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The relationship between Kenna and Henry II. It follows Kenna, Mary's lady-in-waiting and the King of France, Henry having an affair.

Season OneEdit

In the Pilot, when Mary, Queen of Scots arrives it is seen that King Henry is looking at Kenna. After watching Elisabeth and Philip II consummate their love after their wedding ceremony, Kenna gets sexually aroused and goes to a hidden place to touch herself. The King appears behind her and starts to touch her. Kenna likes it and they start kissing but they soon stop.

In Snakes in the Garden, Henry approaches Kenna and asks if her blush is from the sun or from him. He tells Kenna he’s been thinking about their last interaction, and wishes that they could have continued. He is not concerned with Kenna’s need to keep her virtue intact, that he wants a woman and not a maiden.

In Kissed,

In Hearts and Minds, Kenna goes to meet Henry and she starts to kiss him but is soon stopped. Kenna then looses her virginity to the King at the end of the episode.

In Fated,

In Chosen, Kenna awaits Henrys return for her to be named The Official Mistress. Henry comes back with Diane and ignores Kenna. Kenna confronts Henry who tells her she is his official mistress and the two have sex. Kenna is given the Kings chambers and redecorates

In Dirty Laundry,