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Tempting Fate is the seventeenth episode of Season Two and 39th episode of Reign.


MARY IS IN DANGER OF BEING EXPOSED — When Catherine becomes suspicious that Mary and Condé are having an affair, Mary risks Catherine discovering just how deep her betrayal goes. Francis becomes gravely ill after he collapses and Bash's life is in jeopardy when he leaves to work as the King’s Deputy. Meanwhile, things become complicated for Leith when he is forced to be Claude's personal guard after professing his love for Greer. Narcisse, Kenna and Lola also appear.




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  • The episode title, pictures and synopsis were released February 26, 2015.
  • Torrance Coombs Live Tweeted this episode.
    • According to Torrance the scene between him and Toby Regbo, the horses were continuously farting during it.
      • Torrance also stated, there were 4 outdoor scenes to be shot in one day, but it was so cold they only go though one, as it was -40C.
        • Torrance was sad to film the breakup scene between Sebastian and Kenna and tweeted "It's hard after doing a show for so long to separate your feelings from characters' feelings. Doing these scenes broke my heart."
  • The Sebastian and Kenna break up scene was originally longer.

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