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Sarah was a young Pagan girl who was a part of the extremist sect called the Blood Cult working as a Servant at court. She was later burned at the stake along with Robert. She made her first appearance in Snakes in the Garden and her last in Chosen.

She was portrayed by Katy Grabstas.

Season One[]

In Snakes in the Garden and Kissed she is just seen attending to Mary Stuart and her ladies.

In Chosen, while serving Mary they strike up conversation. The Mary notices the burn on Sarah's hand similar to the one she received from the Pagan Necklace. In a panic Sarah takes out a knife threatening to harm Mary. When guards walk in take and take Sarah away. She is later seen burning at the stake alongside Robert.


Sarah originally seemed to be a quiet, quaint and obedient young servant girl. However she was putting up a ruse so others wouldn't know she was a member of the Blood Cult. She was really quite sneaky put in French Court to spy and have access to people inside the castle.

Physical Appearance[]

Sarah was a teenage girl with dark brown hair that was usually tied back. She has brown eyes and pale skin. Although being a maid she wore a fancy head piece and quite detailed clothing for a servant.



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