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The relationship between Mary and Kenna.

Season OneEdit

Mary and Kenna are reunited in the Pilot.

In A Chill in the Air, Kenna tells Mary that Olivia is staying, the servants are unpacking her bags in the West Wing. Mary doesn’t believe it, she thinks it is a mistake. Kenna leaves, and Queen Catherine, approaches Mary. She reveals to her that Kenna is sleeping with the King, Mary is shocked, and she had no idea. Mary calls Kenna out and asks her if she is having an affair with the King. Kenna confesses and reveals that the King has asked her to be his official Mistress, which means she no longer has to take orders from Mary.

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In Chosen, Mary warns Kenna that her new position as the King's Mistress might be risky. She also takes a moment to once again, more eloquently now that she’s sober, caution her about what she’s getting herself into. Kenna asks that Mary not assume she’s an idiot.

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Mary hugs Kenna

In Left Behind, when trapped in the castle by Count Vincent, Mary saves Kenna whom is being harassed by Count Vincent's men. Vincent comes in and says that soldiers need their fun. Mary begs him to take her Scottish ladies up to her quarters. He agrees if she and her company will come down for the feast. He promises they won’t be harmed and she tells him she’s grateful for his protection. At the feast, Mary tells Vincent she’s feeling breathless. She tells him embarrassed that her corset is too tight. He tells her she can retire until she regains her breath. She says her ladies will attend her and leaves the room. Mary knocks on the panel but Olivia doesn’t answer. In the hallway, one of Vincent’s men comes upon Mary and her ladies and says that Vincent sent him to find them. Mary says they were just on their way back.