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Simon Westbrook is a handsome and quietly menacing English diplomat. Simon is the representative of Scotland's greatest enemy and "is brilliant and ruthless" in his efforts to destroy Mary's place in the royal court. He made his first appearance in Snakes in the Garden.

He is portrayed by Luke Roberts.

Season One[]

Westbrook's first appearence is in Snakes in the Garden when Charles, Francis' younger brother and betrothed, Madeleine, arrives by ship. However she is unexpectantly escorted by an English envoy led by Simon Westbrook. He and his men are graciously welcomed in court for aiding in Madeleine's safe arrival. He later confesses that he faked a poisoning attempt in order to scare Mary away from French court. 

In Hearts and Minds, Westbrook is arrested for the cause of death of French troops. Mary later discovers that Westbrook was not behind the deaths, but that Tomás is guilty. Simon is spared from being executed and leaves as the new English envoy to Portugal.  


He is described as brilliant and ruthless, however he shows gratitude towards Mary when she saves him from being executed.

Physical Appearance[]

Simon has brown hair and blue eyes.


  • His seal is also very similar to the English seal, because he is the cousin of the Queen of England by marriage. His seal, however, (a rose) is red whereas the Queen's is white.




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