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Scotland is a country that makes up part of the island of Great Britain, and part of the United Kingdom. In the show this is Mary's kingdom where she is the Queen although she currently resides there with Sebastian.


Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, and in the north covers 1/3 of the island of Great Britain. Edinburgh is the country's capital, and second largest city. During the 18th century Edinburgh was the hub of Scottish Enlightenment which turned Scotland into a commercial, intellectual, and industrial European powerhouse. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and was one of the leading industrial cities in the world.

The Kingdom of Scotland[]


The kingdom of Scotland first came about as an independent sovereign state early during the Middle Ages, and remained as such until 1707. In 1603 by inheritance King James VI of Scotland also became king of Ireland, and England which was known as the Union of the Crowns. This union came about after the death of Queen Elizabeth I of England, and James VI was the only surviving child of Mary, Queen of Scotland. On May 1, 1707 Scotland entered into a political union with England to create the new Kingdom of Great Britain, this also led to a new parliament of Great Britain which succeeded the parliaments of England and Scotland. On January 1, 1801 Great Britain entered into a political union which created the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and this remained in place until 1922.






  • The series follow the conflict of the Rought Wooing the constant agression and attacks of the Scottish border since Mary's early childhood,compared by historians with the "blitzkrieg" Nazi Total Warfare strategies during WWII.
  • Another important mention is that Scotland was ruled by two different regents until Mary came of age,James Hamilton 2nd Earl of Arran(1542-1554) and Mary of Guise(1554-1560).
  • On the history of Scotland,there has only been three Scottish royal houses: House of Dunkeld,House of Bruce and the House of Stuart. The other were rulers, conquerors and strangers to the Scottish culture. Our protagonist Mary Queen of Scots belongs to the House of Stuart
  • According to Liam "cold and harsh some may call her but with beauty that can pierce your heart" when he was talking to Catherine de Medici about Scotland
  • While Scotland is Mary's country she does not own all of Scotland as several clans (divided on the Highlands and the Lowlands) and other ancient families hold the land according to the King's will and medieval feudalism.
  • Charlotte left for Scotland because she told Mary about the secret clause in her marriage contract, and also because she refused to obey Catherine's orders that she seduce a mad King Henry to get him away from Penelope.
  • While Scotland plays a main part of the story of the show it doesn't become a prominent location until Season Four
  • Mary is trying to figure out how to get to Scotland to unify it, being the religious division between the Scottish society the core of intrigue and despair on the northern Kingdom,the Lords of the Congregation and the pro-Catholic-French supporters crash would determine the future of the country,Scottish Reformation.