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"Mother, it's been so long..."

-Margot to Catherine de' Medici in All It Cost Her-[]

Princess Margaret of Valois, also known as Margot,is[1] the daughter of Catherine de' Medici and Henry II. She is the younger half-sister of Clarissa and Sebastian, the younger sister of Francis, Louis, Elisabeth, Claude, Charles, Henry, Henrietta and Emone. She is portrayed by Rebecca Liddiard.


The Consummation[]

Catherine is irritated by the menu as prawns are being served. She mentions her youngest daughter (Margaret) is allergic to them and can't eat prawns.

Terror of the Faithful[]

In Terror of the Faithful, Bash is having a conversation with Catherine. She shows him her bible, which contains all of her children's names, including Margaret. Seconds after, Catherine tells Bash she loves all her children, even the ones who didn't survive. She names Louis, Henrietta and Emone as the children who died during childhood, meaning Margaret is still alive.

Acts of War[]

In this episode, Claude mentions how her mother loves her other sisters more then her. Since she says sisters it is most likely she means Elisabeth and Margaret, since Claude doesn't have any other living sisters.

All It Cost Her[]

After getting advice from Emanuelle who saw the future of France. Catherine visits her youngest daughter Margot (Margaret) after years. Margot is surprised to see her mother after so long. Catherine invites her to return home, saying she is needed by her mother.


  1. When Catherine sums up her deceased children in Season 2, she only includes Louis, Henrietta and Emone.