I prefer friends with more between their ears than chiffon and puff pastry.
Lady Barnard to Kenna in Coronation

Lady Barnard tried to bribe Kenna and Sebastian not to prosecute her husband for murder. She made her first and only appearance in Coronation.

She is portrayed by Kathryn Alexandre.

Season TwoEdit

In Coronation, she pretends to befriend Kenna offering her things. What she is really doing is bribing Sebastian through his wife Kenna. So that he will not prosecute Lord Barnard for murder. At first her plan doesn't seem to work until she threatens Bash's life to Kenna.


Lady Barnard is a very manipulative woman who will go to any length to get what she wants. Regardless of this nature however she cares deeply for her husband and will go to those same lengths for him. Proving that she is also very loyal to the people she's aligned with.

Physical appearanceEdit

Lady Barbard is a woman who is presumably in her mid to late twenties with long dark brown hair. She has dark brown eyes and a pale complexion. Due to her status as a lady she wears very extravagant gowns and jewellery.



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