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Madeleine is Charles' ex-fiancée, and they were to be married on her 14th birthday. Madeleine is not of royal blood, but was born as a French noble.

She is portrayed by Canadian actress, Vanessa Carter on Reign.

Season One[]

Madeleine makes her first and only appearance in Snakes in the Garden, when she arrives in France and first meets with Charles and Mary.

In For King and Country, due to Mary taking the throne from Francis by marrying Bash, the line of succession is broken and changed therefore Charles will no longer be in line for the throne and not marry Madeleine.

After Mary chooses to wed Francis in The Consummation, Madeleine becomes re-engaged to Charles.


Madeleine is mad when Charles doesn't recognize her voice while playing a game with other children.


  • Historically, Charles was engaged to Elisabeth of Austria and not Madeleine.
  • She has a giraffe.



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