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(Olivia subconsciously recalls her time in captivity and her escape from the creature in the woods. She jolts awake after this disturbing dream)

NOSTRADAMUS: The nightmares again? 
OLIVIA: What I endured while I was captive in that cave will always be a part of me. The Darkness... 
NOSTRADAMUS: Can't reach you anymore. When the body endures a trauma, it's hard for the mind to let go. Don't let your mind sabotage you. You're ready to rejoin society. 

(Nostradamus tries to comfort her, but she pulls away when he touches her lightly on her back)

NOSTRADAMUS: I'm sorry. I only meant...
OLIVIA: No. It's not you. It hurts. My back. 

(Nostradamus takes a look at her back, seeing a gaping wound) 

OLIVIA: What is it? 
NOSTRADAMUS: I thought all your wounds were healing... but this one's become infected. I need to drain it. 

(Olivia lays flat on her stomach whle Nostradamus takes a scapel to the wound.)

NOSTRADAMUS: There, the wound should begin to... Wait.. 

(Suddenly, Nostradamus notes something is amiss)

NOSTRADAMUS: There's something inside. 

(Nostradamus picks up a pair of plyers) 

NOSTRADAMUS: Brace yourself, Olivia.

(A few moments later, he pulls a claw out of Olivia's wound) 


MAN: I must ask that you send forces to Guyenne to demonstrate your power and my authority. 

(Henry says nothing as he contemplates the proposition) 

MAN: Your Majesty? 
KING HENRY: Marquis Deveaux. When you last presented me with your grievance, what did I say? 
MAN: But, Your Majesty, the Baron disrespects... 
KING HENRY: Clearly you did not listen, because I ordered you to return home and to bend the Baron to your authority, by your own power. This has been the source of my fury. People who refuse to listen to their king. Or... are your ears full of wax, hmm? Hold him down.
MAN: What are you doing?

(The King's guards hold him down as Henry takes a lit candle and blows it out)

MAN: Please, Your Majesty. I beg you. 

(Henry then pours hot wax jfrom the candle into his ear. The Queen hears his screams and runs in to find out what's going on)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Henry!? Henry! What are you doing?! 
KING HENRY: Teaching the marquis a lesson. 
QUEEN CATHERINE: Not like this; he's a nobleman.  
KING HENRY (to the guards): Release him. 
KING HENRY (to the Queen): I understand you canceled the Queen of the Bean Celebration.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Now we're talking about a party. 
KING HENRY: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to hide me from my own court. Perhaps you're trying to poison me as well, hmm?
QUEEN CATHERINE: I'm not trying to poison you, Henry. I'm concerned. What's wrong with you isn't any poison I've delivered, I swear to you. But you are ill. You could do harm to yourself, to France.
KING HENRY: I have headaches. They come and go, but... my mind is sharper than it's ever been before. And the Queen of the Bean is nearly my favorite event of the year. It will proceed, as usual. 


MARY: So any servant can become the queen for the day? I don't remember this tradition. 
FRANCIS: That's 'cause we were children. I think my mother hid it from us for a while. My father welcomes the temporary queen in his own way. 
MARY: In his bed.
FRANCIS: If the girl that finds the bean in her slice of cake happens to be pretty. She wears my mother's crown, the finest clothes, and spends the day ordering servants around. By dawn, she has a hundred ducats, a pile of gifts, but she is a servant girl once more. 
MARY: A true fairy tale ending. 
FRANCIS: It's a traditional I always prefer to avoid. Especially when Diane de Poitiers was here. To watch my father jugging a mistress, my mother... and the Bean Queen. Bash and I always fled for a hunt. 
MARY: It's all right to miss him. Even though he angered you. Well, at least the bean gives them something new to gossip about. It's the first time in weeks that no one's pestered me about giving you heirs. 
FRANCIS: Perhaps I should pester you.  

(While they kiss, Kenna comes up and chats with them)

KENNA: Mary, Greer's ready to present him to you now. 
MARY: Lord Julian. Greer's fiance. 


GREER: Such a gorgeous cake and they're not even eating it.  
JULIAN: We should send the loser a consilaton gift. Don't you think? 
KENNA: He arrived two days ago. Isn't he adorable? 
LOLA: They've had some talks and Greer said he's quite nice.
KENNA: And quite rich. Why can't the King find me a husband like that? 
LOLA: We've been here a year, all but rotting on a vine. 
GREER: Lord Julien, may I introduce you to Her Majesty, Mary, Queen of Scots. And her ladies, Lola and Kenna. 

(Lord Julian bows to Mary)

JULIAN: Your Majesty, it is an honor. 
MARY: Lord Julian, it's such a pleasure to finally meet you. I hear that your family's from Hungary.
JULIAN: Yes. My parent's know Greer's father through a distant cousin. We corresponded and the rest is history. I hope you'll find it in your heart to bless our engagement. 
MARY: If this is what your father wishes-- and you of course.
GREER:  It is. Very much. 
MARY: Well then, you're engaged. Enjoy your lives together.
LOLA: I'm so happy for you, Greer. 
KENNA: He's certainly a step up from Castleroy. 


LEITH: Lord Castleroy, can I get you anything?
LORD CASTLEROY: No. No need. You're busy. Just think, tomorrow, you'll be my apprentence in the spice trade. You'll leave all this behind. 

(Castleroy sees that Leith is eyeing Greer from another part of the room)

LORD CASTLEROY: Will you miss it? 
LEITH: I'm very grateful, sir. 

(Mary pulls Lola aside)

MARY: Lola, I have some bad news. The suitor from Alsace has been delayed for five weeks. 
LOLA: I'm going to start to show any day now. 
MARY: Lola, I promised you I'd find you a husband and I will. Just give me another week, maybe two. 


NOSTRADAMUS: I see your plan to keep the king out of sight has failed. Who else knows of his madness? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: Only Kenna. And a nobleman from Guyenne. I've given both motivation to keep quiet. There's no telling what Henry will do next. Have you found any explanation for this? 
NOSTRADAMUS: I've checked his food and wine for poision for three days straight. There's no trace of any poison. At least none that I recognize.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Then he is mad. And a mad king incites chaos and rebellion. If our enemies find out, we could... 
NOSTRADAMUS: Your Majesty... 

(He pulls out a vial of some substance)

QUEEN CATHERINE: What's this? 
NOSTRADAMUS: A sedative that induces a coma. A deep sleep I can interrupt with an antidote of my own design. 
QUEEN CATHERINE: It'll be difficult. He has seven tasters, inspecting ever manner of delivery. We have to find a way to get it past them. A Trojan horse. 

(Suddenly, someone screams, the girl who has found the bean)

KING HENRY: And what is your name? 
PENELOPE: Uh, Penelope. From the kitchen.
KING HENRY: Well, you're very pretty. 
QUEEN CATHERINE: Penelope... I crown you... Queen of the Bean. 

(Penelope is hoisted onto a charriot and is carried out of the room)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Ask and ye shall receive.


BASH: I need to speak with the king. 

(The King's men draw their swords and point them at Bash)

GUARD: It's the bastard!
BASH: I surrender to the king's mercy.
BASH: Father, I need to speak with you.
KING HENRY: You return from exile seeking favor? After you killed your brother's guards? 
BASH: It was self-defense. 
KING HENRY: Take him to the dungeon.
BASH: There's a threat in the woods, that's why I've returned. Father. Father, you must listen to me. I mean you no harm, but there are people who are being harmed. Murdered! 
MARY: I can't believe he came back. What was he thinking? 
FRANCIS: We have given him every chance to be free and here he is. I'm done helping him.
MARY: Francis, he's your brother. 
FRANCIS: He's a liar and a murderer. We both know why he came back. Don't give him another chance to get close to you.

ACT 2:[]

(After Bash's arrest, Mary goes to confront him about his return to the castle and court. The Kng's men had him chained up in the dungeon)

MARY: We don't have much time, so listen carefully. I've bribed your jailer. A merchant's wagon will take you to the Spanish border. If you value your life, you will do as I say and will never return. 
BASH: I'm not ready to go to Spain. 
MARY: Bash, what is wrong with you? You never should have returned here. You have to leave. There are too many in the castle who want you dead. 
BASH: You mean Francis? 
MARY: He did not try to have you killed. Although he could. You stir up a jealousy and bitterness in him that scares me. He has this look in his eyes. It's like I don't know him. It's almost as if he knows. 
BASH: That you would've been happy without him. if you had married me instead.
MARY: There is nothing between you and I except for my concern for you. 
BASH: Then we've arrived at the same spot. I'm here on behalf of another, a girl I met in the woods.

(Mary becomes clearly jealous over this comment)

MARY: Well, bully for you and your speedy recovery.

(Bash notes this and he too becomes angry)

BASH: Don't. Not until you hear what happened to her. 


(The Queen has pulled Penelope - the Queen of the Bean - inside her bed chambers, hoping that she will help take part in the Queen's plan to incapacitate the King)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Queen Penelope. Every year a girl is chosen. Yes.

(The Queen escorts Penelope to a chair)

QUEEN CATHERINE: And for a brief moment, she glimpses the heavens of royalty. Ah. It's the greatest night of her life.

(Around Penelope's neck, the Queen places a glorious diamond necklace)

QUEEN CATHERINE: But when the dawn comes, she must fall back to Earth. Oh, it must be a brutal fall.

(Instead of putting the necklace on her, she pulls it off and puts it back among her own posessions) 

PENELOPE: Oh. It's all right. I mean, this is so much more than I ever... I ever even dreamed of.
QUEEN CATHERINE: But it's only one day. And I... would like you to be the first Queen of the Bean in history to think long-term.

(The Queen picks out another necklace and places it on her)

QUEEN CATHERINE: So if you prove yourself trustworthy, we can be friends. And unlike Henry, I look after my friends every day of the year, not just this one. 

(Penelope looks very excited about the possibility)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Tell me, Queen Penelope, have you maintained your virtue?  
PENELOPE: Of course I have. 
QUEEN CATHERINE: Because-- well, as you may know-- when pretty girls win Queen of the Bean, they sometimes have a... special experience with the king. 
QUEEN CATHERINE: I must warn you that the king's appetite in his bed chambers can be quite... rough. He has the appetite of a lion and the stamina of a horse, a horse that proceeds at a steady, punishing trot. It can be a... lengthy experience. 
PENELOPE: Well... how lengthy? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: It can feel like hours. Sometimes it is. But... if we are to be friends, I can help you. 

(The Queen goes to her box of horrors and fishes something out of it; a vial)

QUEEN CATHERINE: This is an aphrodisiac. It'll help the king... gallop more quickly to the finish. Pour the contents of this into his wine.

(The Queen hands Penelope the small bottle)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Get him to drink it. It will thrill him and satisfy him, and you will be on to more gowns and jewels and the feast.  


(Francis storms into the dungeons to find Mary and confront Bash. He finds them walking together, with Bash having been removed of his chains)

FRANCIS: I came down here because I was worried about you, and here I find you with my wife. Again. Should l I feign surprise?
MARY: It's not what it looks like. He didn't come for me. 
FRANCIS: Oh, even you can't believe that. 
BASH: I'm back for the castle's resources, it's armed men and horses, to seek out and destroy a threat in the woods. And then I will leave. I promise.
FRANCIS: What threat? 
BASH: You've seen the sacrafices in the Blood Wood. These pagans endanger every man, woman and child in the realm. They threatened your own wife. And they do it all in service to a monster they call the Darkness. 
MARY: I know how it sounds... 
FRANCIS: You sound as ignorant as those Pagans. A monster in the woods?
BASH: I saw it, in the shadows, myself. It took a girl, a girl I cared for. Her name was Rowan, and now she is certainly dead. However badly you want me gone, I promise, I want it a thousand times more, but I'm not leaving until the woods are safe. 

(Francis clearly doesn't believe him)

FRANCIS: Mary, leave us please. 
BASH: I know you don't believe me. But there's someone you will believe.
FRANCIS: And who is that?
BASH: The Darkness has claimed countless victims. Only one survived. Your old flame, Olivia D'Amencourt. And she's here in this castle right now. 

(Francis turns back at looks at Mary, who is equally shocked)


(Greer sits in her chambers and looks incredibly gloomy, until Leith busts in to see her)

GREER: Leith, what are you doing here? We've said our good-byes. 
LEITH: I had to see you, just once more. Look, I wanted to tell you... 

(Greer interrupts him)

GREER: No, don't. 
LEITH: Why? Because you're engaged to another man who you barely know? 
GREER: That's not at all unusual for someone like me. 
LEITH: Because you're highborn. And he's rich and titled and very kind to the servants.
GREER: And to me. He seems... everything I ever wanted. Except he's not you. 

(Greer and Leith embrace and kiss each other passionately. Suddenly, a servant and several people bust in through the door)

SERVANT: Excuse me, my lady. 

(Greer and Leith immediately stop kissing and recoil from the other. Lord Julian, who has a present in hand, then makes his presence known)

GREER: Lord Julian, I... 
LORD JULIAN: Who are you? 
LEITH: Look, I'm no one. I'm a servant. I-I fancied her and- and, she was kind so I stole a kiss. 
GREER: Leith, no.
LEITH: No, this is not her fault. She asked me not to, but I was overcome. She's free of blame in this. My- my advance was unwanted!

(Lord Julian's guards grab ahold of Leith roughly)

LORD JULIAN: I don't want him harmed, but his household will have to know of this. 

(The guards lead Leith away and leave Greer and Julian alone)

LORD JULIAN: I was going to leave this in your room... 
GREER: It wasn't his fault. 
LORD JULIAN: Is that supposed to make it better?
GREER: I'm so sorry. 
LORD JULIAN: I know these things happen. But they can't with my wife. I can't have this kind of gossip surrounding my family. I can't have this. 
GREER: I'll be ruined if you don't marry me. 
LORD JULIAN: I wish I could. I- I wish I were a better man, who could marry you despite this. But I'm not. I'm sorry. 

(Greer breaks down in tears as Julian leaves her chambers)

ACT 3: []

MARY: Olivia, we're so sorry.
FRANCIS: Everything that you endured, we thought... I thought that you escaped through the tunnels that night. 
OLIVIA: I did. But I was found by those heretics, fed to that monster. 

(Bash has been listening to Olivia recount her experience in the doorway. He comes in when she finshes talking)

BASH: Do you believe me now? This creature is the cause of all the horrors in those woods. If you want to protect your realm from these devils, you must kill the monster they serve.
FRANCIS: I don't believe in monsters. I never have. But I do believe in fear. And whoever this Darkness is, the Pagans fear him enough to terrorize and slaughter my people. 
MARY: Olivia, do you think you could retrace your steps, to lead us back to the cave?
OLIVIA: No. All I remember is a meadow lined with fir trees, hugged by a curving field of snow.
BASH: I know a meadow with some firs near where we found her. 
FRANCIS: I'll gather my guards. 
BASH: You'll forgive me, but the last time I went with your men, they tried to kill me. 
FRANCIS: I gave no such order, and we could confirm that if you hadn't slaughtered them. 
MARY: Francis.
FRANCIS: This time I'm going with you. We'll find that cave and kill whatever lies within. And then I am personally putting you on the next boat to Spain. 

(Bash looks to Mary and nods at her. She returns the sentiment)

BASH: Then we're agreed.
OLIVIA: You can't just kill it! This isn't just some outlaw hiding in the trees! The Darkness is a creature from hell. It's not human! 
NOSTRADAMUS: He is human, I assure you. I found this...

(Nostradamus holds up the claw-like tooth he dug from Olivia's back) 

NOSTRADAMUS: ... embedded in Olivia's wound. It looked like the fang of some wild beast, but the root of this tooth is like yours and mine. This fang is a human tooth, filed down into a sharp point. 
MARY: Human? But why would a man go to such lengths?
NOSTRADAMUS: For function, perhaps. To better feed on victims. But I assure you, this Darkness is only a man. 
MARY: Then go and kill him. And remember who the real enemy is. 


(After being caught kissing Leith, Greer cries hysterically while the rest of her ladies try to comfort her, a task that is futile)

GREER: Do you know what happens to servants like Leith? They say he'll get the lash until his back is split open and he can no longer stand. He'll spend years in that cell. I love him. 
KENNA: You can't love a servant, you simply can't. Not that what I did was much better. 
GREER: But it is. Mistresses of the King aren't often revered, but- but this... My family will fall into ruin for what I've done. I'll never be able to face them again. 
LOLA: It's not that dire yet. 
GREER: The gossip is already spreading. These rumors will follow me everywhere.

(From the doorway, Mary overhears their conversation and comes in)

GREER: I have no future. 
MARY: Greer, don't say that. Never say that. 
GREER: Mary... so you've heard. I'm so ashamed. 
MARY: Please don't be. 
GREER: Look at us. Look where our hearts have led us. We've brought you shame. Well, all but Lola. 

(Lola and Mary both look over at each other, knowing the truth about Lola's pregnancy)

LOLA: In truth, there's something you should know. 


(Mary goes to speak with Henry in hopes that Leith will be spared a brutal beating)

KING HENRY: Why is the queen of Scotland so concerned with the fate of a kitchen boy?
MARY: Leith saved many lives at the seige. In light of his bravery, I feel that his sentence should be reduced. 
KING HENRY: This kitchen boy seems to have friends in high places. You're not the first to plead on his behalf. Lord Castleroy has arranged that. In lieu of prison, he's been conscripted for miltary service. He departs for training tomorrow. 

(Henry is distracted by the clanking of shoes coming from the hallway. He turns around and Penelope emerges)

KING HENRY: Ah, my Queen. What a vision. 

(He hands her a glass of wine)

KING HENRY: Isn't she lovely, Mary? Yes, it takes a very special kind of woman to catch my eye and ignite my passion. 

(Henry starts taking off his belt)

MARY: I should go. 

(Mary turns to leave)

KING HENRY: No, no, no, no. Stay. 

(Henry grabs her by the arm to prevent her from leaving)

KING HENRY: Now that you've given your virtue to my son, perhaps you can show Penelope a thing or two about how to... please a ruler. Go on. Pretend she's... Francis. I'll watch. 

(The King sits down to enjoy the show, but Mary just looks bewildered)

MARY: Oh, you aren't serious?
MARY: This isn't like you. Are you feeling unwell, Your Grace?
KING HENRY: I am anointed by God. You are as well. We are royals. What could ever be... unwell with us, hmm? 

(Mary chooses her words very carefully)

MARY: I know exactly what you're talking about. May I borrow Penelope for a minute? I have some royal customs and clothes to share with her. Penelope, if you would? 

(Henry holds out his hand to Penelope, ushering her to stand beside him)

PENELOPEI suppose... the Queen will stay. I'm fine, run along.

(Mary walks to the door. Before she exits, she looks back one last time)

PENELOPEDear Henry. When we last... talked, you spoke to me about bondage. 
KING HENRY: You seem familiar with the practice.
PENELOPEServants talk. I hear you like it. 

(The King laughs in agreeance)

PENELOPEIt's to be expected. The King must have power and control. It's part of his job, but... even the biggest of jobs can become so dull. Here.

(Penelope grabs the King's hands and binds them with cloth)

PENELOPEIt's just you and me. I'll take control. I can give you the pleasure you offer others.
KING HENRY: I have always been on the giving end. 
PENELOPEHow tiring for you. 

(Penelope takes his bound hands and places them around her neck)

PENELOPEPoor King Henry.

(He starts kissing her)

PENELOPEGet on the bed.
PENELOPE: Get on the bed. Now.
KING HENRY: Oh. I like this. 

(He sits down at the foot of the bed, while Penelope gets down on her knees)

PENELOPE: Shh. Bad king. You won't speak again unless spoken to. Do you understand?

(Penelope grabs a whip and hits it across her hand)


(Francis, Bash and the King's men ride off into the woods on horseback. They come to a clearing and Francis gets off his horse, demanding the men look for the creature)

FRANCIS: Split up and search the area. The cave must be closeby.
GUARD 1: Yes, My Lord.
GUARD 2: Yes sir. This way.
FRANCIS: Bash, you come with me. 

(Bash walks over to him and Francis pulls out his sword)

FRANCIS: We'll go on foot from here. 
BASH: You didn't give me your weapon. Are you planning to have them kill me, brother? 
FRANCIS (to Guard 3): You there, go with the others. 

(The guard leaves them be, causing Bash to simmer down)

FRANCIS: You have made so many enemies; why fixate on me? You reached for the throne and failed, nobles everywhere despise you. Maybe it's easier to make me the villain, so you have a reason to hate me and an excuse to go after my wife. 
BASH: Listen to you. You have Mary and the crown and all of France puckering its lips to kiss your ass, and still you're threatened by a bastard in exile.
FRANCIS: I used to look up to you. You were the one person I could rely on. But I was wrong. You are a traitor and a usurper.

(Francis has his blade pointed at Bash's head)

BASH: Well, go ahead, do it then. Kill me. 
FRANCIS: Bash.  

(Francis sees a trail of footprints behind Bash)

BASH: Fresh tracks. We're not alone. 

(Francis hands his sword to Bash and they follow the trail)

ACT 4: []


(In the throne room, Queen Catherine overlooks a crowd, as she sits perched on her throne. Penelope, the Queen of the Bean, approaches her)

QUEEN CATHERINE: I don't see Henry. Did you manage to fufill my request? 

(Penelope looks at her as if she doesn't know what Catherine is talking about)

QUEEN CATHERINE (lowering her voice to a mere whisper): The aphrodisiac.
PENELOPE: You needn't worry about that. He, uh, doesn't need an aphrodisiac. The king... goes a little bit mad sometimes, doesn't he? And, uh... this is his medicine? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: You are a clever girl, aren't you? 
PENELOPE: I'll see that it's done. I know how to handle him. 

(Penelope sees a crowd of people entering the room)

PENELOPE: Oh. Guests. Um... (pointing at the throne), would you mind?
PENELOPE: My throne? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: Of course. Enjoy it, my dear. 

(Catherine gets up and allows Penelope to sit down on it) 

QUEEN CATHERINE (under her breath): You stupid kitchen whore. 


(Lola sits in her room and waits for her to return)

MARY: Lola, the party's starting. Why aren't you ready? What's wrong? 
LOLA: I can't fit in my dress. Mary, we're out of time. 
MARY: Lola, we said we would help each other, and we already have. 
LOLA: What do you mean? 
MARY: Marry Lord Julien. 
LOLA: What? 
MARY: He came to France looking to make a good marriage. You offer him everything he's looking for. 
LOLA: What about Greer? 
MARY: It was Greer's idea. She wants to help you move forward. Julien spurned her, althought she says he did it kindly. 
LOLA: It isn't fair. Greer is punished and scorned while i'm rewarded.
MARY: Lola. I don't mean to sound blunt or selfish, but I need this to work. My marriage is threatened from all sides. Bash's return has Francis posioned by jealousy and mistrust. We can never be happy while he's here. And you, you're pregnant with my husband's child, and if Francis finds out... 
LOLA: I understand. And I never want to be a threat to your happiness. If you can help sway Lord Julien in my direction, I will do my very best to marry him. And quickly.

(Relieved, Mary embraces Lola)


(Francis and Bash continue to follow the tracks that could have been left by the darkness. Suddenly, one of the horses with them goes completely insane) 

BASH: What's spooked him? 

( Bash takes off to check on the horse. Once he's over there, a high pitched noise blares, causing a flock of birds to flee the artea)

FRANCIS: What was that? 
BASH: I've head that whistle before. It's the Darkness. Guards!
GUARD: My lord? 

(One of the guards emerge)

BASH: Do you see anyone?
GUARDNo one for miles, my lord. 
BASH: Where are the rest of the guards?
GUARD: Searching for the cave.
FRANCIS: The footprints just stop.
BASH: What do you mean? How is that possible? 

(Francis notes somethng black laying in the snow)

FRANCIS: Wait, there's something here.
BASH: What is it?

(When Francis gets close enough, he sees a human hand in the snow. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake beneath him)

FRANCIS: No! Don't come any closer.

(In a moment's time, the ice gives way to his weight, plunging him into the chilly pond below)

BASH: Francis!

(Each time he says his name, he becomes more frantic)

BASH: Francis! Francis!

(When Bash gets there, he sticks his hands into the water, trying to pull Francis to safety)  

GUARD: My lord! 
BASH: Stay back. The ice is too thin. 
BASH: Where are you? Where are you?

(Bash starts clearing the snow off the ice, allowing him to search for Francis more efficiently. Finally, he sees Francis behind the ice. He then pounds on the ice as hard as he can. Afte another second, Francis floats to another part of the lake. Bash digs another clearing and jams his sword into the thick ice, until it finally gives in,allowing Bash to free Francis) 

BASH: Francis. Francis! No. No. Francis.

(Bash cradles Francis' body with his own)

BASH: Breathe. Breathe. Live. Francis. Please. Please.

ACT 5: []


(King Henry and Penelope sit on adjacent thrones. Henry gets up and kisses her on the cheek)

KING HENRY: You are a beautiful and cruel. 

(Afterwards, he heads over to speak with Mary's ladies)

KING HENRY: Lady Greer, well done with that kitchen boy. That nasty gossip is the first interesting thing I've ever heard about you.
KENNA: What a horrible thing to say.
KING HENRY: Oh, you should be grateful. Now people might finally stop wagging their tongues about you. 

(After Henry leaves, the girls go to Mary, who overheard the whole thing) 

MARY: Are you all right? What happened? 
KENNA: Henry can be such a monster. Heartless and cruel. 
GREER: At least he had the courage to be cruel to my face. The rest of court snickers behind my back, as if I can't hear.
MARY: I'm so sorry. But thank you for what you've done for Lola. I know it can't be easy. 
GREER: I had my chance, and I threw it away. 

(Greer looks over and sees Lola and Lord Julian in deep conversation) 

(Suddenly, Lord Castleroy appears in the throne room)

MARYI wouldn't be so sure. 

(Mary leaves to give the two an opportunity to talk)

GREER: Lord Castleroy. I heard what you did for Leith. Getting him out of jail, into the army. I want to offer my sincerest gratitude. 
LORD CASTLEROY: I didn't do it for him. I did it for you. 
GREER: Gossip surrounds me and still you seek my favor. Why?
LORD CASTLEROY: You have a good heart. And I'm too rich to care what people say. What I care about is you. I know... I"m not the man of your dreams, but a marriage would put all the rumors to rest.
GREER: It's not that simple.
LORD CASTLEROY: But it is. The world is cruel, and it will be cruel to the next sweet girl who has the misfortune of opening your heart to someone others don't even see. 
GREER: I see you now. And you are so kind.
LORD CASTLEROY: Then will you accept my humble proposal? 
GREER: Yes. Yes, I accept. 

(Lord Castleroy hugs Greer awkwardly)

GREER: Likewise.


(Nostradamus joins the festivities when he spots Olivia socializing with others. she too sees him and comes to greet him)

NOSTRADAMUS: You look very pretty. I wasn't expecting to see you here tonight.
OLIVIA: I'm feeling better. Perhaps it is time to rejoin society, as you said. Come.

(Olivia tries to lead him to the dancing floor)

OLIVIA: Dance with me. 
NOSTRADAMUS: I'm sorry. I can't. 


(After Francis' near death experience, he and Bash try to sort their issues out)

BASH: How are you feeling? Is the chill still with you? 
FRANCIS: I feel lucky to be alive. I would have died under that ice. You saved my life. Was that wise since you believe I tried to kill you? 
BASH: I did believe that, didn't I?
FRANCIS: Then why risk your life for mine? 
BASH: You're my brother.
FRANCIS: Have you sent word to Mary that we're back?
BASH: Just now. I spoke with the guards. They found the cave, but it was empty. There was nothing in there but blood. Evidence of grave suffering, but no monster. 
FRANCIS: If Olivia got away, he would surely knew we'd be coming.
BASH: Maybe that's why he left Rowan's hand. To draw us out onto the ice.
FRANCIS: I'll find him. I'll see him dead for Rowan and for all his victims. I promise you. You can go, assured of that. You deserve your own life far away from here. 
BASH: Maybe finally I can find something that's... my own.
FRANCIS: You will. You'll still be my brother. 

(Suddenly the King storms in)

KING HENRY: Francis! Why did you release Sebastian from the dungeon? 
FRANCIS: I just needed his help. 
KING HENRY: Well, now that he's here, we need to finish this once and for all. 
FRANCIS: Finish what? 
KING HENRY: Bash, when I told you to forget about Mary, I hoped you would listen to me. When I forced you to watch their consummation, my message was the same, but when I looked in your eyes that night, I saw the truth. You will always covet what your brother has. 
FRANCIS: Father, did you speak to my guards the night that Bash left? Did you order his execution? 
KING HENRY: Sacrafices must be made. 
FRANCIS: What has happened to you, Father? Have you lost all sense? 

(Henry is infuriated at this point) 

KING HENRY: Do not question me! Mark my words, he would strike you down to take what is yours. If he is a threat to you, then he is a threat to everything I want.
FRANCIS: He's your son.
KING HENRY: Scotland, England, a peaceful France. 

(The King pulls out a sword. Francis positions himself in front of Bash)

FRANCIS: Father, stop this. He's leaving! He's leaving for Spain tonight. 
KING HENRY: He said that before, and he's still here. You refuse to let Mary go. You haven't lisened to your king. When people don't listen to their king, when they have wax in their ears, drastic measures are needed.
FRANCIS: Father, you're wrong. He has let her go. He saved my life today.
KING HENRY: Don't get sentimental. You must cut down any threat... like a weed. 
FRANCIS: No. I've just explained to you. Your son is a friend to your realm. 
BASH: Francis, don't anger him. 
FRANCIS: He saved your heirs life, and pursued your enemies. If you harm this man... your son, you harm yourself. Do you hear me?

(Henry finally puts the sword down)

KING HENRY: I am pleased to see you two getting along again. I know just the thing to preserve this lovely harmony. If it doesn't work, this sword will take two lives tonight. 

ACT 6:[]

NOSTRADAMUS: The last person I danced with... was my wife. I was married once. I had... little children, so young, so sweet. In the mornings, when- when I wake up, sometimes, I'm- I'm still there, lying in that bed... with my wife beside me, the little ones whispering, laughing. When the plague came, I alone was immune. I couldn't save them. 
OLIVIA: I'm so sorry. This is why you dedicate yourself to your work? To saving others? You must know... you saved me. 

(Olivia grabs his face and kisses him gently)


(Greer stands outside in the frigid temperatures, watching as a group of people prepare to walk beyond the castle's walls.)

GREER: It's not how we imagined things, is it? Me with Lord Castleroy, and you with Lord Julien. 
LOLA: It's been a strange day. I don't know if it will work with Lord Julien, but, thank you. 
GREER: There's Leith. Please look back. Please.

(Leith turns around one last time, before he is lead away from the castle)


QUEEN CATHERINE (to Penelope): Where is he? Is it done? 

(Penelope holds the empty vial up for Catherine to see)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Well PenelopeI must say, I'm impressed. 

(Henry enters)

KING HENRY: Ah, there she is, My lovely queen. 

(Henry kisses Penelope)

KING HENRY: Now, Catherine, Penelope tells me you demanded she pour that vial into my wine.
PENELOPE: She threatened my life if I failed to give it to you.
QUEEN CATHERINE:' I did no such thing.
KING HENRY: Are you calling my queen a liar? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: This is nonsense. She's a servant girl. You're not well. She's taking advantage. 
KING HENRY: I have never felt better in my life. I'm in love, Catherine. I'm in love with Queen Penelope. 
QUEEN CATHERINE: She's not a Queen! She didn't even win that ridiculous contest. In the kitchen, they say she slept with the pastry chef to get the bean. Penelope, my crown. Now. 

(Penelope laughs at the Queen, angering her. She lunches forward to forcibly remove it, but Henry won't allow it)

KING HENRY: Listen. Carefully. If you utter one more insult to my queen, if you try to harm her in any way, I will have you drawn and quartered and your limbs fed to lions. And those you love shall suffer worse fates.  

(Catherine starts to become unsteady on her feet, seeing Henry as a moving blur)

PENELOPE: It was poison, wasn't it? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: What are you talking about?
KING HENRY: I wanted to teach you a lesson. So I had the contents of that vial emptied into your wine. You don't look well, darling.  
PENELOPE: I wanted to thank you, Catherine, for teaching me to think long-term. 

(Catherine starts to slip out of consciousness soon after. When she wanders into the hall, Mary greets her. 

MARY: What's happened? Are you all right? 
QUEEN CATHERINE: Oh, Mary. Mary, find Nostradamus. Henry's drugged me. 

(Catherine collapses to the floor and can't be stirred awake)

MARY: Catherine? Catherine! Guards!


FRANCIS: How is she? 
MARY: Nostradamus is treating her now. She fell into some sort of drugged sleep, but she's coming out of it.
FRANCIS: I'm going to talk to my father. 
MARY: Francis, wait. Your father-- he's not well. 
FRANCIS: I am aware of that. He got so angry at Bash that I thought he'd take his head off. He might kill him yet.

(Bash appears in the doorway)

FRANCIS: What happened? Did Father forgive you?
BASH: Not exactly. But he illuminated me on his solution. It's a bit of a horror show, actually. And you're both invited. Now. On pain of death.


PRIEST: And so, under the eyes of the Lord, we prepae to consecrate this blessed union with two sacred oaths. 
KENNA: You want me to say an oath? What abut your oath? You promised me someone with a title!
KING HENRY: Fine. Bash, I hearby declare you... the Master of Horse and Hunt. 
KENNA: What does that even mean?!
KING HENRY: Shut up and say the words.
KENNA: Please. This is marriage. It can't be undone once....

(Henry gets very angry and pulls out his weapon again)

BASH: I, Sebastian, take this woman to be my lawful wife... under the eyes of God, from this day forward. 


(In a castle corridor)

BASH: Take a dozen men each morning and canvas the woods. Any Pagan found with knowledge of the Darkness will be brought to me for questioning. 
GUARD; I don't take orders from bastards. 
BASH: Haven't you heard? I've been titled as the Master of Horse and Hunt. So, gather your horses and go out and hunt.
MARY: Are you all right? 
BASH: Well, I'm married to someone I don't much like. And I have to stay here and watch you love someone else for the rest of my life. 
MARY: Bash, you told me that your feelings for me were gone. 
BASH: I lied. You were right. I should never have come back.

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