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 Monsters is the sixteenth episode of Season One and it attracted 1.40 million viewers on its original airing.


BASH SAVES FRANCIS FROM DEATH — When Francis reluctantly agrees to help Bash uncover the threat in the woods, he ends in grave danger, with only Bash to save him. Meanwhile, the King Henry’s madness causes chaos when a servant wins “Queen for the Day,” and the King becomes obsessed with her. The King also forces a surprising, and unbreakable, union with a new couple at Court. Meanwhile, Greer gets caught kissing kitchen servant Leith, which threatens to ruin her. Mary, Lola and Kenna also appear.


The episode opens with a flashback of a cave in the woods where a young woman is chained to the walls. The young woman is quite terrified as a creature is seen coming in the cave. The flashback ends and Olivia wakes up in the chambers of Nostradamus who enters with food for her and asks if she has been having nightmares again and Olivia says that she will never get rid of her dreams as the darkness is not a part of her. Nostradamus says that when the body experiences a trauma that it’s hard for the mind to let go, and he begs her not to let her mind sabotage her as she’s ready to rejoin society. He notice that one of Olivia’s wounds has become infected and when he drains it he finds what looks like a tooth inside.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the castle in King Henry’s chambers he is sitting at his desk with the Marquis de Voe in front of him discussing a matter involving a Baron who won’t bend to his authority; however the King is quite distracted, and suddenly accuses the Marquis of not listening to him as he commanded him to return home and force the Baron to bend to his authority. Henry says that one of the main sources of his fury is people who refuse to listen to their King, and asks the Marquis if his ears are full of wax. The King then commands his guards to hold the Marquis down while he takes a candle and pours the burning hot wax in the Marquis’ ears as he screams in pain. Queen Catherine bursts into the room asking her husband what he’s doing to the Marquis; when Henry says that he’s teaching him a lesson she begs him not to do it this way, because the Marquis is a nobleman.

Henry commands the Marquis released and walks up to his Queen saying that he’s heard she has cancelled the Bean Queen celebration, but as she begins to say that it’s only a party Henry cuts her off by saying that he knows she’s trying to hide him from his court and in the same breath accuses her of trying to poison him too. The worried Queen assures her husband that she is trying to do nothing of the sort but that she is deeply concerned about him, and swears that what is wrong with him is nothing that has happened by her hand but that he is truly ill, and could do harm to himself or France. Henry cuts her off again and says that he merely has headaches that come and go and his mind is sharper than it’s ever been before; however the "queen of the bean" is his favorite event of the year, and he says that it will proceed as usual. Henry then walks away leaving Catherine looking very worried.

Elsewhere in the castle servants are scrambling for the throne room for the contest as Francis and Mary are coming also. Mary mentions how she doesn’t remember any such tradition of a servant becoming Queen for a day, Francis however says that this is because they were children, his mother hid it from them for a while, and his father tends to welcome the temporary “queen” in his bed if she happens to be pretty. Francis further says that the Bean Queen gets to wear his mother’s crown, the finest clothes and order servants around for the day; however by dawn she had 100 ducats and goes back to being a servant. He goes further as to say that it’s a tradition he prefers to avoid especially when Diane de Poitiers was at court, as to watch his father juggle: his mother, a mistress, and the bean queen always led him and Bash to go off a hunt. As servants continue to scramble for the throne room Mary comments that this contest is a welcome distraction as it will be the first time in weeks that no one as pestered her about giving Francis heirs, and Francis says that maybe he should pester her as he goes to kiss her, then Lady Kenna comes up and tells Mary that Lord Julian whom is a potential suitor for Greer arrived.

In the throne room there is a giant cake and slices are being passed out among the excited servants who have gathered for the contest to eagerly dig in their cake trying to find the bean. Greer is with her new fiancé Lord Julian discussing the contest while Mary, Lola, and Kenna admire him from across the room as he is quite handsome. Greer introduces him, and they chat about Lord Julian’s family being from Hungary and how he knows Greer’s family. Mary then happily gives her blessing on their engagement. Leith who is handing out the cake overhears this and talks with Lord Castleroy who seems happy to have him as his new apprentice in the spice trade. Mary pulls a pregnant Lola aside and tells her that the suitor she arranged for her has been delayed for several weeks; Lola is feeling despair as she is going to start showing very soon, but Mary assures her that she will find her a husband.

King Henry enters the throne room with his guards, and walks right by Queen Catherine and Nostradamus who comments that her plan to keep her husband out of sight has failed. The Queen says that no one else knows about the King’s madness except for Kenna and the Nobleman from Guyan, and she has given them both motivation to keep quiet; however there is no telling what Henry will do next. The Queen asks Nostradamus if he has found any explanation for his behavior; however he says that he has tested Henry’s food and drink for 3 days and could detect no poison of any kind. Queen Catherine is horrified as she realizes that her husband is indeed mad, and a mad King insights chaos and rebellion, but if their enemies find out about it then that could cause trouble for France. Nostradamus gives the Queen a potion which turns out to be a sedative that will help Henry; however she knows that Henry has 7 tasters and that she needs to figure out how to get it past them, so she suggests a Trojan horse. The Queen is interrupted by excited screaming by a servant who has found the bean in her cake. There is applauding as Henry approaches the lovely young kitchen maid who introduces herself as Penelope and he comments on how pretty she is. Queen Catherine walks up to them, takes her crown off and puts it on Penelope officially crowning her Queen of the Bean as everyone applauds and cheers as a litter is brought in and Henry helps her get on it as she is carried off.

Meanwhile Bash has returned asking to see his father the King; however guards pull their swords on him ready to kill him, but Bash puts his sword on the ground saying that he surrenders to the king’s mercy. King Henry appears none too happy that his son has returned from exile seeking his favor after killing Francis’ guards. Bash claims it was self defense and tries to tell him that the danger in the woods is the real reason for his return as Henry commands him to be taken to the dungeon. Francis and Mary come and observe Bash being dragged off and are shocked by his return; however Francis says that Bash had a chance to be free and he didn’t take it, he’s a liar and a murderer, and that he knows the real reason his brother is back and warns his wife not to let him get too close to her.

Later in the dungeons Mary goes to visit Bash who is chained to the walls and tell him that she has bribed his jailer, and a merchant to take him away and to the Spanish border. Mary also says that if Bash values his life then he will do as she bids leave court and never return. Bash refuses to leave and Mary asks what’s wrong with him as there are many who want him dead. Bash implies that Francis is one of those people as Mary jumps to her husband’s defense saying that he did not try to have his brother killed, though he could as Bash stirs up a jealously and bitterness in Francis that scares her. Bash says that Mary would be happier without him if she had married him and not Francis, but Mary tells Bash that there is nothing between them except her concern for him. Bash then admits that he’s back on behalf on a girl he met in the woods and wants Mary to hear him out.

Later that day Queen Catherine brings a fancily dressed Penelope into her chambers and explains the details of being Queen of the Bean which is basically experiencing the joys of being Queen but only for 1 day as come dawn she must return to earth. The Queen puts a necklace on Penelope as she tells her that she would like her to be the first queen of the bean to think long term, and if she proves herself trustworthy then they can be friends. The Queen proceeds to ask “Queen” Penelope if she has maintained her virtue reason being is that when pretty girls win queen of the bean they have a special encounter with the King. Catherine seems to be speaking from personal experience as she further tells Penelope of her husband’s extreme sexual appetite, stamina and how an encounter with him can feel like hours; however she says that she can help her and she gives her the sedative she received from Nostradamus telling her that it’s an "aphrodisiac" that will help her to please Henry.

Down in the dungeons Francis comes up on Mary and Bash leaving the cell, and he is not happy as he came down because he was worried about his brother and yet he finds him with his wife. Mary defends Bash says that he didn’t come for her, but Francis doesn’t believe this as Bash says that he’s back for the castle’s resources: horses, men etc. in order to seek and destroy the danger in the woods, and once this is done he promises to be gone. Francis inquires as to just what this threat is and Bash talks about the sacrifices in the blood wood, as well as the pagans who are dangerous, have threatened Mary, and are in service to a creature they call the darkness. Though Bash saw it with his own eyes Francis still doesn’t believe him saying he is as ignorant as the pagans, and asks Mary to leave them; however Bash thinks that if Francis doesn’t believe him then maybe he’ll believe Olivia.

Elsewhere in Greer’s chambers Leith comes into her room saying that he had to see her though they had already said their goodbyes. Greer stops Leith from saying that he loves her and he asks if: it’s because she’s engaged to a man she barely knows, because he’s rich and titled, because she’s high born, and because he’s kind to the servants. Greer points out that he is kind to her also and seems to be everything she ever wanted except he’s not Leith who then walks closer and pulls her into a passionate kiss, suddenly the door opens and a maid walks in followed by Greer’s new fiancé Lord Julian who immediately asks Leith who he is before Greer can say anything. Leith then spills to Lord Julian that Greer had no fault and that he did steal a kiss though she tried to refuse him. Greer tries to shut him up, but Lord Julian’s guards take him away and they leave the couple alone. Lord Julian has a gift for Greer that he was going to leave in her room as she says that it wasn’t Leith’s fault, but Lord Julian doesn’t think that this will make it better. Greer cries apologies as Lord Julian breaks off their engagement saying that while things like this may happen that they cannot happen with his wife, and he cannot have gossip like this surrounding his family. Greer pleads that she’ll be ruined if he doesn’t marry her; however Lord Julian wishes that he could, that he were a better sort of man who could look past this incident, and unfortunately for her he is not that sort. Greer is left in tears as Lord Julian places the gift by the door and leaves her alone.

Mary, Francis, and Bash are visiting Olivia in Nostradamus’ chambers to find out what happened to her in the woods. Olivia says that though she escaped through the tunnels during the castle siege in “Left Behind” she was found by the heretics. Bash asks Francis if now he believes him as this creature is the cause of the horrors in the woods which is a threat to the realm. Mary and Francis ask Olivia if she can retrace her steps back to the cave, but she can’t as all she remembers if a meadow lined with fir trees. Francis says he’ll gather his mean and go with Bash to the woods; however he is reluctant as he says the last time he was with Francis’ men they tried to kill him. For the last time Francis insists that he gave no such order and that Bash would’ve been able to find this out if he hadn’t slaughtered them, and that after he helps Bash fight off the darkness then he will personally out him on the next boat to Spain. Olivia then speaks up saying that they brothers can’t just kill this “creature” as it’s not some outlaw hiding in the trees but a creature from hell not a human, but then Nostradamus enters the room and declares that this creature is indeed human by showing everyone the tooth he pulled from Olivia’s wound.

Back in Greer’s chambers Lola and Kenna are now with her trying to comfort her as she is still devastated and ashamed that her actions have cost her Lord Julian. Greer however seems more upset about Leith’s possible punishment and admits that she loves him as Kenna tells her that she can’t love a servant. Greer then cries more as she is worried about the already spreading gossip and how this will ruin her family to where she won’t be able to face them again. Mary enters the room and hears Greer say that she has no future and is ashamed, but Mary tells her not to be. Greer then comments on the ladies: that they have brought Mary shame due to them following their hearts except Lola who says that there’s something they all should know.

In King Henry’s Chambers Henry is asking Mary why the Queen of Scotland is so concerned with the fate of a kitchen boy. Mary says that Leith saved many lives at the Siege and that for this his sentence should be reduced. Henry comments that this kitchen boy seems to have friends in very high places, because she is not the first to plead on his behalf as Lord Castleroy has already arranged that instead of prison Leith is to be set up for military service and departs for training tomorrow. Footsteps interrupt their conversation and it's “Queen” Penelope whom Henry greets happily, then removes his belt and tosses it aside. Mary takes this as her cue to leave, but Henry stops her bidding her to stay, and shocks her by asking her to give Penelope tips on how to “please” a ruler now that she is married to Francis and has consummated her relationship. Henry shocks Mary further by asking her to pretend that Penelope is Francis while he watches…Mary asks Henry if he is truly serious which he says he is indeed. Mary notices that this isn’t normal behavior for the King and asks His Grace if he is feeling well, and Henry replies that he is anointed by God as is Mary and all other royals, so with this what could possibly be wrong with them? Mary tells Henry that she knows what he’s talking about and asks to borrow Penelope as she has customs and clothes she’d like to share with her; however Penelope refuses and decides to stay with Henry as she shoos Mary out of the room.

Now alone Penelope talks to Henry about the gossip among servants that he likes “bondage” and suddenly she turns Henry into her sex slave by bounding him while pulling out leather straps, ties etc. Meanwhile in the woods Francis and Bash are in the woods searching for the darkness. Later in the throne room Penelope walks up to Queen Catherine who is sitting on her throne. The Queen asks of she gave Henry the “aphrodisiac” and Penelope says that Henry doesn’t need it as she produces the bottle and asks Catherine if it’s really Henry’s medicine to which Catherine replies that Penelope is a clever girl. King Henry begins to enter the room and Penelope boldly asks the Queen of France to get off her throne so she can sit down in her place. Queen Catherine looks a bit puzzled and confused, but she assumes Penelope is playing up her winning the contest so she smiles and gets up calling her a “stupid kitchen whore” as she walks away.

Mary walks into Lola’s chambers asking why she isn’t ready for the party as it has started. Lola cries that she can’t fit into her dress and that they are out of time to find Lola a husband; however Mary has a solution for Lola marry Lord Julian, and she tells her that it was Greer’s idea as she wants to help Lola move on too. Lola says that it’s not fair that Greer is punished while she is rewarded, but Mary cuts her off as she doesn’t mean to sound selfish or blunt but she needs this arrangement to work out for Lola and Lord Julian as her marriage to Francis is being threatened from all sides: Bash’s return has brought up jealously and mistrust and now Lola pregnant with her husband’s child about which Mary is worried Francis will find out. Lola calms Mary by telling her that she understands and never wants to be a threat to her happiness with Francis, and that she will do her very best to marry Lord Julian and quickly.

Meanwhile back in the woods Francis and Bash are walking in the snow when they spot footprints that lead to a patch of snow, but when Francis goes to investigate something he sees in the snow he goes to a spot where the ice is too thin and he falls through causing Bash to take off running to where he fell thorough the ice. Bash calls for his brother as he uncovers him under the ice pounding on it as he needs air; he tries to break the ice and is unsuccessful as Francis floats away he follows the flow and finally breaks the ice with his sword as Francis comes into view and he is able to pull him from the ice. Unfortunately Francis is blue and not breathing and Bash cradles him begging him to live.

That night back at French court there is merriment in the throne room and Henry now sits on his throne with not his wife but Penelope by his side. Kenna and Greer enter the party as Henry walks up to them and congratulates Greer on her encounter with Leith as it’s the most interesting thing he has heard about her. Kenna comes to her defense chiding him for saying such an awful thing; however Henry tells Kenna that she should be grateful as now people will stop talking about her. The ladies join Mary and tell her what Henry said to them as Kenna calls him a monster who is heartless and cruel then walks away. Greer tells Mary that at least Henry was cruel to her face as she can hear the snickers behind her back. Mary thanks her for what she has done for Lola thought it can’t be easy, Greer comments that she had her chance and blew it, but Mary isn’t sure as she spots Lord Castleroy entering the party.

Greer and Lord Castleroy have a conversation and she thanks him for getting Leith into the army and he remarks that he didn’t do it for Leith, but he did it for her. Greer is most confused as to why this man would still seek her favor despite the growing gossip that surrounds her, and Lord Castleroy tells her: that she has a good heart and he’s too rich to care what people say, what he cares about is Greer, and while he knows that he’s not the man of her dreams a marriage would silence all rumors. Greer says that it’s not that easy, but Lord Castleroy tells her that the world is cruel and will be cruel to the next sweet girl who opens her heart to someone most people don’t even see. Greer says that she sees his kindness as Lord Castleroy humbly proposes to her and asks her to accept which she does. Nostradamus enters the party and Olivia comes up to him and he comments on her beauty while she says that it was time for her to rejoin polite society. Olivia asks him to dance with her but he denies her offer and leaves.

In Francis’ chambers he is alive and sitting by the fireplace trying to get warm when Bash comes in to check on him. Francis says that he feels lucky to be alive, and that if not for Bash saving his life he would’ve died under the ice. Francis asks if that was wise of him since Bash believes he tried to have him killed, and if so why would he risk his life for Francis? Bash simply replies “You’re my brother” Francis is happy to hear this and asks if Mary knows that they are back, Bash says that she does and that the guards found the cave in the woods covered in blood, but no signs of this creature; however Francis swears to find him and see him dead for Rowan and all his victims. Francis tells Bash that he deserves a life of his own far from court as he says that maybe he can find something that is his own; Francis says that he will and that they will still be brothers.

King Henry suddenly bursts into the room more than a little angry that Bash is out of the dungeons and asks why he was released to which Francis replies that he needed his help. Henry however says that this matter needs to be settled once and for all, and proceeds to say that forcing Bash to watch Mary & Francis consummate their marriage, and sending him away had the same message: to stay away from Mary, but he won’t listen and therefore will always covet what his brother has. Francis asks his father if he ordered the guards to kill Bash the night he left, Henry answers by saying that sacrifices must be made. Francis asks his father if he has lost all sense as Henry snaps “DO NOT QUESTION ME!” and swears that Bash would strike Francis down to take what is his. Henry further says that if Bash is a threat to Francis then he’s a threat to everything he wants: England, Scotland, and a peaceful France suddenly he pulls out his sword as if he is going to kill his own son; however Francis stop him by saying that Bash is leaving tonight but Henry isn’t buying it as he refuses to let Mary go, Francis then says that Bash has indeed let Mary go, and saved his life this day.

Henry still wants to kill Bash still seeing him as a threat, so Francis once again steps in between the sword and his brother telling his father that Bash is a friend to the realm, his son, and the one responsible for saving the life of his heir, and if Henry harms him then he will be harming himself as well. Francis and Bash watch deathly frightened as their father lowers his sword, says that he’s pleased to see his sons getting along again, and that he has just the thing to preserve this harmony and while pointing it at them says that if it doesn’t work then his sword will take 2 lives this night. Later that night Olivia joins Nostradamus on a balcony and the two have a tender moment where Nostradamus says that the last person he danced with was his wife, and how he couldn’t save his family from the plague. Olivia offers her sympathy as he says that he was immune to the plague and she realizes that the tragedy with his family is why he dedicates himself to his work and saving others, and then they share a kiss. Elsewhere on another balcony Lola, and Greer watch as Leith leaves to start his training in the army.

Inside the castle Queen Catherine enters the chambers of her husband to find Penelope there and she asks where Henry is and if the task she gave her was done. Penelope shows her the empty bottle and the Queen tells her she is impressed when Henry enters the room exclaiming “Ah, my lovely Queen!” Catherine thinking he means her walks up to him as he pushes past her and to Penelope whom he kisses while his wife looks on in disbelief. Henry then tells that Penelope informed him of Catherine’s order to pour the vial into his wine, Penelope then lies through her teeth saying that the Queen threatened her if she didn’t do it. Queen Catherine says that she did no such thing; Henry asks her if she is calling his “Queen” a liar? Catherine thinks this is just nonsense as Penelope is a servant girl, and she believes that this servant is taking advantage of her husband. Henry counters by saying that he’s never felt better in his life and that he’s in love with “Queen Penelope” Catherine then bursts out “SHE’S NOT A QUEEN!” and says further that the talk among the servants is that Penelope did not win the contest, but slept with the pastry chief in order to get the bean.

The angry Queen then demands that Penelope give her back her crown Now! However before Catherine can lay a finger on her Henry grabs her wrist and threatens that if she insults his “queen”, if she tries to harm her in anyway then he will have her drawn & quartered with her limbs fed to lions, and says that those she loves will suffer a worse fate. The horrified Queen by now is stumbling about a bit, and her vision is getting blurry as Penelope says that maybe that vial had poison in it after all; when Catherine asks what she’s talking about Henry says that he wanted to teach her a lesson so he had the contents of the vial emptied into her wine. Henry and Penelope laugh as he comments sarcastically “you don’t look well darling” then he leaves with Penelope who thanks Catherine for teaching her to think long term. Queen Catherine is now stumbling more and more as she makes her way to the door, and sees Mary who is walking her way. Mary stops dead in her tracks at the sight of Catherine as she can tell at once that something is wrong and asks if she is all right. Catherine can barely stand up as she stumbles up to Mary and gasps to find Nostradamus as Henry has drugged her. To Mary’s horror her mother in law collapses unconscious in her arms. Mary tries to wake her up but can’t and she yells for the guards.

In Francis’ chambers Mary walks in and at once he asks about his mother. Mary tells him that Nostradamus is treating her as she fell into a drug induced sleep, but she’s coming out of it. Francis goes to leave ready to talk to his father but Mary stops him saying that his father is not well, and Francis is aware of this as he thought his father would take Bash’s head off in anger, and how he might kill him yet. Bash then enters and Francis asks of their father forgave him…Bash says not exactly but Henry has come up with a solution that’s going to be a bit of a horror show, and that they are both invited to come immediately on pain of death.

In the throne room a priest is standing in front of a couple preparing marriage vows, and the couple is Kenna and Bash. Francis, Mary, Greer, Lola and Nostradamus along with a recovering Queen Catherine are watching this wedding. Henry is forcing them to wed and Kenna is not happy as marriage is before God and cannot be undone, plus she reminds him that he promised her a husband with a title so Henry names Bash “The Master of Horse and Hunt”. Kenna asks what in the world this means and cries that this is marriage before God and can’t be undone, but Henry tells them to shut up and say the words, and when she protests further a barefoot Henry jumps up with his sword and commands that they say the words. Bash then says the wedding vows to Kenna as she sobs.

The episode ends with a newlywed Bash then walks up to a group of guards commanding them to search the woods and that any pagan found will be brought to him for questioning. One guard replies that he doesn’t take orders from bastards, but Bash uses his new title on them and says to take their horses and go hunt. Mary comes across Bash and asks if he’s all right. Bash says that he’s married to someone he doesn’t like much, and he has to be at court and watch her love someone else for the rest of his life. Mary thought Bash’s feelings for her were gone but he admits that he lied and that Mary was right as he should never have come back to court.


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