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Jean is a wet nurse at the French Court who took care of and hid Isobel Derant's daughter.

She is portrayed by Jeanie Calleja.

Season One[]

In Sacrifice, Mary and Bash entrust Isobel's Daughter to Jean's care. Jean took her to be kept hidden from Catherine with other children. They tell her its because the baby was born out of wed lock.

In Inquisition, She meets Mary and Bash in the wine cellar and tells them that she's been keeping the baby well hidden in the stables. She later meets her mother Agnes at the stables to give her the baby for her to bring to her home for a few days. Before bringing the baby to live at a convent. When she gives the baby over to Agnes Catherine comes into the stable and see's the pagan mark on the baby's foot. Since Catherine saw her and knows that she can tell her where the baby is being taken. She and her family torture Jean into giving them the information that they wanted.


She is a very caring and responsible person seeing as she is a wet nurse and the one that Mary and Sebastian chose to take care of the baby and bring it to safety.

Physical Appearance[]

Jean has brown hair, brown eyes and a pale complexion. She also dresses in the typical peasent clothing.



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