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Safe voyage, Queen Catherine.
Francesca to Catherine in Inquisition

Francesca de' Medici is an Italian cousin to Catherine de' Medici. She makes her first and only appearance in Inquisition and is portrayed by Canadian actress Nancy Palk.

She is a member of the House of Medici.

Season One[]

In Inquisition, Francesca and Pietro arrive at court to tell Catherine that under their pressure the pope refused to see Henry II to have their marriage annulled. Also telling her that because of this Henry has accused her of adultery and plans to have her killed for treason. Telling her that she will make sure that any charges against Catherine a disputed fairly and that they arranged for her to leave the tower.

Later that day Francesca and Pietro join Catherine outside to interrogate the wet nurse about information on the pagan baby. When Jean refused to give them any information on the location of the child. They tortured her and eventually received the information on were the baby was being kept.

Later that night both she and Pietro go to tell Catherine that she has disgraced the family and gives her a poisonous seed to end her life instead of facing the executioners block. Telling her its a kinder way to die and then leaves court.


Francesca is a  strong and determined woman. Although she is close with her family when she realized Catherine could not be saved she handed her poison as a means of compassion but it also shows that she is cold as she also had no problem torturing a young woman to get what she wanted.

Physical Appearance[]

Francesca is an older woman with grey hair in which she always kept in a bun. She has blue eyes and pale skin and is very tall for a woman. She dresses in fancy and lavish clothing since she comes from the wealthy Medici family. She also displayed this by wearing large pieces of jewellery such as earrings and necklaces.



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