Leith: Say you'll marry me or we are over.

Greer: I can't. I'm so sorry.

Leith and Greer in Fugitive

The relationship between Greer and Leith. Greer met Leith when she was making some orders in the kitchen. They trade barbs, going back and forth, before Greer insults him by asking who would read the list to him if she leaves it like he requests. She then learns from Nostradamus that she will fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face and she does not know it is Leith. After being betrayed by Mary of being proposed by Tomás, she is comforted by Leith. She goes on to tell him about her purpose in France, needing to raise her family through marriage since she is not noble herself. He questions this, asking if love is not an option, to which she informs him it might not be. He then kisses her, which she eventually pulls back from saying she that nothing can happen between them. Some time later, she eventually gives in and begins a secret relationship with him.

In the second half of the first season, their relationship is discovered by her fiancé, Lord Julian and he ends their engagement and Leith is sent into the army. Lord Castleroy comes to Greer's rescue and she becomes engaged to him. After Leith saves Francis during battle against the English, Francis rewarded him of nobility though he could not give him a title. Leith returned to the French Court hoping to marry Greer but she refuses, continuing to stay with Lord Castleroy.

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  • Leith was Greer's first kiss.
  • Leith tried to get Greer's marriage to Aloysius Castleroy annulled so that he can legally marry her.
  • Greer told Leith that she is still very much in love with her husband.