Lord Ducasse is a recently titled Noble who has lands that grow grain. He made his first and only appearance in Coronation.

He is portrayed by Cyrus Lane.

He is part of the House of Ducasse.

Season TwoEdit

In Coronation, Lord Ducasse is in the works of making a deal with Francis to provide grain for the nation. At first he was willing to do so regardless of his fear of Lord Narcisse, which Francis promised he would protect him against.

Later that night however, his son disappeared and he was told to meet Lord Narcisse, who had his son sitting on the balcony with a guard ready to push him off. Not wanting to risk the life of his son, he quickly withdrew from his deal with Francis to supply grain.


Lord Ducasse is a very kind and caring man. He's also brave considering he was willing to go behind Narcisse's back to supply grain to France.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lord Ducasse is a man probably in his late twenties to early thirties. He has dark brown hair and a scruffy beard of the same color. He has dark brown eyes and a pale complexion. Since his new status as a lord he dresses in very detailed clothing and fabrics.



  • Francis and Mary talking to the family of Ducasse

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