You will command nothing! I don't fear you. I don't fear your husband! Because without me, without the other nobles your power disappears. We are the outside world and we surround you.

Narcisse standing up to Mary

Normal reign201 1410


In the season premiere, Stéphane joins Condé, Francis, and Lola at the makeshift camp in the woods. Stating that he was just stopping at the river to get water before heading North where the plague had not yet hit. Behind him a cage with Estelle inside of it arrives. He's questioned by Lola as to why she's caged. He tells her it may look barbaric but its only to keep her isolated. When Lola gets close to the cage, he warns her to stay back or else she'll need to be isolated as well. Before leaving the group he wished Condé a safe voyage on his boat, knowing that Francis didn't know. He then warns Francis to know whom his real friends are.

Normal reign202 0330

Narcisse talking to Catherine.

In Drawn and Quartered, Stéphane grieves over the death of his son. When he learns the true manner of his son's death of how he was thrown into an infected room of those with the Plague, at the command of Mary with the help of Nostradamus. He becomes bent of getting revenge for his son and teaching Mary a lesson by having Nostradamus drawn and quartered. He's eventually stopped by Mary and Francis.

In Coronation, Narcisse is still continuously giving excuses as to why he has yet to deliver the grain promised. Doing so as revenge for his son's unfair death. While at the same time trying to stop other deals the crown is trying to make for grain. Unsuccessfully, forcing him to give his grain without leverage.

Normal reign204 1755

Narcisse and Lola looking at Estelle's dead body.

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, Narcisse returns to court with his new wife, Estelle. Upon arrival he runs into Lola, and is introduced to her friends Greer and Kenna. He and his wife leave after she gives Lola a gift, to have their union blessed by Francis. Later that night, he attends the banquet alone, as his wife is not yet ready. He's approached by Mary who questions him on why he would marry a commoner. He's offered to have the support of his King and Queen in the annulment of his marriage and have a better match set up to which he refuses. While conversing with Mary, he's told by a guard that Estelle has stabbed one of his guards and is missing. He shouts commands to have her found immediately. The next day, he's joined by Lola while sitting besides Estelle's dead body. He explains to Lola on why he married Estelle and dispels the rumors about his past wives.

Normal reign0205 2028

Narcisse's butterfly tattoo.

In Blood for Blood, he defends the Catholic men who attacked the Protestant service, continuously asking Francis to release them from prison. When Francis refuses to do so, Narcisse blackmails him with the information that he knows Francis killed his father. Since he had Caroline play acting to fool Francis into thinking she was possessed by Henry. At the festivities for Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding, he gives Lola and open invitation to join him for tea which she refuses. She then notices the butterfly tatto on his wrist, revealing that he is the man she had been looking for from the Sex Journal.

Lola Narcisse 206

Narcisse teaches Lola archery.

Narcisse spends more time with Lola in Three Queens. Narcisse tells Lola that he's heard about the deal with her dowry. She asks how he knows and he says he’s the largest depositor at that bank and says they are all terrible gossips. Narcisse could use his influence to get her money if she will have tea with him. She thanks him for the offer but does not think that it’s a good idea and he says he hopes she reconsiders. Later, Lola agrees to have tea with Narcisse and they outside by the lake. He offers to teach her shoot at the archery range. He pushes up her sleeve and puts on a brace to protect her arm. He says mistakes in this game can hurt and she nocks an arrow and aims but he says she needs to go slower and really see her target and understand what she’s aiming for. He adjusts her and coaches her standing close by. She shoots and nails a bulls-eye and is pleased. He says the trick is to keep it going after a promising beginning and she becomes intrigued.

During the night back at the castle, Narcisse asks Lola to dance but she wants to know what he wants from her. He wants to help with her dowry and that it is a perfect night for a bath. Lola asks if he’s suggesting that he’ll get her dowry if he can watch her bathe. Narcisse says he would never say that to a lady but midnight is the perfect time for a bath. At midnight, Narcisse is out on the balcony watching "Lola" taking a bath until the real Lola shows up next to him. She paid a serving girl five gold pieces to take her bath there and she told her someone might watch. Narcisse is working on getting her dowry back and understands to why she wanted it to return to her. It could grant her freedom from the court, wishing he could have the same. She says many think women should not have this freedom and he tells her she’s an intriguing game player for someone who doesn’t like court. She lays her hand on his and says the beginning can be promising.

Normal reign207 1930

Narcisse blackmails Francis.

During The Prince of the Blood, Narcisse and other nobles demand that Francis to command that everyone publicly pledge their Catholicism to the king. In order to plot against Narcisse, Francis asks Lola to make an excuse to visit him and to hide an envelop. Narcisse and Lola are in his estate and he once again asks her about a bath. She’ll agrees to it and he goes to draw the bath. She quickly ides the envelope behind a painting when he leaves the room. Later, while Lola is in the bathtub, Narcisse tells her that he enjoys the vulnerability of it and she can learn more about him if they decide to take things between them any further. Back in the living room, Narcisse tells Lola about Henry’s murder and that he’s blackmailing Francis. He wants her to trust him, instead of Francis, since he’s the one who told her the truth. The next day, Francis refuses to sign the edict after Conde and other nobles make a stand, telling everyone that they are Protestants. Bash finds out that Narcisse had the nanny killed and that she has been dead for weeks. Francis wants Bash to be ready to move Mary out of the country if necessary in order to protect her from Narcisse. Once again, Narcisse blackmails Francis into signing the edict.

Normal reign207 2191

Narcisee kisses Lola.

Later, Lola wants to know what Narcisse wants with her. As she’s telling him that since he’s Francis’s enemy, nothing can happen between them, he kisses her. When she kisses him back, she slaps him. She tells him not to seek to take before she gives. He is glad to know she is thinking of giving.

In Terror of the Faithful, Narcisse finds Lola out in the woods and offers her a ride back to the castle. Narcisse proposes that he and Lola start meeting clandestinely, since she doesn’t want to be seen with him. At Narcisse's residence, he is accused of treason. However, the envelope that Lola had hidden is gone. Narcisse goes to see Lola, confronting her about how she tried to have him framed for treason. She claims that he threaten her baby and he states that he didn't. They all have targets on their backs because of what Francis has done. He tells her that the day will come when she’ll wish she had the protection of someone like him.

Re209a 0317b

Narcisse listens to Mary's announcement after the attack on the castle.

In Acts of War, Narcisse hears of Princess Claude's engagement to Conde and confronts Francis about the matter. He is against it and once again blackmails Francis. This time, Francis calls Narcisse’s bluff on exposing Mary and starts to act crazy. Narcisse becomes worried about Francis' behavior and leaves. Narcisse goes to see Claude and tries to talk her out of getting married to Conde. He proposes that she elope with him instead, to save her life. Claude refuses his offer. Narcisse comes up with another plan to have the Protestants attack the castle. Narcisse sends his man to bring Lord Montgomery to the castle, to bring about Francis’ downfall. That night, goes to Lola and expresses some remorse that his pressure on Francis could in some way be responsible for all the chaos that is happening. He also confesses that he still thinks of her.

Narcisse is caught by Francis for his actions in Mercy. Being blamed for Mary's rape, Narcisse is forced to become Francis' prisoner and puppet.

Narcisse returns in Sins of the Past and is allowed to keep his life only is he obeys every command given to him by Francis. Throughout the episode, Narcisse makes sexual advances towards Claude but still continues to court Lola. Near the end of the episode, Narcisse and Catherine discover that she's been poisoned, revealing why she has been hallucinating. The source to what's causing it was Henry's bible and Catherine had been reading it every day since Henry had died. This also reveals to what caused Henry to go mad.

Normal Reign214-2292

Narcisse working with Antoine.

In The End of Mourning, Narcisse works with Bash to find out who poisoned Henry which brings them to a lead on Conde. However, they later find evidence of it really being Christian de Guise who was behind what happened to Henry. Christian is later killed and it was revealed that Narcisse set him up to hide the truth that it was really Antoine who poisoned Henry. Narcisse lets Antoine know they each have a secret now and both will work to take down Francis.

Normal Reign215-2051

A drunk Lola makes advances towards Narcisse.

In Forbidden, Narcisse is approached by Lola and she begins asking him for sex. She kisses him and bites his lip hard. Realizing she is drunk, he rather not take advantage of her and confesses that he wants her but only when the real her. He snaps for her maid and says to take her to her chambers and get the physician. He hears her say that he didn't offer her a bath and he always offers her a bath. Narcisse smiles at this.

In Tasting Revenge, Narcisse introduced his niece, Lady Amelie to Francis, hoping that he would make her his mistress. However, Francis rejected her.

Normal Reign217-1483

Narcisse with Catherine.

In Tempting Fate, Narcisse learns of Mary’s plan to run away to Scotland with Conde when he stops her letters from going to their destination. He tells Catherine about everything. He later sleeps with her after she becomes distraught from Francis' collapse.

In Reversal of Fortune, Mary demands that Narcisse send his army to defend Scotland. However, he pledges his loyalty to Catherine and tells his troops to delay their arrival, forcing Mary into one of two scenarios: if Francis dies, she loses all her French power, the crown reverts to Francis’ younger brother, and she cannot send troops to Scotland; otherwise, Francis recovers and Mary can no longer make the decision herself. In the end, Francis wakes from his illness.

Normal Reign219-0421

Narcisse and Catherine kiss.

In Abandoned, Narcisse lends his troops and General Renaude to rescue the boys who were taken hostage by Protestant rebels. He also plants evidence that Conde’s men were responsible for the act of domestic terrorism. During the night, Narcisse sees Lola at Greer's brothel. He warns her that she should stay away from there if she hopes to uphold her reputation. She asks why does he care and he gently touches her cheek, telling he doesn't know why but he does.

Unknown to Narcisse from the previous episode, one of Catherine's servants saw him and Lola together. So in Fugitive, Catherine orders Narcisse to prove his loyalty to her by doing something unforgivable to Lola. He draws a picture of Lola taking a bath and spreads it all over the castle to the nobles. When Lola confronts him, he tells her that she should have never trusted him and she promises she won’t make the same mistake twice.

Normal reign0221-1268

Narcisse and Lola kiss.

In The Siege, Narcisse is gifted with his favorite horse that he lost when he gave up all his property. Narcisse thinks that Catherine should stop bribing him when she's already won his loyalty. Later, as Conde and his troops approach the castle, Francis makes the decision to evacuate the royal family including Lola. Narcisse goes to see Lola and tells her to be careful. She calls him out for spreading the explicit drawing of her to the other nobles, knowing he's trying to get in good graces with Catherine. She is disappointed in him and he says that no one ends a relationship with a Medici. But if he could do it, he’d be with Lola. The two kiss as the maid watches and reports back to Catherine. Later, Catherine takes her revenge on Narcisse by ordering the kitchen to slaughter and cook Narcisse’s favorite horse and feed it to him. She proceeds to explain to Narcisse that she loves him and that they’re equals.

Normal reign222 01772

Narcisse tells Mary of Catherine's betrayal.

When hearing that Lola has gone missing and of her son's death in the finale, Narcisse asks Francis for permission to go find her. Francis doesn't trust Narcisse but knows that he cares for Lola and allows him to go. Narcisse eventually finds Lola and is shocked to see that her child is alive. Later, he tells Mary of Catherine's deceit. It was all Catherine’s plot to hasten the execution of Conde. Mary wonders why he would betray Catherine and he tells her that what's worse that being hated by Catherine de' Medici is being loved by her.

Normal reign222 02320

Finally freed from Catherine, Narcisse looks at Lola.

Catherine is punished by Francis for her crimes. She is no longer the queen mother, she is stripped her of titles, land and money. She is also exiled from France. As she is escorted out, she knows Narcisse had a part in this and spits in his face as she leaves. Narcisse looks to Lola and they share a moment as they look at each other.

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