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This article is about the Reign character Lord Darnley you may be looking for the Historical figure Lord Darnley.
I'm thinking of you. Of carrying on your legacy.
Lord Darnley to Mary in Playing with Fire

Lord Darnley is one of the main characters and main antagonist in the final season. A nobleman with a blood-claim to the English throne, he became Mary's second husband, a union which could take down Elizabeth, giving the couple not just one nation, but two. He is also the ex-lover of Lady Keira and the father of Mary's child.

Early Life

His father was originally Scottish but later betrayed the Scottish for the English. He has a blood claim to the English throne.

Throughout the Series

Season Four

Lord Darnley makes his first appearance in With Friends Like These.


Darnley is kind, charming, and breezily confident. However, his strengths are overshadowed by his blinding ambition and focus on self-preserverance, which he reinforces throughout the series. And although he appears to be confident, he is shown to be very insecure, particularly in his lack of real power. Since he is the King Consort, he feels as though he is not Mary's equal but her underdog, which bothers him and he resorts to expedient ways of gaining power, to the point where he actively works against Mary and her people.

In Coup de Grace, Mary described Darnley as "not a complex man". She said that all Darnley ever needed and wanted was to be loved and respected. Darnley confirms Mary's belief by repeating it throughout the series.

Physical Appearance

Darnley is a tall man, likely in his late twenties. He has short brown hair and a stubble. His eyes are blue.


Mary Stuart: They married for political power since Darnley have relative bloodline to both of England and Scottish throne, which pose a threat to Elizabeth. Darnley and Mary loved each other for the time when Kira was away and married. But after Kira came back, he had an affair with her and Mary said she will presume with the marriage, but Darnley will be her husband in name only.

Lady Keira: She was Darnley's lover. However, Darnley's mother Lady Lennox managed to destroy their relationship and Keira ended up marrying a Lord. Later, Keira travels to Scotland secretly to be with Darnley. She was to be escorted out of Scotland by Mary's brother, James, but dies after accidentally getting hit by a frightened horse. It was later revealed that she was also ill with a fever.



  • He is Mary's half-cousin, as they share a grandmother, Margaret Tudor. Margaret married in 1503 to James IV, and their son was Mary's father. Margaret married for the second time to Archibald Douglas, and their daughter was Darnley's mother.
  • He was named Henry by his mother, who named him after her uncle, Henry VIII.
  • His mother, Margaret Douglas, was once chosen by Mary I to be her successor instead of Elizabeth I or Mary.
  • His full name is Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.
  • His claim to the English throne is through his mother and his claim to the Scottish throne is through his father, Matthew Stuart.


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