Well I suppose you're going to have to teach me Portuguese.
Mary to Tomás in Kissed

The relationship between Mary, Queen of Scots and Tomás, the heir to the Portuguese throne. They were engaged by a deal made to save Mary's country when France was not helping.

Season OneEdit

Mary and Tomás first meet in Kissed when Mary has gone up a tree to recover Charles ball when Tomás and Greer walk up to her. While Mary is still in the tree is when they first talked to each other. When Mary is trying to save her kingdom she hears of a deal Tomás is making with France for wood she decides to talk to him about a deal with Scotland instead in exchange for soldiers to protect the Scottish-English border. Instead Tomás proposes marriage to her. Proclaiming that if she accepts he will send soldiers to Scotland and that he is being proclaimed legitimate by his father making the marriage worth it for Mary. 

Later at the party they are dance together were after Mary reveals to her current fiancé Francis the proposal and that she is seriously considering it to save her country. Later that night outside Tomás again tries to convince her to marry him. After talking to Francis he tells her that she should accept Tomás' proposal because it is what's right for her country. Reluctant Mary walks up to Tomás' room and tell him he will have to teach her Portuguese. They are then seen outside Tomás then holds her hand as they watch the Portuguese ships leave for Scotland..



  • They became engaged in the episode Kissed after a deal made to save Scotland.
  • Tomás reveals his controlling side in Hearts and Minds when he gives Mary a whipping boy and treats her as if she were his property.