Monique Ducasse is the wife of the newly titled Lord Ducasse. She made her first and only appearance in Coronation.

She is portrayed by Diana Cofini.

She is part of the House of Ducasse by marriage.

Season TwoEdit

In Coronation, Along with her son and husband she attended a celebration at French Court. Where she met the King and Queen. She stood by her husband while he discussed the transaction of grain. When her son makes a mistake by calling Mary 'mam' instead of your grace, she quickly corrects him.


She is a very quiet and appropriate woman. She is also very concerned with society's standards by quickly correcting her son when he called the Queen mam. She did it so fast it was almost out of fear and nervousness.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Monique Ducasse is a woman presumably in her mid to late twenties whom has long dark brown hair. She has dark brown eyes and a fair complexion. Due to her recent title she wears very extravagant and lush dresses paired with large jewellery.



  • Francis and Mary talking to the family of Ducasse

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