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The Lamb and the Slaughter is the fourth episode of Season Two and 26th episode of Reign overall.


DARK AND MYSTERIOUS FORCES ARE AFOOT— When a shepherd is attacked by shadowy riders in the night, Bash and Lord Condé investigate what may be the unrest of angry spirits or the beginnings of a religious war. Mary examines her relationship with Lola in light of the upcoming christening, with Francis’ illegitimate child serving as both a bond and an obstacle between them. Greer takes control of her future when Leith returns to court. Meanwhile, Lola feels something is awry when Lord Narcisse introduces his familiar new bride. Catherine and Kenna also appear. Before, in the beginning of the episode, Mary realizes that she is pregnant with Francis's child. A few days later, she has a miscarriage and the baby dies unfortunately in that very same episode.


The episode begins with the arrival of three hooded horsemen who charge down a shepherd during a storm. We do not see what happens to this shepherd before the scene cuts away.

At the French court where Francis and Catherine speak of memories from the christenings of Francis' siblings. To diffuse the tension of the conversation as the topic becomes serious, Mary asks Lola who the godparents of her and Francis' son will be, to which Lola is unable to reply as Catherine pointedly reminds her that Lola turned her down as the godmother.

When Lola walks off to escape Catherine's barbs, Mary follows her. Lola suggests that perhaps she and her son should leave the Court and instead reside in a cottage on the other side of the grounds, so as not to be "underfoot" as she describes it to Mary. She worries that Mary may come to resent not only her, but her son as well which Mary denies.Mary attempts to persuade Lola to stay, but to no avail. When Mary asks Lola how she will perform her duties as her lady-in-waiting, Lola suggests that she could always be released from service. Mary does not take the news well and although Lola rushes to say that this is not what she had necessarily meant, Mary assures her that it is fine before excusing herself.

In the throne room, Louis and Francis discuss the shepherd that was shown earlier in the beginning of the episode. He explains that the shepherd described that he had been charged down by three black cloaked horsemen with "hands as cold as ice", although Louis appears to be skeptical of the accounts he has heard. Francis sends Louis to go with Bash to investigate these claims. After Louis leaves, Francis is visited by Leith to whom he apologizes for the loss of his lands, from the prior episode, to Narcisse. In recompense, Francis offers Leith a position in court, as an apology for having to forfeit the lands.

Elsewhere in the castle, Greer shows Lola a rattle for the baby, much to Lola's delight and explains that the gifts are the "colors of Scotland" in order to represent Lola's and therefore her child's heritage. As they are talking among themselves, a carriage arrives. From within the carriage steps out Narcisse and much to Lola's shock, the girl, Estelle, whom Narcisse had trapped within a cage, during the plague outbreak. The Kenna and Greer introduce themselves to Narcisse and are surprised to learn that Narcisse and Estelle have arrived, so that Narcisse could ask Francis to bless, as their king, their new marriage however belated the blessing may be. Estelle gives a present to Lola before she is swept away by Narcisse. Lola opens the bag to reveal a note saying 'Help Me' from Estelle, within the handkerchief and is troubled deeply.

At the waterside, Mary reminisces with Francis about their childhood before announcing that she is with child. Mary explains that she had known for weeks but did not wish to say anything until she was completely sure. Francis, although stunned at first, reacts with joy as he embraces and kisses her happily. Within their chambers later on, after making love, they speak of the news about their unborn child before Catherine charges in to their room. The happy grandmother to be, much to their embarrassment, divulges that she had known that Mary was with child for weeks before hand, but had wished to allow Mary to tell Francis herself, before calling the servants to bring in gifts for Mary to help with keeping her healthy during her pregnancy.

In the gardens, Lola, Greer, and Kenna are overjoyed to hear about Mary's pregnancy as they celebrate with champagne. Lola asks Greer if she has heard from Lord Castleroy to which she denies, saying that he has been vague and formal.  Greer comforts Lola and tells her that now that her baby has been claimed publicly by Francis, that she will be higher in station, to which Lola replies that unfortunately, she will not be one of Mary's ladies and broods that now people must think that she truly is the king's mistress.   Lola is upset that this rumor could affect her chances at remarrying as men would fear angering Francis.

At a farm on the countryside, Bash and Louis question the farmer who encountered the three cloaked riders, confirming the reports that they had "hands as cold as ice" and goes on to say that they "gifted" him a mark, but in exchange they asked for his faith, his very soul, by renouncing his faith in God. The farmer goes on to say that there have been talk of others experiencing the same thing.

Lola visits Estelle who explains why she married Narcisse; so that she could keep her family's lands since they had died during the plague. Estelle fearfully tells Lola of the rumors that she had heard from his household, about his deceased wives, how each one died suddenly. She divulges that they have yet to consummate their marriage, but that she is running out of time. She presses Lola that something has to be done, before it is too late and that Lola is the most powerful woman she knows (claiming that she is the king's mistress). Although Lola tries to deny this last claim, Estelle begs for Lola's help.   

During a walk through the grounds, Greer and Kenna speak of Mary before they happen upon Leith in the distance. Kenna urges Greer to be honest with herself about what she wants, to which Greer replies that she cannot let herself give in to desire, that she needs to make a good match for the sake of her sisters.  Kenna tells Greer that she cannot and should not underestimate passion and that eventually, whether she likes it or not, she will give into it, as Greer is a passionate person even more so than Kenna herself.

In Francis and Mary's private chambers, Lola pleads with them to help her save Estelle. Francis is wary of crossing Narcisse, especially after the prior issue during the plague. He tells Lola that unfortunately Mary and he cannot act on the rumors Lola was told by Estelle, as they are just that; rumors not proven fact. Lola voices her dismay and says that Estelle has had a difficult life since the plague, that her family died, that her freedom has been taken from her, all due to "one moment of weakness". Her outburst strikes a chord, since it seems that she is taking on Estelle's plight, because Lola feels that it is much like her own. Lola is unable to say anything else as the three realize exactly what she had meant by her words. Mary asks Francis if she and Lola could have a moment alone which Francis obliges.          

Once alone, Lola and Mary's conversation becomes heated as they speak. Lola accuses Mary of losing her compassion, to which Mary angrily replies that she has not lost her compassion; Lola is only allowing herself to be ruled by her own. Mary goes on to say that Lola has no right to be angry as her situation is of her own making, starting when she made the mistake of sleeping with Francis, even though she knew that Mary loved him. Lola is quick to reply that she knew that Mary was truly angry with her deep down, as shown by her words in that moment. Mary angrily questions Lola as to how long she has been waiting for Mary's anger to boil over and show. Mary says that she has been a loyal friend to Lola and that in return, Lola betrayed her, that Lola had a choice and made it; what has happened is the consequence of that choice. Lola argues that not everyone has choices, not her, not Estelle, but Mary goes and always will because, she is the queen. Lola goes on to say that Mary, as a queen, could never care for the issues that she and Estelle are suffering through, before turning to walk away. Mary orders her to stop, as she is not only Lola's friend, but also her queen. Visibly infuriated, Mary agrees that Lola was right (earlier during the episode) and that she should moved elsewhere, so as not to be in Mary's sight causing Lola to storm out of the room.                   

In the next scene we see Lola and Estelle walking through a corridor. Lola has arranged to get Estelle away from her future cruel husband while everyone is distracted by the ball.

During the ball Mary confesses that she is worried about Lola and is seeking her out during the ball. She and Francis are interrupted by Bash who gives the update on the search for the hooded men. Mary confers with Louis about Estelle's problem. Leith and Greer share a short passionate dance while Mary sweetly confronts Narcisse about his recent marriage to Estelle. While Mary and he are talking about the marriage it is found out that Estelle has vanished. Narcisse orders the castle searched for Estelle.


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