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I lie behind the star bright sky, I do not fear this life's goodbye, close your eyes for my caress, for I am the darkness.
Pagan rhyme about The Darkness

The Darkness is a man whom seems to be a creature that feeds off of humans. The Darkness was later killed by Bash, awaking the Plague.

He was portrayed by actor Ron Kennell.

Season One[]

Its name is first mentioned in Dirty Laundry, by Olivia. After her leave in Left Behind, she seems to have fallen into the Darkness, who has been feeding on her and turned her to madness.

In The Darkness, he marked Rowan and Carrick's house to be sacrificed. Bash tried to stop him but he eventually took Rowan with him when she looked him in the eyes. Dragging her into the Blood Wood.

In Monsters, when Bash and Francis were looking for him they found Rowan's hand which the Darkness had left on the ice.

In Long Live The King, he is mentioned several times by Bash who is still hunting him. Bash discovers Pascal, a young boy whose family the Darkness killed and to whom he was still looking for.

In Slaughter of Innocence, in search of Pascal, the Darkness goes to Sebastian and Kenna's House to try and get the young boy. Kenna however takes Pascal and hide in another room that the Darkness tries to enter until Bash arrives. As the Darkness fights Bash and Nostradamus, he reveals his true motives to them but eventually meets his end by Bash and Nostradamus.


The Darkness seems to be a sadistic and evil creature. He is also very devout and religious person believing that grave things would happen if he the darkness were to die, also proving that he is a little full of himself.

Physical Appearance[]

The Darkness is an older man with shaggy dark brown hair and blue eyes. All of his teeth are sharpened down to gain further appearance of being a monster or pagan deity.


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