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Nothing's changed here. Nothing has to.
Natalia to Francis in Pilot

Natalia is a former lover of Prince Francis.

She is portrayed by the Canadian actress Lola Tash.

Season One[]

In Pilot, it is seen that she had feelings for Francis. When Francis came in her room, Natalia tried to take off her dress showing herself to Francis. It is unknown if they did anything although she was likely the unseen person who Francis was lying with went Mary had a brief conversation with him before he rudely dismissed her.

Ever since then, he has broken things off with her when he started to be Mary's friend and spending more time with Mary, he eventually fell for her.


She was one of Francis' former lover and didn't really care that he was engaged to Mary and that she was returning to court, showing that she isn't really empathetic or considerate. She was passionate and outgoing.

Physical Appearance[]

Natalia is a young beautiful slender, brown eyed girl with long curly dark brown hair. She dresses in fancy gowns that a typical royal would wear. She wears fine jewelry and accessories.


Natalia is a feminine name which is the Latin form of Natalie. It has a late Latin meaning of "Christmas Day", and is used in many languages including: German, Russian, Spanish etc.



  • She had a brief romance with Francis until he later chose to be with Mary Stuart.
  • Curiously, despite her intense romance with Francis in the first episode, she never appears afterwards.
  • It has been suggested she accompanied Elisabeth to Spain after her marriage (which happened in the pilot) and that she is one of Elisabeth's ladies. Her line "Nothing has to change" seems to suggest that she has no plans of leaving, however.
  • Her character as Francis' childhood sweetheart was in part replaced by Olivia D'Amencourt, who appeared several episodes later.


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