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Season 1, Episode 10


Sebastian's life is threatens when someone makes an attempt to murder him. He survives, but Catherine is suspected of the crime. Isobel Derant, a pregnant woman gains the trust of Mary when Bash confides her identity to her. The three of them, including Alec Bash's new bodyguard, find themselves camping out in the woods to draw Catherine's guards out. Mary's ladies-in-waiting are put on guard duty for Catherine, and Lola gains the ability to blackmail Catherine, forcing her to leave Mary and Bash alone.


Nostradamus: Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child: the English have wanted her country, and her crown. She is sent to France, to wed its next king: to save herself and her people, a bond that should protect her. But there are forces that conspire, forces of darkness, forces of the heart. Long may she reign.


(The scene opens to show a man hanging from his feet by a tree, presumably in the Blood Wood. Bash stands directly below the man, staring up, his horse waiting off to one side.)

Catherine (voiceover): Previously, on Reign....

(The scene changes to show Bash, in the Blood Wood, holding a sword out against the Blood Priest. As the Blood Priest speaks, the camera pans to him.)

Blood Priest: Don't pretend this faith is so strange to you.

(The scene changes again, showing as Bash and Diane watch the bodies of Pagan heretics burn at King Henry's order.)

Blood Priest (voiceover): Your mother's blood is our blood

(The scene changes again to show Bash and Diane in a discussion. We begin zoomed in closely on Bash's face, but as he speaks, the camera pans to focus on Diane and then cuts back to Bash's face.)

Bash: (harshly) I practice my father's religion. As do you.

(The scene changes to show Nostradamus and Catherine. As he speaks, the camera shows first Nostradamus's face and then Catherine's.)

Nostradamus: Mary's presence here will cost you your firstborn.

(The scene changes to show Mary in the Throne Room, confronting Henry and Catherine. The camera focuses first on Mary, but pans back and forth between her and Catherine as Mary speaks.)

Mary: I will stake my claim on England, and I will marry your son, but not Francis, Bash. Legitimize him and make him the next King of France.

(The scene changes to show us Catherine in her Chambers, screaming at Mary. The camera starts on Catherine's face, but pans back and forth as she speaks.)

Catherine: You end up with a King, and three kingdoms under your rule, and I lose everything!

(The scene changes again to show us Henry, Catherine, Mary, and Mary's ladies in a hallway just before Catherine's departure. The camera starts on Henry's face, but cuts around quickly as the scene progresses, focusing on Henry, Catherine, and Mary and her ladies as well as the guards.)

Henry (to the guards): Imprison her.

(The guards move to grab Catherine's arms, but she smacks them away.)

(The scene changes again to show Bash, face bloody, sitting on the floor of the dungeon and leaning back against the stone wall.)

Bash: I never wanted my brother's crown.

(We cut to Mary, crouching in front of him. She is dishevelled, unshed tears in her eyes. When she speaks, her voice is raw with emotion.)

Mary: But will you take it, to save his life?

(The scene changes again, to show Francis and Mary in a hated discussion. The camera starts on Francis, but moves back and forth as the scene progresses.)

Francis (angry, desperate, hurt): You are throwing away everything we had for superstition!

(The scene cuts quickly to show Mary, Bash, and Henry in the wine cellar. Henry raises his glass in a toast as he speaks, the camera panning around the room.)

Henry: To the future King and Queen of France, Scotland, and England.

End of Recap

(The episode opens over the lake, showcasing a view of the castle from the outside. The camera cuts to the inside of the castle, in a room overlooking a balcony. From the balcony, Bash and a man yet unannmed tumble into the room swordfighting. The fight lasts for a long time, with Bash at the disadvantage. The man he is fighting is tall, broad shouldered, and bald. As the fight nears its end, Bash seems to gain the upper hand, crossing blades with the man and putting him at a disadvantage. The man, Alec, pulls a dagger from behind him and holds it to Bash's throat. Bash puts his hands up in surrender, and Alec withdraws the blade.)

Alec: Learn to expect the blade you can't see. Otherwise, it'll be the last thing, you ever learn.

(Mary enters the room, looking put-out.)

Mary: I thought I might find you here. Enjoying yourself?

Bash (sarcastically): Did you hear that, Alec? We're supposed to be enjoying ourselves.

Mary: Mh, actually, you're supposed to be in the throne room. There was a royal audience today, and the Acting Regent usually presides.

Bash: Lord Hugo can manage. Privy Councilors fill in for father all the time.

Mary: Bash, there is a reason that your father left you in charge. He needs to know that you can do the job. He's gone to Rome to have you legitimized, and if he succeeds, you will be the next in line for the throne of France.

Bash: Which was meant to be a secret until he got back. Now the whole Throne Room knows, and they're just waiting for me to make a mistake.

Mary: There is nothing you can do about that except go and do the job.

Bash: Mary, the nobles don't care if I'm up to the job. I'm a threat to every legitimate son in the kingdom. If a Bastard is allowed to take power, suddenly their claim to power is half as strong.

Mary: You want me to tell you that the nobles are on your side? They're not. But you won't be the first King that's had to subdue a restive nobility. You can do it.

Bash: So... thanks to my father's lust for England and your need to marry a French king, I have a target on my back. Which explains why my mother sent Alec here, my delightful new bodyguard.

Mary: Alec, I'm glad you're here.

Bash: That makes one of us.

Mary: Bash, I know I backed you into this, and I'm sorry, but...

Bash: Don't apologize. I accepted this with my eyes open.

(Mary and Bash walk out of the room, hand in hand, with Alec following behind. The camera shows an outside shot of the castle, and the Farmer's voice can be heard speaking as the camera cuts into the Throne Room. Two commoners stand in front of Bash, who looks bored and half asleep, sitting on a chair in front of the throne. Alec stands off to one side, as do Mary and Lola, as well as various others.)

Farmer: I could tell it wasn't worth but two chickens. But when I went to milk the goat, she was dry as dust. And this liar took four of my chickens, good laying chickens, in trade. I deserve them chickens back.

Lord Hugo: My Lord Regent... the good man is speaking to you. He seeks the crown's judgment.

Bash: (Sitting up straighter) So sorry, Lord Hugo. My judgment. My judgment is that I have no way of knowing what this other man promised or didn't. But I know that if you had tried to milk that goat before you took her, there'd be no issue.

Farmer: So, we'll have no satisfaction?

Bash: I suppose not. Unless you eat the goat and the taste delights you. (laughs)

(Bash looks pleased with himself. Mary shoots him an exasperated look, while the man the Farmer is accusing clearly stifles laughter.)

Lord Hugo: Well, the Regent has rendered his...judgement. We will hear the next complaint.

(Mary approaches Bash.)

Bash: (dryly sarcastic) If I die of boredom while hearing my people's grievances, am I playing into the Queen's hands?

Mary: Stop being so flippant. Your people are trying to get to know you. This is important.

(Bash nods, looking properly chastised. Mary returns to stand with Lola. A woman, a girl really, is pushed in by the guards. She is a commoner, heavily pregnant, and her arms are bound in front of her. Bash locks eyes with her and seems to recognize her instantly, seeming startled and almost disturbed to see her. She gives him a similar look. As Lord Hugo speaks, the two exchange looks, and Bash seems exceedingly distracted.)

Lord Hugo: This man claims that his house was robbed by this woman.

Bash: What is this about?

Lord Hugo: This man claims that this woman broke into his house and stole several items of value.

Man: Search her house and you'll find 'em, I'll warrant. Two pewter mugs and a fine-looking glass. Handed down from me mother, they was. Probably stole 'em to help with that baby she got with no husband.

(Lord Hugo is watching carefully for Bash's reaction. The woman, Isabel, looks outraged at the accusations of the Man.)

Isabel: That's a lie.

Man: Ask her why she won't let me look in her house, then.

Isabel: It's a lie, that's why. They just want...

(Isaebl cuts herself off quickly, exchanging a worried look with Bash. Lord Hugo looks like he caught on, approaching Isabel and getting up in her face as he speaks. Isabel looks away from him, exchanging glances with Bash.)

Lord Hugo: Yes...and what is it that they want, young lady?

(The camera cuts to Mary and Lola. Lola leans in to speak in Mary's ear.)

Lola: Does Bash know this girl?

(The camera pans back to Isabel.)

Isabel: Nothing.

(Lord Hugo exits Isabel's personal space and walks over to Bash as he speaks.)

Lord Hugo: My Lord Regent...shall I have the castle guards search this woman's house?

Bash: Of course. Have her held in the castle until her house can be searched. (The guards take Isabel away, Lord Hugo turns away from Bash.) Who's next?

(Isabel looks over her shoulder at Bash fleetingly, but he dutifully ignores her. The camera shows Mary and Lola exchanging a look, then pans to the entrance. A woman walks in quickly, the guards behind her. She seems in quite the hurry.)

Woman: My Lord Regent, I just came to say it's an honor to see you, sir. We heard talk of this handsome bastard who's ruling while King Henry's away.

(As the woman speaks, Mary and Bash exchange a meaningful glance.)

Woman: Begging pardon, no offense. (she curtsies)

Bash: (shaking his head) None taken.

(As the Woman speaks the next lines, she walks forward, Alec's speech overlapping with hers.)

Woman: If I might offer a blessing, just to wish you well.

Alec: That's far enough.

(The next scene happens quickly. The Woman and Alec speak over each other. As the Woman nears Bash, she reveals a knife hidden in her sleeve. Alec tackles her to the ground.)

Woman: For the Lord demands the bastard's removal. (she reveals the knife)

Alec: I said that's fair enough! (he tackles her)

(Everyone shifts, the crowd chattering excitedly. Alec takes the knife from the woman's sleeve and holds it up as he speaks.. At the same time, Mary and Lola stride up to Bash, Mary offering him her hand. Bash looks started and somehwat rattled as he takes it.)

Alec: This was meant for the Regent. It was an attempt on his life. Come here. (Alec grabs Bash by the shoulders to guide him.)

Lord Hugo: Take this criminal to the jails!

Woman: (the guards drag her out as she speaks) The bastard must die!

Lola: You think Lord Hugo had a hand in this?

Mary: Why, he wouldn't dare without the Queen behind him.

Lord Hugo: I want this room clear!

Bash: (as they're hustled out by Alec) Good luck proving it. That cat's paw will be dead before she gets to the jails.

(The scene cuts away to show the outside of the castle as the scene changes. Time stamp 6:39)