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Our Undoing is the eighth episode of Season Three and 52nd episode of Reign.


MARY REALIZES SHE MUST MARRY FOR THE GOOD OF SCOTLAND — As Mary and Catherine deal with the aftermath of Prince Don Carlos’ accident, Mary realizes that she will have to marry for the good of her country and not follow her heart. When Catherine is accused of poisoning Francis, Lola is shocked when Mary thinks Narcisse framed Catherine in order to become Regent of France.


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  • The letter Lola's mother sends her reads: Lola, I know it's been a while since we last spoke but I am contacting you in a desperate plea to get your side. A group of our fellow Scotsmen raided my English troop encampment to take back our grain, Unfortunately, they were unsuccesful and were captured. Your father and brothers are being taken hostages. My greatest fear is that Elizabeth will make examples of them. I beg of you to appeal to Queen Mary for help on their behalf.
  • Claude's diary reads: January 10th. I am starting to feel a little better. Kenna has been giving me food other than soup. Is there truth to her theory?January 11th: I confronted Mother about her poisonous soup. Asked her why she felt I deserved to die. I grabbed the poison she used on me, put it to my lips, and tried to end it all, as she watched, hoping she would finally see the excruciating pain she has caused me my whole life. These diary entities obviously references season 2.


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