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It's a different world you must live in. So many romantic and glorious battles. Castle folk like to believe all their money and arms can conquer any foe. Otherwise, why fight so hard for nonsense like titles and marriages. People like us have to fight life's true enemies. Starvation. Cold. And the things that come hunting for men in the night.
Rowan to Sebastian in The Darkness

Rowan is a pagan hunter that saves Bash from a trap. She and Bash have a brief romance before she is taken away by the Darkness. She makes her first appearance in Dirty Laundry.

She is portrayed by Hannah Anderson.

Season One[]

In Dirty Laundry, she stops Bash right before he gets caught in a trap. Later, she invites him to the cottage where she and her brother lives. They soon find a disoriented and mentally unstable Olivia. At the end of the episode, Bash returns to the cottage to say goodbye to Rowan, however she asks him to stay for dinner, for the night and for her. They smile at each other, then kiss.

In The Darkness, She asks Bash if he's sure he wants to leave, he kisses her then tells her he must go. She accompanies him out the door and realises that there is blood outside he door meaning her family has been chosen and someone from her house will be sacrificed. Bash decides to stay to protect them and barricades the house. Rowan and her family are decided that they can't stop the darkness. Because they are intent on not stopping the darkness she gives Bash tea that knocks him out. When the darkness arrives it takes Rowan away into the Blood Wood.

In Monsters, Francis finds Rowan's hand on the ice. She is mentioned by Bash several times.


Rowans is a kind and gentle woman whom cares a lot for her brother, her family and her community. When she's hunting, she's a strong woman with no tolerance for fooling around. When Bash almost destroyed her boars trap she was angered.

Physical Appearance[]

Rowan is a beautiful young woman presumably in her early twenties with braided brown hair usually worn in a pony tail, green eyes and a pale complection. Unlike most women she wore a short skirt with leggins-like pants under, practical for hunting.




  • She's a new love interest for Bash.
  • She has a flower mark on her hand, explaining that she used to collect roses, though they were hurting her.


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