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Terror of the Faithful is the eight episode of Season Two and 30th episode of Reign overall.


RISING TENSIONS LEAD TO BLOODSHED — Tensions escalate between Mary and Francis when Vatican inquisitors perform barbaric acts on anyone suspected of being a Protestant. After a brave proclamation, Lord Condé is abducted, resulting in a precarious situation with a surprising group of assailants. Catherine experiences an annoying setback when she plays matchmaker on behalf of a reluctant Claude, while Lord Narcisse offers a stranded Lola an innocent horse ride back to the castle, where a dark secret involving Francis is revealed. Bash, Kenna, Greer and Leith also appear.


The episode opens up with soldiers and representatives from the Vatican spreading terror in the village, as they interrogate people about what religion they practice. Back at the castle Francis, Mary and Bash discuss the terror that the Cardinal and his people are spreading due to the edict Francis signed that requires all French subjects to publicly declare their faith to him. Francis tells Mary that he is concerned for their people, and has asked the Pope to bring his representatives back to Rome; however Mary says that this isn’t enough, but Francis knows that without the Pope’s blessing they would cease to be King and Queen of France. Francis further tells his wife that if she insists on questioning his every move then there is a boat waiting to take her back to Scotland, but Mary says that this makes no more sense than the first time and declares that she will not leave because while she is trying to understand her husband and rescue their marriage; she will not give up on France. Mary leaves as Francis and Bash discuss the real reason Francis wants Mary to leave: To protect her from Narcisse, and the blackmail which includes enough evidence of treason to put the heads of both Mary and Francis on a spike. Francis will do anything to keep his wife safe; however Bash warns him that if he pushes Mary too hard then he might not be able to win her back, but Francis would rather see Mary alive and in Scotland, than in France and dead.

Elsewhere in the castle Queen Catherine walks into the bedroom of her daughter Claude with the intention of waking her up. The Queen informs her daughter that: she has arranged for her to marry a handsome young Count from Bavaria, that her appearance is atrocious, and that she is in no condition to meet her future husband. Princess Claude is surprised and resentful at this news saying that Bavaria is cold and smells like sheep dung; however Catherine is insistent that country life will be good for her daughter as she explains that this match is an excellent alliance since Bavaria will get a Princess and France will have access to new trade routes. The Princess makes clear that she has no interest in being married now or ever, and doesn’t see why she has to marry given that her brother is the King of France; however Catherine tells Claude that she will marry in order to ensure the survival of their Valois family line, and that every member of the family contributes to this and that includes her. The Queen then says that since the repair work on her daughter will take hours she will meet the Count and his son alone, and tells Claude to have the servants pour her a bath as she smells gamy. Princess Claude still refuses to move and her mother will have none of it as she takes a silver pitcher and pours the water on her daughter’s face, then leaves.

In the village Prince Louis Conde is kidnapped by a group of men; who later reveal to be Protestants, and think that they can be friends with Louis since they have faith in common, losing a loved one to the Catholics, and the opposition to the terror and violence being spread due to the rising conflict. The leader invites Louis to a gathering of Protestants and begs him to help them.

Elsewhere in the woods Lola is gathering something with her basket, and she realizes that her horse has gone missing then Narcisse arrives on his horse and gives Lola a ride back to court. Back at French Court in the throne room, Louis is before Mary and Francis asking for permission on behalf of a Protestant representative to rebuild their place of worship which was destroyed by fire. Unfortunately when Francis gives his permission and nothing more, the young man begins to express his detest of the edict, and the violence the Vatican is spreading in France; he further threatens the crown and the Catholics by saying that there is tons of gunpowder hidden ready to rain hell on the villages if Francis does not expel the Vatican. The man is arrested and Francis vows to bleed the location of this gunpowder out of him if need be.

Later Louis talks with Francis and Mary and Bash about the Protestants, and says that he had no idea that he was dealing with a fanatic because they seemed genuine in their desire for peace. Francis however, thinks that the fanatic was not working alone, and suggests that Louis interrogate the Protestants to discover more information about these explosives, as well as the idea that Louis had a hand in this situation. Mary defends Louis and says that something like this was already coming due to the present conflict between the Protestants and Catholics; Bash enters the room agreeing with Mary that: Peace is fragile, and that this threat should be kept secret due to the possibility of panic breaking out if word about the planned attack got out. Francis gives orders to find the Protestant leader and talk to members of his congregation, Louis volunteers to go with Bash and they leave the room. Mary then asks Francis if she can help him with this problem, but Francis is very reluctant to let his wife go anywhere near the Protestants especially when threats have been made against them. Francis further says that neither the Protestants nor he needs to hear about how he’s made a mess of things due to his recent actions.

Back in the woods, Lola and Narcisse are resting and talking about becoming secret lovers; Narcisse doesn’t asks for an answer right away but says that he will want one soon since a woman like Lola inspires impatience. Meanwhile at French Court Queen Catherine enters the castle courtyard to greet the Count of Bavaria who presents his handsome son, William. Catherine is most pleased with the dashing young Count and says that Claude will be pleased as well; however she is unable to join them as she is engaged in studying the scriptures. The Count tells the Queen that there is a delicate matter which needs urgent discussion: he has heard rumors about the Princess sleeping with a priest, and he wants his son to have a chaste catholic wife. Though Catherine ensures that the rumors are unfounded the Count wants further assurance that Claude is indeed chaste.

In the village, Bash and Conde are questioning a Protestant couple about their minister, when a group of guards come and take the woman’s husband by force. Bash and Conde try unsuccessfully to stop them but the guards don’t answer to the King or his deputy. Back at the castle Lola bursts into Francis’ chambers and tells him of: Mary’s anguish, and being pushed away by Francis, that she knows why Francis does this, and that she knows that Francis killed Henry as well as Narcisse’s blackmailing which he admitted to; Francis asks Lola why Narcisse would share such dangerous knowledge with her and she replies that it was because Narcisse felt that Francis would use her against him.


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  • The story behind the deaths of Catherine's twins: Emone and Henrietta is revealed through flashback in this episode.
  • Catherine's Bible translation book contains a list of the names of her children with Henry. They are: Francis, Elizabeth, Claude, Louis, Charles, Henry, Emone, Henrietta, Margaret and a tenth child after Margaret, presumably Hercule (later renamed Francis).

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