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(last scene:)

Mary: ...but I need to take this chance. I have to. I will be home soon. Please trust me.

Francis: (hesitating) I can't. Guards! Surround the Queen.

Mary: What are you doing?

In the tower. Thunderstorm outside.

Mary: (stomping back and foth) Locked in the tower? Did you think that I would slink out of my rooms like a rat in the passage ways?

Francis: Not like a rat. Like a defiant Queen. You will be released as soon as your brother has cast off. I told him that we'd follow as soon as we could.

Mary: So you lied.

Francis: It is not a lie, when I know that it is safe to-

Mary: (shouting) It will be too late!(thunder and lightning) We both know that day will never come. I will not help you with the cardinal if that's what you think.

Francis: (towards her) I know. My mother and I will do what we have to. We'll find a way. You may hate me right now, but I've done this for you. I love you and I've put you first.

Mary: (upset) You love a girl, you don't love a Queen, or you would allow me to be one. You are putting yourself and your country first, just as you always have.

Francis: That is not true.

Mary: If Scotland falls I will never forgive you!(thunder and lightning) You will lose my country and you will lose me. I warned you Francis. We are one and the same.

Francis: Scotland won't fall. And neither will we.

Mary: I can't hear another word. Get out!

Francis: (exits) I'll be back when you had a chance to calm down.

Mary: Francis.(door gets locked) You can't just leave me locked in here. Francis. Francis! FRANCIS! FRANCIS!...