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The Consummation is the thirteenth episode of Season One. It attracted 1.76 million viewers on its original airing.


With a forced marriage looming, Mary must consider both her heart and her nation when deciding whom she will wed – Francis or Bash – when Francis returns to court with Lola at his side. Further complicating matters is Mary's mother, Marie de Guise, who visits the castle with her own agenda for Mary. Marie's presence worries King Henry and Queen Catherine, who have their own plan for the future of France, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Greer and Kenna also appear.


The episode opens with showing a woman's corset being laced, the tying of shoes, a beautiful necklace being put on a woman's neck etc. The whole time we hear Queen Catherine asking the executioner to be careful to remove her head in one stroke as she does not want her children to see her being hacked at, and to not break the clasp of her necklace as she has promised it to one of her ladies. Queen Catherine is planning for her execution, by planning a party of sorts: a fancy banquet, her grave, and the menu consisting of prawns; which she is unhappy with as her youngest daughter can’t eat them. Henry tells Catherine that she is just delaying the inevitable and that she will die for her adultery & treason.

Meanwhile at what looks like a small inn a woman is finishing getting dressed when there is a knock at the door, it is Francis and the woman is revealed to be Lola. The two begin to discuss the story they will tell Mary when they return to court together: that they ran into each other at a chateau near Anjou, Lola's carriage was swept away, which led to them being together. Francis is very concerned for the life of his mother and how his father may feel that she deserves to die for all that she has done. He plans to take his mother away along with his little brothers and he plans to head off to Morocco or Sweden, Lola & Francis tell each other that they hope for marriage & children for the other.

Back at French Court there is a surprise visitor, and Marie de Guise shows up stating that "French Court has gone to hell". Mother and daughter meet in Mary's chambers, and Marie is surprised and shocked that her beloved daughter is engaged to a bastard like Bash instead of Francis. Mary's engagement was a careful negotiation that was set in place when Mary was 6 years old. Marie is also shocked that Mary is set on marrying Bash all because of Nostradamus’ prophecy. Mary and her mom talk about how they’ve missed each other, how Mary had needed her, and how Marie was at the convent for Mary’s 11th birthday gift in hand though half the ship’s crew died on the way. Mary tells her mother that she wanted to tell her about Francis, and perhaps if she met Bash she would like him, but Marie tells Mary that she makes light of nothing concerning her daughter or Scotland which is in danger of falling into Protestantism and since they are Catholic rulers Mary needs France by her side to help run off the Protestants. Marie agrees to be patient with Mary.

Mary bursts into Bash's chambers and tells him that while she has fond memories of her mother she believes that her mother has lied to her and does not want her to marry Bash, and that they must elope immediately. In the throne room Marie and Catherine are seen talking about how Catherine threatened Mary’s life, how Marie was left as a widow with a young daughter not 6 months old who was then crowned Queen. Catherine tells Marie that she is defeated and if she wants Mary to wed Francis then she can set it up herself.

In the castle hallway Mary has gathered with her ladies as Greer gives Mary a beautiful lace veil to cover her face as she and Bash profess their love before God. Suddenly Greer notices Lola coming in with Francis right behind her. Lola lies and says the reason she and Francis are together is because they ran into each other at a chateau near Anjou. Francis has returned to court with the pure intent on saving his mother’s life, and taking her far away without ever seeing Mary again as she now belongs to his brother. Mary, Kenna, and Greer are quite shocked to see them arriving together.

In Nostradamus' chambers Queen Catherine is giving him Clarissa's mask as a keepsake as he was more of a parent to her than she was. Nostradamus then sits down with the Queen and tells her that what he is about to say may very well enrage her greatly; however he proceeds to tell Queen Catherine that his visions have changed for Francis and Mary's relationship; telling her that he sees them living happily in love years beyond their union, even having children. The more Nostradamus talks the angrier Queen Catherine becomes until finally she jumps up and grabs him by his collar quite furious and yelling about the blood that has been shed and how her blood will soon be spilled all due to the prophecy which he made quite clear to Catherine: that Mary’s presence would cost her the first child she had which turned out to be Clarissa after all & not Francis.

Nostradamus tells Catherine that if she goes to Henry and tells him that she will no longer stand in the way of Francis and Mary's relationship that he may spare her life so Nostrdamus tells Catherine that she has nothing to worry about. The furious Queen tells Nostradamus that this goes so far beyond her standing in the way, since she has been convicted of adultery and treason therefore she is condemned to death so indeed she has much to worry about. Nostradamus tries to calm her nerves by telling her that Francis has returned; however she tells him that he is brave to come to her with this, and also promises him that if she can’t undo his mistakes and convince Francis to go after Mary that she will lose her head, but not before she sees him burned to death.

Queen Catherine goes and greets her beloved son who has returned to save her life and take his mother far away from court; however Catherine tells Francis to forget everything that she did to save him from "death" as there is no longer a prophecy keeping him & Mary apart. Francis meets Marie de Guise, and decides to go after the woman he loves.

In the woods Francis arrives at the chapel first and meets Bash, the two argue and literally get into a fight over who loves Mary more and deserves her as his wife. Mary arrives and stops the fighting; as Francis tells her that his mother has told him that the prophecy has changed and that there is nothing stopping them from getting married and being together.

Back at court Mary storms into Catherine's chambers and asks if the Queen thinks her misery is a game/joke to her. Catherine tries to tell her of the changed prophecy, but Mary doesn't believe her as the Queen has much to lose: (her marriage, crown, children, & her life) but Catherine shows her that she is in no way kidding by smashing a small porcelain bowl with her hand, taking a large shard, and crying in pain as she slices open the veins in her wrist; tossing the shard aside she tells Mary that if she does nothing then she will die. Though Catherine is falling into her chair in obvious pain, and slowly bleeding to death; Mary still thinking it’s a trick questions the Queen further and Catherine tells her to go and ask Nostradamus to explain his new vision for her future with Francis, and that she will no longer stand in the way of them being together. Catherine later brings Mary a “letter” from the "Vatican" Mary opens it and looks at her in surprise, as Catherine tells her that she is now free to go to the man she loves.

Mary finds Bash and tells him that while she does love him she loves Francis more, and she finds Francis, shows him the “letter” and it’s blank; as Catherine was the one to show her what was truly in her heart, and they kiss. Then Marie and the ladies are helping Mary get ready, and she gives Mary a pair of earrings that James gave Marie when they married.

The wedding takes place; the Chapel doors open and everyone turns to the sound of footsteps, Francis looks up and locks eyes with an enchanting Mary in her glorious wedding gown, veil, and crown followed by Kenna, Greer, and Lola. Mary meets Francis at the altar and they sign the wedding contract and they are finally wed. At the reception the happy newlyweds enter the banquet hall to the cheers of the guests, and the happy looks of their parents. As the dancing begins King Henry is informed that Queen Mary Tudor of England is still alive, and Mary discovers that her mother had a part in it and tells her to get out of her life.

Finally the episode ends as Bash is forced to watch Mary and Francis consummate their marriage as a reminder of what he can never have before he is sent away to Spain. 


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  • Francis and Mary's Wedding takes place.
  • The first appearance of Marie de Guise.
  • A Director's Cut version of the episode was made available on the CW's official website after the episode's original US airing.
  • This episode marks the very first time when Nostradamus is seen with a woman. 
  • A new vision of Francis' death is seen in this episode.
  • Francis and Sebastian have their first fight in this episode.
  • Mary chooses between Francis and Bash.
  • Bash is forced to leave the castle.
  • Mary and Francis consummate their marriage.
  • It's revealed Clarissa is still alive.
  • Bash is forced to watch Mary and Francis consummate their marriage.
  • Bash believes that his brother's guards tried to kill him.
  • Mary signs her name Marie R because she was signing her title: Marie R. stands for Marie Regina, which is Latin for "Mary the Queen".

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