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Your majesty, we have waited a long long time for you to rise.
Lord McKenzie to Mary Stuart in Liege Lord

Lord Kenneth McKenzie was a minor character who served King James V of Scotland and fought with him at the Battle of Solway Moss before his death. He was then entrusted by Mary Stuart to deliver news of the secret contract to Scotland.

He made his first and only appearance in Liege Lord and was portrayed by actor Andrew Airlie.

Early Life[]

He fought with James V in the Battle of Solway Moss, in which he described as being Hell on Earth.

Season One[]

In Liege Lord, Lord McKenzie was in France securing a business deal to get wool for his soldiers uniforms, when he got an invitation to Mary's party which is what brought him to French Court. When at the party he was told by Francis that his Queen requested a meeting with him, Mary tells him about the secret clause in her wedding contract. She asks him to tell everyone when he returns to Scotland. He accepts, lowers his sword and bows to his Queen. He tell her he's waited a long time for her to rise. He later goes outside and asks Liam where he's been and asks him if he wants to join he and the other men at the brothel. Later at the brothel he is slaughtered at the command of Catherine de' Medici.


He is a lively and outspoken man not afraid to tell his Queen what he really taught. He was also a trusting and loyal man fighting along James V and trusting Mary.

Physical Appearance[]

Lord McKenzie was a man in his fifties. He had sandy blonde hair that was beginning to turn grey. He had a grey scruffy beard and moustache. He dressed in traditional Scottish clothing consisting of a kilt when he was at the celebration.



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