Mary: I was at French Court before you know, when I was your age. I didn't see any ghosts.

Rose: But what if they saw you?


Rose is a young girl whom lived with Mary Stuart at the convent.

She made her first and last appearance in Pilot and is portrayed by Ali Lyons.

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, she is at the Convent were Mary Stuart was kept as a child for safety with all the nuns. She is one of the children that they care for probably because she's an orphan. Before Mary leaves to return to French Court. She warned Mary that there are ghosts there. Mary tells her she's been there before and she'd never seen one. She then watches as Mary leaves the convent.


Rose is a very open minded girl believing in ghosts. Since she lives in a convent it can probably be said that she is a fairly religious person at the least.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rose has curly dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. She has pale skin and dresses in simple clothing because she lives at a convent were it would be considered vain to be so considered with looks. They probably also don't have much money to spend on clothes and fabrics.



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