This is why people love a joust. Seeing nobles knocked on their asses after a long war.

The Joust and Spectacle takes place as France celebrates the victory of France reclaiming Calais. Henry organizes a spectacle, where the heroes of Calais were to "mock battle" in two ships. He also had a jousting event planned.

During the Event Edit

During the spectacle of Calais, Henry organized for everyone to gather and watch the heroes of Calais fire fireworks at each other from two separate ships. He however told them to use canons instead of fireworks and one of the ships explodes killing all on board.

The next day, during the joust, King Henry is becoming more ruthless, and unreasonable by the minute; however, the French Court gathers to celebrate Francis' successful taking of Calais, and that with Mary's help France has finally stuck it to England by claiming the throne. Mary arrives at the joust wearing the English Crest declaring herself Queen. Henry becomes jealous of the attention Mary is getting and takes part in the joust himself. Francis takes the armor of a jouster and takes his place against the King. During their match Francis mortally wounds his father by putting his lance through Henry's face shield. Queen Catherine looks on in horror as her husband falls from his horse with blood spilling from his face; the guards take the King back to the castle where he confesses to Francis that he poisoned his own brother, admits that his Queen is and has always been the love of his life, and his regrets about the way he has treated her, he finally tells Francis to always be true to those he loves, and to never betray his family. Henry then dies, leaving Francis as the new King of France.

Gallery Edit

  • King Henry with a wood shard in his eye after the accident
  • Queen Mary arrives at the Joust
  • Queen Catherine, Mary, Greer & Francis

Trivia  Edit

  • Historically, Henry is killed in a Joust by Gabriel Montgomery.
    • Historically, the joust that Henry participated in was during celebrations for his daughter Elisabeth's wedding to Phillip II, not during celebrations for the Calais victory.
  • The sport of jousting fell dramatically in popularity after Henry's death.
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