Gabrielle is one of the women trained by Catherine to be part of her Flying Squad. Her mission was to seduce Christian de Guise and gain information from him. She made her first and only appearance in Long Live The King.

She is portrayed by Canadian actress Brittany Gray.

Season OneEdit

In Long Live The King, She was first seen attending the welcoming back of the French soldiers from the Siege of Calais. She was later kissing Christian de Guise in his chambers when Mary Stuart interupted them. She asked him if he wanted her to return later and she declined. Then telling the servant girl to return. Telling Mary she would be better than one of Catherine's spies.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gabrielle is a woman in her early twenties presumably. She has long blonde hair and light grey eyes. She wears alot of fancy clothing since she is basically taken care of by Catherine.


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