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This article is about the Reign character Francis III, Duke of Brittany you may be looking for the Historical figure Francis III, Duke of Brittany.

Francis III, Duke of Brittany was the older brother of King Henry II who died at the age of eighteen after collapsing during a tennis match. He made his first appearance in Liege Lord when Henry has a vision of him. He was part of House of Valois.

He was portrayed by actor Brendan Cox.

Early Life[]

Francis III was raised to be the next king of France. Until at the age of eighteen he collapsed during a tennis match after drinking water that his younger brother, Henry II had poisoned. Henry did this so he would become the next king of France instead of him/

Season One[]

In Liege Lord, while in the throne room Henry suddenly see's a vision of his brother holding a tennis racket.

In No Exit, Henry yet again has a vision of Francis looking at him.

In Toy Soldiers, Henry again has a vision of his brother while in his room.

In Slaughter of Innocence, When Henry was on his death bed he again had a vision of his brother and asked him for forgiveness. Just before he dies he saw his brother hold out his hand for him.

Physical Appearance[]

Francis had light brown hair and brown eyes. Whenever he appeared to Henry he was wearing tan pants, a white puffy shirt and was holding a tennis racket.



  • He was credited as "Tennis Boy".
  • Historically, it is said he died of natural causes.
  • His godfather was Pope Leo X (Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici). Leo was the great-uncle of Catherine de' Medici.

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