At the price of convincing that devil you're married to, that you love him.
Richard to Catherine about her marriage to Henry in Inquisition

Viscount Richard de la Croix was Catherine's former lover and the father of Clarissa. He made his first and only appearance in Inquisition.

He was portrayed by actor Greg Bryk.

Early HistoryEdit

Richard was one of Henry II's close friends during childhood. Henry stated that Richard was the first one of his friends to grow a beard in order to cover the hereditary birthmark on his chin. Sometime after Catherine and Henry were married, Richard and Catherine began having an affair, during which Catherine was impregnanted with Richard's daughter and gave birth to Clarissa. Richard was "banished" from court by Catherine for calling her an "Italian mule," but in reality he left so Henry wouldn't become suspicious.

Season OneEdit

In Inquisition, he returns to court to help Henry prosecute Catherine of Adultery. In reality he is there to help Catherine regain her freedom and innocence. This is revealed when he and Catherine meet in private and caress each other. Later when Agnes arrives at court to tell Henry about Catherine's affair and the child (she doesn't know the affair was with Richard). However when she tells Henry that the baby girl was born with a stain on her lip. Henry gets his men to shave Richards beard to see that he had the same birthmark as Clarissa, the birthmark that runs in their family. Henry is enraged at the fact that his friend and wife had an affair and sends Richard to be executed. Before Richard is accompanied out of the throne room he tells Catherine that he's sorry he couldn't save her.


Richard is a passionate man particularly towards Catherine to whom he loved enough to leave French Court. He is also very loyal to his word and who he's with which also happens to be Catherine as he pretends to try and kill her when he's really doing anything he can to save her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Richard has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. He possesed a port-wine stain on his right lower cheek and neck which runs in his family which he keeps covered up with a beard.




  • Richard left French court to avoid suspicions that he was Catherine's lover. Officially, Catherine "banishes" him because he called her an 'Italian mule'.


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