throne room Catherine is suggesting killing Pierre Valent's entire household in exchange for food, Mary is shocked at the idea; however Catherine says that it would not have come to this if only Mary had listened to her earlier. Nostradamus returns an says that he has discovered Estelle's house and that it has been burned to the ground and that he found a red X painted on the door which is the mark for death, but no sign of Francis, Lola or the baby. Catherine is frantic at the thought of her beloved son being dead, saying that for Mary Francis must survive as if 1 bit of this news gets out then the people will look from Mary to the future King of France who would be Charles and he is but a child. Mary is shocked by her mother in law's reaction.

Back in the woods Louis, Francis and Lola meet Lord Narcisse who is toting a wooden cage in which Estelle is being held in case she is infected with plague. Narcisse says he is headed North where the case of plague is less severe and he is curious as to why Francis is there, and introduces himself as a friend of King Henry. He says that they found Estelle in a house that had been infected with plague and if they had left her there she would have died. Louis tells Francis that Narcisse is not generally a man that is to be heavily trusted.

Back at the castle Kenna is comforting Pascal who is dying from the plague just on the other side of the door, and Bash is looking for her and accidently releases a woman who is infected with plague and kills her. Mary enters Catherine's chambers and see the Queen Mother in bed looking quite ill, and the two get into a discussion about how Catherine is not the woman she wants to be either and she blames Henry for that; however Mary says that Henry did love her, but Catherine says that his love for her was not the love that Francis has for Mary. She warns Mary that being a Queen unloved by your King is excruciating and dangerous as she is nothing but a guest at court without the love an support of her King, and that she should not let Lola come between her and Francis so that she doesn't experience this type of pain. Mary leaves and meets Nostradamus outside Catherine's room surprised her plan worked, and she asks him how long Catherine's symptoms will last? Nostradamus answers that she will be ill for a few days and then by a miracle recover from her illness, and he mentions that he hopes that Catherine will not suspect Mary's hand in making her sick.

Back in the woods Louis apologizes for not being honest with Francis about the boat he has, because it could be over taken by people who want to escape the plague. Louis tells Francis about his mistress and calls Lola Francis' mistresses; however Francis denies this as Louis says that Lola could leave for the Netherlands with the baby and start a new life and marry well.

Back at the castle in Valent's quarters a young girl offers Yvette wine as she waits for Leith, and in the Throne room Mary tells Eduard Narcisse that Valent's family is not to be harmed, but he asks about the Queen Mother to which Mary says that she is the Queen of France and he is her subject. Mary then seeks the real reason why Eduard would seek vengeance, because he would not slaughter an entire household, and Eduard says that it would have been much easier if his first request had been granted. Then he says that he sent the poisoned wines to Valent's private quarters where his family and Yvette are hiding from the plague. Mary and the guards rush to the chambers and find everyone in the room dead including the servants and Yvette Castleroy, and Mary demands the names of everyone in the room. Bash is roaming the halls seeking his wife when he sees the ghost of a young girl who was among the dead in Valent's chambers and she tells Bash that there will be a reckoning.

Eduard Narcisse is hanging a yellow ribbon from the castle balcony as a sign to get the grain to court and as he turns to leave he sees Mary and a group of guards. Eduard doesn't know that Mary was having him followed and orders him locked in a room with people that are sick and dying from the plague, and as he screams that his father will free him, Mary replies "No he won't because he'll never find you."

Bash is back looking for Kenna calling her name when he hears her voice and frees her from their chambers and she runs into his arms and they embrace as Bash was afraid that his wife was dead and Kenna tells Bash about Pascal's death as he comforts her.

Back in the woods Francis hears the baby crying and Lola is no where in sight so Francis picks him up and quiets him down when Lola returns and Francis tells her that he cannot let Lola leave with his son.

At the castle guards are dragging Eduard Narcisse to the underground chamber where the sick and dying are being kept and they shove him in there while Mary watches.

The episode ends with shots of Francis holding his son while Lola looks on, & Mary sitting alone on her throne staring at the empty chair beside her thinking about her missing King/husband.


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  • The title of the episode was announced June 9th, 2014 via the Reign writers twitter.
  • Filming for this episode was announced, via Twitter by the writers, started on Monday, July 7th.
  • In The Plague Extended Trailer, Condé warns Francis he should go back to Mary and leave Lola and the baby.

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