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Kathryn "Kat" Prescott (born June 4,1991) is a British actress who portrayed Penelope on Reign.

Personal Life[]

Kathryn is six minutes older than her twin sister Megan. In providing her "Top Ten Playlist" on the Skins official website, Prescott named Röyksopp, The Cardigans and Metallica as her favorite music. She and her twin sister Megan went to St. John's Senior School for secondary education before they went to separate schools thereafter. In response to a fan's question on her official website, Prescott revealed that she would prefer to not label herself regarding her sexuality, and that 'labels are for cans' (following rumors regarding the homosexuality of her character in Skins), but does not believe that "people are defined by their sexuality", suggesting that "it doesn't change who you are as a person". Following another question, she revealed that while she is not 'strictly' a vegetarian, she is wary of what meat she consumes.


In July 2008, Prescott and twin sister Megan appeared in an episode of soap opera Doctors, playing twin sisters Amy and Charlotte Wilcox in "Dare, Double Dare, Truth". Beginning in early 2009, Prescott played Emily Fitch in series 3, 4 and 7 of Skins, with characters known as the "second generation". Prescott stated on her official website in March 2010 that she had a role in the pilot of Goth. Prescott is also now starring as Carter Stevens/Lyndon Wilson on MTV'S Finding Carter.



Year Title Role
2011 Lethal Michelle
Counting Backwards Kelly
2012 Triptych Kate
2013 Dregs Zoe


Year Title Role
2008 Doctors Amy Wilcox
2009-2010, 2013 Skins Emily Fitch
2010 Goth Katie
2011 Monroe Jennifer
Lee Nelson's Well Good Show Pregnant Girl
2012 Casualty Ruby
Bedlam Cass
2013 Being Human Natasha
2014 Reign Penelope
2014-2015 Finding Carter Carter Stevens

Music Videos[]

Year Song Artist Role
2013 Love Bites The Midnight Beast Zombie Girlfriend



  • When she is asked about her sexuality she replies "Labels are for cans".
    • She said "it doesn't change who you are as a person".
  • She is not 'strictly' a vegetarian but she is wary of what meat she consumes.
  • She is the fraternal twin sister of Megan Prescott who is younger than her by 6 minutes. She also has a younger brother.
  • She has 14 piercings; 6 in her left ear, 4 in her right, lip, tongue, and in her belly button.
  • Her star sign is Gemini.
  • In 2013, she appered in a music video for The Midight Beast - Love Bites, she played the 'Zombie Girlfriend'.
  • She has a series called Finding Carter which was on MTV. Click here to go to the wiki.