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Season Two of Reign premiered on October 2 of 2014, it was announced on May 15th that it would stay in its Thursday night timeslot following The Vampire Diaries. The renewal of Reign for a second season was announced by the CW on February 13th, 2014 [1].

The DVD was released October 6, 2015.

Season Summary[]

The second season begins with Mary and Francis on the throne of a nation burning. France is rocked by the aftereffects of the plague , a disease that crept inside the castle walls, taking thousands upon thousands of lives across the land, and ravaging the stability of a nation. From the ashes, powerful lords will rise, carrying out personal, religious and political vendettas, taking lives, and tearing at Mary and Francis’ commitment to their people – and to each other. Though the plague will come to an end, famine will follow, and among the devastated survivors, there is a feeling that the dead still walk the earth. Reports of ghostly visitations will result in mass hysteria and lawlessness. Across all levels of society, there are people eager to exploit the fear and guilt of those who managed to live through the plague. Royals and commoners alike now face a future where friendships will be tested, loyalties betrayed and loved ones murdered.

No one knows this better than Francis, who is haunted by the part he played in his father’s death and by Henry’s final warning that betraying someone you love is a weight you will carry all your days. Francis’ guilt will tear at his relationship with Mary and his feelings about his own worth. While Francis struggles with his terrible secret, he is grateful that his half- brother Bash is standing by to help navigate the dangerous political waters. Even Catherine – now the Queen Mother – is still capable of plotting against Francis and Mary in order to regain her own power.

Despite the political and social upheaval, life at court continues to revolve around love, lust and arranged marriages. Among Mary’s ladies-in-waiting, Greer chose a suitor with social status over Leith, the kitchen servant-turned-soldier who begged her to marry him, while Kenna seems to have found happiness in her marriage to Bash. Mary herself must face the fact that her remaining lady-in-waiting, Lola, is the mother of Francis’ child. Though Mary does her best to have no animosity toward Lola, the child serves as a constant reminder that Mary has not yet produced an heir of her own. Her childless state diminishes Mary’s power in the eyes of the court and only adds to the danger she faces as she tries to control the nobles, maintain her marriage and rule over a nation forever changed by pestilence and famine.

The series stars Adelaide Kane (“Teen Wolf”) as Mary, Toby Regbo (“One Day”) as King Francis, Torrance Coombs (“The Tudors”) as Bash, Megan Follows (“Anne of Green Gables”) as Queen Catherine, Celina Sinden (“My Neighbour’s Dog”) as Greer, Caitlin Stasey (“I, Frankenstein”) as Kenna, Anna Popplewell (“The Chronicles of Narnia”) as Lola, Jonathan Keltz (“21 and Over”) as Leith and Sean Teal (“Mr. Selfridge”) as Condé. REIGN is produced by CBS Television Studios and Whizbang Films/Take 5 Productions with executive producers Laurie McCarthy (“The Ghost Whisperer”), Frank Siracusa (“Beauty And The Beast”), John Weber (“Beauty And The Beast”), Brad Silberling (“Moonlight Mile”) and Harley Peyton (“Dracula”).


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Season Promotional Quotes[]

  • "Peace Is Fragile."
  • "The future of France is in Mary's hands."
  • "The Plague is near…but while there's Bash, there's hope."
  • "Nothing gets past Catherine."

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  • The filming is said to start in July.[2]
  • Huge Power Shifts Likely in Season 2.[3]
  • Jonathan Keltz has been promoted to a series regular. [4]
  • They have started casting for Francis’ little sister, Princess Claude and general in the French army, Condé.
  • The first episode has been named The Plague[5]
  • Comic-Con Spoilers. [6]
  • Laurie McCarthy confirmed that Lola has her own storyline and both her and the baby will survive.
  • Lola will be getting new love interests.[7]
  • One of the main focuses of this season will be Francis and Mary trying to have a baby.
  • Bash and Francis's bromance will finally improve.[8]
  • There will be another wedding.[9]
  • Sean Teale joins cast as series regular. [10]