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For King and Country is the ninth episode of Season One. It attracted 1.74 million viewers on its original airing.


CATHERINE CONSPIRES TO HAVE MARY ELIMINATED — When Mary and Bash are captured and forced to return to the castle, they discover Catherine waiting and even more determined to keep Mary and Francis apart. Francis learns of the prophecy, but his determination to wed Mary changes everything: in love in politics, tearing the bond of brothers apart, and hardening Catherine's resolve to destroy Mary at any cost. Kenna and Lola also appear.


The episode opens with two riders on horseback who turn out to be Mary and Bash, and are being chased by the King’s guards. They eventually come to a cliff and realize that they are trapped, with the guards closing in on them they take hands and jump into the water.

Back at French court the guards are telling Henry that their search for the missing Bash and Mary have turned up nothing; but Henry refuses to believe that they have just “disappeared” saying that his son has many talents but magic is not one of them, and he orders the guards to leave and keep looking for them. Queen Catherine enters the room saying that Bash and Mary have been gone for a week, that the guards will never find them, and that Francis has returned from his own search determined to find Mary. Henry tells her that Francis is going to be determined to find Mary as she is his fiancée, Catherine remarks that this was until she ran off with his brother so she’d call that engagement off; and Henry then inquires of his Queen as to exactly Mary ran off.

Queen Catherine says that maybe Mary had been cheating on Francis with Bash for months; Henry doesn't buy it and demands for his wife for once to spill the truth about why Mary being wed to their son strikes such fear into her “black heart” the Queen partly admits that Mary is dangerous, and also in danger as the English do and will always hate her, that the English hatred will become more so if Mary lays claim to their throne as Henry insists. Catherine then admits her feelings that Mary will bring destruction that will reach the land and hearts of France.

Henry tells Catherine that the marriage of Francis and Mary is not her decision, and if he finds out that she had anything to do with Mary running away with Bash that he’ll have grounds to execute her. Catherine says that she has grown weary of his threats, and Henry comments that he grew weary of her a decade ago and all he needs is cause to get rid of her and perhaps this time she has given it to him.

In Francis’ chamber he is removing his travel gear as he has just returned from searching for his fiancée and brother. His mother bursts into the room and tells her son that he can’t just run off like that for days at a time. Francis remarks that he had guards with him that he could trust who don’t answer to his mother, and that the only reason they’re back is because there was a sighting of a girl barely 10 years old who “looked” like Mary.

While her son is washing his face they get into a discussion: that few people in France have laid eyes on Mary that she has money to buy passage and silence, as well as Bash to navigate for them, that Francis will never find them and why would he want to? He says that he wants to know why she left, his mother asks him if he inquired this of Mary, he says that the reason she ran off was because she couldn't trust him to put her interests above France, his mother says that he’s right and that she knows that he will be an extraordinary King, but Francis says that Mary made an excuse and he doesn't believe her, Catherine says that Mary is a liar then and asks why her son would want this woman? Francis snaps that he loves Mary despite everything she’s done, and because he senses his mother’s hand in this situation.

Later that day, it’s nighttime and we see a cottage in the woods lit up inside which turns out to be part on an Inn. Inside Mary and Bash are discussing whether the innkeeper believed their story that they were attacked by bandits, if Catherine knew about Diane’s plot to have Bash legitimized, that Diane never should have done this behind Henry and Bash’s back, and that everyone is surly angry with them. Then Bash insists that they get undressed for bed so that their clothes can be dried for the morning. Mary tells Bash to turn around so she can undress, he does but sneaks a peak at her.

There is then knocking at the door and it’s supposedly the innkeeper with fresh linen; however Bash has Mary hide under the bed, and good thing because it turns out that there are guards at the door looking for Mary. Bash lies and tells them that he has left the Scottish Queen in Calais; however they do not believe him and the guards take Bash and pin him to the table saying that while they have been ordered to bring Bash back to Court alive the King said nothing about his fingers, and they hold a knife to his hand giving him one last chance to spill about Mary’s location; Mary reveals herself and comes out from under the bed and commands the guards to unhand him as he is under her protection, but the guards aren't having it and they take Mary and Bash.

At French Court its morning and the guards have arrived with the fugitive couple, Bash is taken to the dungeon and Mary turns around when she hears Francis’ voice. They approach each other as Francis asks about his brother and if Mary is alright. Mary tell Francis that nothing has changed, however Francis counters that much has changed: the night before they woke up in each other’s arms and he promised to stand by her forever against anyone even his father, and by sundown she’d run off with his brother. He demands to know what happened; she tells him that when her friend died her heart broke giving this as the reason for her leaving, Francis wants to know how Aylee’s death made her decide that she could not marry him and demands an honest answer stating that he deserves at least that since he was willing to give up everything for her.

A guard approaches them and tells Mary that she is wanted in the throne room; Mary goes before Henry and Catherine, and Mary tells them that she is there on behalf of Bash, and to make peace in the wake of her decision not to marry Francis. Henry tells her that what she can do is marry Francis as was originally agreed since their engagement was a treaty set in place when they were very young, lay claim to England and say that she was overcome by nerves. Mary refuses to do this, and Henry offers to negotiate with her instead and calls her out on her fondness of Bash saying that people saw them in bed together Mary says that this is a lie, but tells Henry to ruin her as she could give a damn about her reputation in France, and that Scotland will believe their Queen. Henry tells Mary that if she does not honor the treaty and marry Francis and lay claim to England then he will execute Sebastian, and she can watch him bleed to death on her wedding altar.

In Mary’s chambers she is changing clothes when Queen Catherine enters the room and commands the maids dressing her to leave them alone…Now! Catherine tells Mary that she should never have come back to court, Mary says that she couldn't leave Bash to suffer alone, and the Queen tells Mary to say that she and Bash are already married that on the road they grabbed a Priest and said their vows in a cow shed. Henry won’t override a union sanctified by God; however he can kill Bash out of anger if he hears this. Apparently Henry has been talking with Mary’s mother as Catherine gives Mary a letter which says that Marie de Guise and Scotland want her to go after England and marry the next King of France without delay. Mary says that she must tell Francis about the prophecy and convince him why she believes Nostradamus. Catherine tells her that Francis will fight her with logic, reason and his relentless love for her in order to convince her to marry him, and that deep down Mary knows that she is right.

Nostradamus goes down into the dungeon and visits the “castle ghost” and gives her a rag doll that he made for her. Then Francis runs into Mary who wanted to meet him, and she tries to explain about why she left him due to the prophecy and that she could not bear losing Francis that she wanted to save him. Mary reminds Francis that she and his mother would do anything in the world for him, and she will not lose him; Francis dismisses the prophecy as superstition and tries to convince Mary to marry him just as Catherine predicted, because he loves her so deeply.

In the throne room Mary comes before Henry and Catherine and Henry asks her if she is going to wed Francis or watch Bash die….she tells him neither but that she will wed Henry’s son but not Francis….Bash, Catherine looks horrified as Mary suggests that Henry legitimize Bash so that she can marry him; however Henry offers to make Bash a Duke or Earl etc. Mary refuses saying that she needs to me married to the man who controls the armies of France.

In Henry's chambers Henry and Catherine are quite alarmed as Mary is talking about changing the line of succession to the French Throne: Henry would have to convince the Pope to annul his marriage to his very determined Queen, their children: would be deemed bastards, out of the line of succession forever, and possibly fall prey to Bash if he is the King. Mary leaves the King and Queen alone as they have much to discuss and think about. Catherine tells Henry that what Mary proposes would cost her everything: her marriage, her crown, and the legacy of their children together. The Queen then goes into a mini rant about “those bitches”: Mary, her friends, that “parasite” Diane and the lot of them. Henry asks what his mistress has to do with any of this. Catherine tells him about Diane and her secret plot to have Bash legitimized behind Henry’s back, and when he asks her how she knows this she admits that Kenna came to her and told her about the plot, and that she confronted Diane and made her leave court.

Back in Mary’s chambers she is talking with Kenna, Lola, and Greer about her plan to marry Bash in order to save Francis. Kenna asks what if Henry marries Diane and she becomes Queen? She then reveals that she thinks that Diane was behind Aylee’s death, because the poison tea she drank from was delivered to Kenna first and then she saw Diane’s cat drinking it from the smashed cup in Aylee’s hand, and then she found the cat dead in a corner. Kenna then said that Catherine and Diane would stand to profit from Kenna’s death.

While the Queen is talking with one of her guards Mary bursts into her chamber demanding to know if she poisoned her lady; Catherine is disgusted that Mary would have the nerve to burst into her private chamber in such a manner, Mary persists in her questioning. Catherine denies that she poisoned Aylee as she had nothing but fondness for her; however Mary tells about the cup of tea that was delivered to Kenna and wound up in Aylee’s hands. Catherine tells Mary about how Kenna came to her telling her and blabbed about Diane’s plot to have Bash legitimized, and that she saw a chance to get rid of them both; she admits that she gifted Diane with some poison to see if she would actually try and kill Kenna before she left the castle. Since the poison was Catherine’s Mary begins to think that she did this on purpose; however Catherine says what reason would she have to kill Aylee? Mary says to make her believe Nostradamus’ prophecy as he had a vision of one of her ladies dying. The Queen says that Nostradamus told her of no such thing, and that he takes no pride in the misery of others or in the horrors he sees. She also says that Nostradamus knows that she probably would have killed one of Mary’s ladies trying to prove the prophecy to her.

Queen Catherine swears on her immortal soul that she is telling the truth. She then tells Mary to leave for Scotland, and promises that with her extensive connections she can ensure that Mary finds a proper match. Mary seems tempted but declares that she can’t make this happen in time. Queen Catherine looks horrified as she says that this can’t be happening to her: Mary gets a King, and 3 kingdoms under her rule and she loses everything that means something to her: her marriage, crown, and possibly her children. Mary counters that she is losing the man that she loves that she is saving the Queen’s son that she has made her sacrifice, and now it is her turn to do the same. Mary turns to leave as she says that she must tell Francis of her proposal to wed Bash before someone else does. Catherine however tells Mary that she may have already mentioned it to Francis.

Mary runs into Francis’ room and he’s not there, immediately we see Francis enter Bash’s cell in the dungeon, Mary runs off for the dungeons as Francis goes after Bash and begins beating on him telling him to get up, and asking him why he stole Mary, saying that he took advantage of her, and how long has he hated him? Mary enters the cell and pulls Francis off of Bash, and says that she is the one who proposed marrying Bash and him being the new heir to the throne of France, but that she only did it to save him. Francis is rightly furious telling Mary that she is setting the course of nations by: having the Pope say that her marrying Bash is God’s will, that she is taking his inheritance from him, his family, his mother, his brothers, and he’s just supposed to accept this. He tells Mary that she is throwing away everything they had for superstition, and that Nostradamus knows nothing. Francis loves Mary dearly but he will never forgive her or Bash.  

As Francis storms out Mary turns to Bash who is understandably upset asking Mary when was she going to tell him about the proposal; before or after the coronation? He says that he never wanted his brother’s crown no matter his mother’s plan. Mary asks will he take it to save Francis.

Queen Catherine enters Nostradamus chamber, and demands to know why he didn’t tell her about his vision concerning Mary’s ladies. He says that it was because she would have killed one of them. They then discuss getting rid of Bash and Mary by having them killed, leaving a note of goodbye to the ladies, and then burying their bodies deep in the woods. Later Henry, Bash and Mary are in an underground meeting room discussing the marriage of Mary and Bash. Henry sees that the Vatican supports Mary’s claim to the English throne, and that Bash is not prepared for power; Henry also agrees to Mary’s terms, and admits that he has been more of a father to him than Francis, and that this news will crush him as Bash has betrayed his own brother. Mary inquires as to what is to be done about the Queen as she will not give up her crown easily and she backs down from no one….Henry simply says that he can handle his very determined strong willed wife.

Then Queen Catherine enters her chamber and is horrified to find her guard hanging from the ceiling as Henry and his guards come for her and Henry tells her “You’re next” the guards drag the frightened Queen to the throne room where Henry tells her that it’s best if she remains standing. The nervous Queen asks if her own husband is going to execute her himself Henry tells her that he is trying very hard not to kill her for the things she has done; Catherine knows that Henry has had her followed, that she hired the now dead guard to kill Mary, and that when Henry dies the throne of France will go to Mary and Bash; however if they have no children then the throne will revert back to Francis, Charles and Henry Jr. Henry thinks that Catherine will have him killed in order to eliminate the final “obstacle” and “hasten” things along maybe with a stray arrow or a hunting accident. The Queen says that she would never try to kill her husband; however Francis enters the room and says that he knows that his mother would kill anyone and everyone in order to protect him and keep him on the throne in hopes that he would also protect her, but the Dauphin admits that his first business as King would be to execute his mother if she harmed anyone in the room: Bash, Mary, or Henry, and that this insanity with her has to stop.

Francis turns to Mary and tells her that the future he has seen of them together was that he would have given up everything to spend his life however long at Mary’s side, but she has seen a future without him and that is what she has chosen. Mary tells him that he knows why it’s the only choice, but Francis says that it’s her choice. He then turns to Bash and admits that he has envied his brother for so long but now the tables have turned as now Bash has Mary and the throne of France, and Francis has Bash’s freedom and he plans to take full advantage of it. Before he leaves Francis looks at Bash and Mary as he says “Long may you reign” Queen Catherine looks horrified as her son leaves the room.

In Mary’s chambers she is in her night gown getting ready for bed when the maid enters and announces her “Majesty the Queen”…Catherine enters the room, but Mary makes the maid and guard stay and shut the door. Catherine says that Mary is arming herself against her, and is she really that frightening? Mary counters with “Am I stupid enough to find out?” She inquires about what the Queen wants as she tells Mary that she must be very pleased with herself, but Mary tries to soothe Catherine by saying that she takes no joy whatsoever in what this is costing her; however Catherine says that this situation is costing her more than her crown…her life as the simple annulment of her marriage won’t be enough for Henry, and he needs to kill her and he will find some reason to do it. Mary suggests that she leave France, grant herself a happy life, and that Henry will let her live if he gets what he wants. Queen Catherine looking truly heartbroken tells Mary that “Happiness is the one thing Queens can never have.”

The next morning Mary and her ladies are at the exit door waiting for Catherine discussing that the story behind her leaving is that she is visiting her aunt who is a nun meaning that she will be spending the rest of her life at a convent but she will be safe there. Catherine comes out to a few loyal servants and Nostradamus as she prepares to leave; however she is caught by Henry who knows that her unlimited wealth and resources make impossible for him to let her leave or be out of his sight. She realizes that her husband plans to hold her prisoner until he’s back from Rome as the guards take her away she calls Henry a “Whoremonger” and he calls Catherine a “Devil” The episode ends with Mary and Bash looking out of a castle window talking about the path they are about to take and what could possibly arise from this situation. 


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