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I don't mind getting the heel of my shoe bloody.
Hortenza to Mary Stuart in Higher Ground

Hortenza de' Medici was an Italian noblewoman and cousin to Catherine de' Medici. She made her first and only appearance in Higher Ground and is portrayed by Canadian actress Shauna MacDonald.

Hortenza was a member of the House of Medici.

Early Life[]

She once had a romantic relationship with Henry II, but he eventually left her and decided to marry her cousin Catherine, which Hortenza was still bitter about.

Season One[]

In Higher Ground, Hortenza arrives at court along with Roman, while Roman is greeted warmly by Catherine, Hortenza is treated coldly by the queen and she equally does the same. She came to court to take back a group of soldiers she lent to Catherine.

Later she joins Mary Stuart to tell her that Catherine has been kidnapped, if Mary wanted to do anything. Because the Medici's don't negotiate with kidnappers. Later that night she is confronted by Mary and they talked about the guards and Catherine. She threatens Mary not to accuse her of the slaughter at the brothel before leaving. Mary frames her as the one responsible for the kidnapping, and has her severed head delivered to Queen Catherine.


  • Hortenza is a feminine name, and is a form of the French name Hortense; which comes from the Latin meaning "gardener" .


Hortenza was a strong, cold and manipulative woman who would stop at nothing to get what she wants accomplished. She told Mary that it didn't matter who she would have to kill or destroy to get what she wants.

Physical Appearance[]

Hortenza has dark brown hair in which she wore in an updo. She was a woman in her early forties with blue eyes and fair skin. Like a woman of Noble class she dressed in extravagant gowns displaying the wealth of her family.


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