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ACT 1:[]


(Francis and Mary wake up in each other's arms, with the sun streaming through the window. Francis lies awake, stroking Mary's bare arm)

MARY (rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes): It's morning.
FRANCIS:  I know.

(Mary freaks out a bit, but Francis tries to calm her nerves)

FRANCIS: If the servants are gossiping about your unmade bed, it is too late to rectify the situation.

(Francis starts kissing Mary all over and she giggles loudly)

MARY: Do you think we're being too reckless?
FRANCIS: I'm yours. You're mine. I hope you're pregnant.
MARY: Francis!
FRANCIS: It would force the wedding sooner. How could my father argue it?
MARY: You don't think what we're doing is wrong? As we are not wed yet?
FRANCIS: After we rule for a great long while, and we leave France and Scotland to our children, and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren, and we meet our maker, you can ask him yourself.

(The pair start kissing again and sink back into the bed until they hear a knock at the door, which causes them to cover themselves with their blanket)

MESSENGER: Forgive me, but there's word for you....from the Holy See.
FRANCIS: The Pope?
MESSENGER: The cardinal from the Vatican is in the throne room.

(The messenger bows and leaves, leaving Francis and Mary alone again)

FRANCIS: Or you could ask him now.

(They laugh and pull the covers back up over their heads)

FRANCIS: As the word of God is back at court.


(The King has returned to court after the heist of the castle, that saw Kenna beat up, Mary almost raped, Francis almost kiddnapped, and several dozen men dead)

KENNA: You can be honest. I'd gladly trade pain for respect.
KING HENRY: Aren't you in enough pain? Aren't I, seeing you like this?
KENNA: You've barely been by my side.
KING HENRY: You need to rest.
KENNA: 'Cause you've been with her.

(Kenna is speaking of Dianne, the King's first mistress)

KING HENRY: Kenna, please.
KENNA: I hear the rumors. I ask the servants. Diane's been seen in your room.
KING HENRY: She gives me counsel. She's my friend. Can we please forget about Diane?
KENNA: Can you? Henry.

(The King is very agitated with Kenna. He looks away from her, hoping she'll drop it)

KENNA: Henry, please look at me. Tell me the truth. Tell me that you love me.
KING HENRY: I can't let her go. I'm sorry. You wanted honesty. I came back to the horrors of this attack. A stranger with an old vendetta who came to destroy my line.
KENNA (raising her voice): They came for your sons, but they attacked me because of my association to you. Because you made me your mistress. I nearly died because of you, and you choose this moment to tell me that you want her?
KING HENRY: I don't know if she's a habit, or a crutch, but I need her.
KENNA: I've given you everything. My virtue. I'm... I'm destroyed.

(Tears stream down Kenna's face)

KING HENRY: Oh, that's simply not true. Kenna, when we started this, you knew I had a wife and a mistress. Perhaps it was overreaching on both our parts to assume that I was capable of.... exclusivity.
KENNA: So, this is it? You're through with me?
KING HENRY: That's not what I'm saying at all. We can continue. But if you ask me again to choose between you and Diane, I'll choose Diane.


(The whole lot of people at court have all gathered. Bash finds his mother and pulls her aside)

BASH: Does the cardinal's visit have anything to do with you, with your plans for me?
DIANE: No. I would know in advance, and the communications have taken place in the utmost secrecy. Legitimization takes time.
BASH: I don't want my brother's job.
DIANE: Even if the job gets you the woman you want?

(Francis and Mary begin walking down the same corrider)

PERSON 1 (to Mary): Your Majesty.
PERSON 2 (bowing): Your Majesty.

(Diane sees Bash watching Mary)

DIANE: She may care for Francis, but Mary will wed the next king of France.
BASH: That's no way to win a woman.
DIANE: It worked for him. Why not you?

(All of the people start to congregate in the throne room, where Henry and Catherine are preparing to propose a toast)

KING HENRY (to the crowd): God bless us all.

(The King takes the Queen by the hand, with the cup in the other)

KING HENRY: There is news sent to us by Cardinal Tesson, the papal emissary. In England, the Tudor queen is dying.

(The room erupts in murmurs)

CARDINAL TESSON: While she has not named her successor...

(King Henry cuts the Cardinal off and finishes the sentiment)

KING HENRY: many suspect, and believe, the rightful heir to the English throne is you, Mary Stuart.

(Mary's face goes completely blank. While the rest of the crowd applaudes)

KING HENRY (Henry approaches Mary and takes her by the hand): The second England's queen dies, you will make your claim. Your marriage to my son will strengthen that claim, as it will show the world that you have the might of France at your side. France fulfills its promise to Scotland and to you. It's time you and Francis are wed.
QUEEN CATHERINE (mumbling to herself): No, you can't do that.

(Henry walks back over to his throne and proposes yet another toast to the entire room)

KING HENRY: We must celebrate. It's God's will.

(Meanwhile,  Nostradamus has a vision of Francis falling to his knees, Clarissa removing her face mask, frost melting from a window, and Mary's ladies all gathered around a dead body, while Mary cries hysterically)

KING HENRY: Do you hear me? It's God's will.

(The King goes over to speak with the Cardinal and another man with him, while Francis and Mary speak quietly)

MARY: Am I understanding this right? That a new condition of the alliance of our marriage is that I deliver England to you?
FRANCIS: My father wants it.The Vatican's support makes him think he can get it.
MARY: Elizabeth has support, as well. Armies she's been gathering for years. You realize what laying claim to England could cost me?
FRANCIS: Yes, I do. It could cost you your head.

ACT 2:[]


KING HENRY: When the English Queen dies, so does Henry the VIII's line. You are his next relation by blood.
MARY: Elizabeth is Henry the VIII's daughter.
KING HENRY: By Anne Boleyn. Her parents' marriage was never recognized by the Catholic Church. She's... illegitimate. Her claim is weak, at best. In God's eyes, she doesn't even exist.
QUEEN CATHERINE: How convenient God has this opinion, as Elizabeth happens to be Protestant.
KING HENRY: The Pope doesn't want to lose a nation to Protestantism. Can you blame him?
QUEEN CATHERINE: A Scottish queen on the English throne? A daughter born of one of Henry's wives, dismissed? There will be uprisings, wars. Catholics against Protestants, neighbor against neighbor.
MARY: England against Scotland.
FRANCIS: And Elizabeth against Mary. Have you thought about that?
QUEEN CATHERINE: They say she's very cunning, and that she has many followers.
KING HENRY: And she's always perceived Mary as a threat. She will come after you, whether you've reached for the crown or not. As for strife, civil wars, England will never be weaker. What better time to strike? If they push back, if there are wars, we will win.
MARY: You hate them.
KING HENRY: England tore into my country for half a century. They spilled French blood on French soil. Yes... I hate them. You can make them ours. Together, you will some day rule half of Europe. England, Scotland and France. Don't let fear keep you from greatness. This is your destiny.

(King Henry takes the Queen aside and quietly, but sternly issues her a warning)

KING HENRY: I want my son married to England's next queen, because I want England. You cost me England, and I will kill you. Are we clear?

(In typical Catherine fashion, she says nothing)


(Bash stands overlooking the grounds. His mother comes to chat with him)

BASH: I know. It's over. Did the Vatican tell you?
DIANE: They don't need to. There's no way the Church can support a bastard's claim to the throne in France when it's crushing a bastard's claim in England. I'm sorry.
BASH: I'm not.
DIANE: It was wrong of me to dangle her in front of you, to play with your feelings.
BASH: Don't.
DIANE: You can't want her... even in secret, even in your heart. Francis will see your desire for her. You told me yourself, he already has.
BASH: He forbade me from her.
DIANE: And what effect did that have?
BASH: You and Francis-- you talk as if Mary's a cool glass of water, and I'm a man dying of thirst.
DIANE: And it's only our talk that makes you thirsty? Do you know why I warn you, why Francis has? Because there's a thirst inside her, as well, for you. Keep your distance from her. No one is worth dying for.


(Kenna has come to Diane's chambers to speak with her about her ongoing relationship with Henry.She sees a servant outside, so she speaks to her)

KENNA: You there, are these Diane's chambers?
SERVANT: Yes, my lady, but she's not in at the moment.
KENNA: Well, tell her that the king's mistress would very much like a meeting.

(Kenna goes to leave, but before she can, someone mistakes her for Dianne, easy considering the fact that she has a hood over her head)

FATHER RONISSI: My lady, I'm glad to have found you alone.
KENNA:  Do I know you?
FATHER RONISSI: I'm Father Ronissi, and you, as I just heard, are the king's mistress.
KENNA: How do you do, Madame de Poitiers? You're younger than I imagined. I'm the priest who has been answering your letters.

(Kenna is dumbfounded, but she doesn't reveal her true identity. She plays along instead)

FATHER RONISSI: To the Vatican? About your son, Sebastian.
KENNA: Sebastian?
FATHER RONISSI: Of course you would want him recognized, but you must realize, with the Pope's blessing of Mary and Francis' wedding, his desire to service the faithful of England... that your efforts must stop.
KENNA: Mine... and the king's?
FATHER RONISSI: The king is completely unaware, as you'd requested. I hope you understand.
KENNA: I'm beginning to. I mean... of course. Thank you.


(Hand in hand, Francis and Mary enjoy the weather outside the castle walls)

FRANCIS: Are you breathing easier now?
MARY: I still don't want to go back to the castle. They'll want answers.
FRANCIS: My father didn't pose our marriage as a question, but I will. Do you want this?
MARY: I want you, but I'm afraid. I don't want to start a war. And what if my efforts fail? What if no one supports my claim in England?
FRANCIS: Every Catholic will. I know you want time to sort this out, to assess what France and the Vatican can offer. And maybe we have time before the English queen dies, before you have to stake your claim, but we are a separate issue. And this is our chance, right now, to be together, without anyone or anything, standing in our way.
MARY: What are you saying?
FRANCIS: Marry me. And we'll figure out what you should do with England later.
MARY: You mean trick your father, the King of France, into believing that I agree with him?
FRANCIS: Yes. We should deceive him. It's for a very good cause.
MARY: And you won't pressure me later about England?
FRANCIS: I'll pressure you, and listen to you, and argue with you and love you until the day I die. Together, we'll decide what is right, as husband and wife.

(Francis drops down to one knee and takes her by the hand)

FRANCIS: Marry me. Say yes.
MARY: Yes. Yes!

(They kiss one another and Francis picks her up and twirls her around in his arms. They then run back to the castle, laughing and holding hands)

ACT 3:[]


(The Queen is seen putting some strang substance on the bars of her bird's cage, she is interrupted though, as after the legitimization revelation, Kenna goes to tell the Queen of Dianne's plans. She barges in, followed by a guard)

GUARD: I am sorry, Your... Your Majesty. Lady Kenna said you would be expecting her.
KENNA: I need a moment alone. It would be in both of our interests for you to hear me out.

(The Queen sees her busted lip and bruised face)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Oh, God, you look terrible. I feel for you, but if this is about Henry, you can't imagine how little he interests me at the moment.
KENNA: It's also about your son. I can save him immeasurable pain.

(The Queen asks the guard to leave)


(He, of course, obliges, bowing and leaving the two of them alone)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Is this about the wedding?
KENNA: The wedding? No, it's about Diane.

(The Queen rolls her eyes, without even turning from her chair to face Kenna)

KENNA: Why do you allow her to live here? Why do you agree to coexist?
QUEEN CATHERINE: She means nothing to me, not anymore.
KENNA: Why, when she took what's yours, what's now mine?

(The Queen finds this statement very annoying, but this time, she turns to look at her)

KENNA: What does she have over him? And why shouldn't we use information that I have over her?
KENNA: I think Diane plans to have Bash legitimized.

(Catherine gets up out of her chair and moves closer to Kenna)

KENNA: Behind your back, behind Henry's. It could cost France everything.
QUEEN CATHERINE: How do you know this?
KENNA: I was on my way to her room to confront her.
KENNA: I don't know. Beg her to give me a chance, I suppose.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Oh, dear lord, you really are a child.
KENNA: I was mistaken for her. That's when I learned of her efforts to have him recognized by the Church. What else could that mean? Her plans have come to naught. That's what the emissary told me.
QUEEN CATHERINE: He adores Bash, and obviously, he loves Diane.

(The bird falls from the perch of its cage)

QUEEN CATHERINE: But he won't like this news, not now. Not with England in play. She's rattling the line of succession, just when France needs to look very secure. And undermining existing rulers? Well, some might call that treason. She could be executed for this.

(The Queen takes far too much joy in the possibility)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Would that take care of your Diane problem?
KENNA: No, that's not what I want.
QUEEN CATHERINE: And yet, you could live with it.

(Kenna says nothing, but the look on her face says it all)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Ah. Go. I'll see what I can do with this information, and how it might benefit me.

(Kenna bows and leaves, allowing the Queen to go back to her work)


(She now notices tthe bird lies dead at the bottom of its cage)



(She and her ladies gather to discuss all that has happened during the day)

GREER: We're so happy for you.
MARY: Lola, what about you?
LOLA: I'm pleased. I-- I just...I want you to be safe. I want you to be sure. England's an enormous risk. Are you taking that risk for us, your people, or for the man you love?
MARY: My duty is to Scotland, and soon, to France. I will make the decision that my conscience dictates. Francis knows that.
AYLEE: But the king's orders...
MARY: What the king doesn't know won't hurt him.

(Clarissa has been listening in on their conversation from the passageways)

AYLEE: He'd defy his father for you?
MARY: For us, for his people. He's a good man. I'm going to marry him tomorrow night.
GREER: Tomorrow?!

(The girls shrike in excitement and shock)

GREER: But what... what will you wear?
AYLEE: Well...well, what about your mother? She won't be here.
MARY: Well, I have all of you. You're my real family.

(Greer runs off to get  fashion accessories

GREER: Mary, come. Let's try different things with your hair.
AYLEE: Up or down? What do you think?
LOLA: Depends on the veil.

(The girls all giggle)


(The Queen meets her friend to discuss killing Mary once again)

QUEEN CATHERINE: My son doesn't believe that the future can be seen. He thinks it's his and Mary's to control. I've tried to drive her away. I've tried to destroy her reputation, his love for her. I've terrorized her.
NOSTRADAMUS: Don't do this. She is an innocent.
QUEEN CATHERINE: No, she's his equal in every way. He loves her, she loves him. What more could I want for my son except his survival?
NOSTRADAMUS: There is another way.
QUEEN CATHERINE: There is no other way except to remove the very source of the problem.
NOSTRADAMUS: Francis will know, no matter how you hide your treachery. He will never forgive you.
QUEEN CATHERINE: He can hate me for the rest of his life. God willing, it's a long life.
NOSTRADAMUS: If Francis won't listen, tell her. Tell Mary the truth. Tell her everything.
QUEEN CATHERINE: What, so she can tell others? The court, the king? So we can burn for your dark magic, as heretics? And for what, Nostradamus?
NOSTRADAMUS: The chance of changing her own fate. Of saving the man she loves.
QUEEN CATHERINE: And if I can't convince her?
NOSTRADAMUS: Then there is no saving her, is there? From the content... of the bottle in your bag.

(He opens the bag up, revealing a bottle of poison, which she began crafting when she spoke with Kenna earlier, the same poison used to kill her bird)

NOSTRADAMUS: But if you kill Mary, we will burn anyway. In the fires of Hell for all eternity.

(Nostradamus has his hands on the bottle as well, but Catherine jerks it away and storms out)


(The Queen took Nostradamus up on his suggestion, that she speak with Mary before trying to kill her. The Queen has called a meeting with Mary)

MARY: What do you want?
QUEEN CATHERINE: You and I have been through a great deal together. I've come to respect you. Do you think I'm a stupid woman? Easily fooled?
QUEEN CATHERINE: And what about Nostradamus? I know that he's told you about your future. Do you believe him?
MARY: I believe his words have weight, that he has certain insights. What does any of this matter?
QUEEN CATHERINE: Nostradamus believes that some day you will be the cause of Francis's death. That your marriage seals this fate. He's seen the future. If you wed my son, it is very dark.
MARY: This is madness. Everything you've done to drive me away has been based on...on some glimpse of- of a future? A future, that no one can know.
QUEEN CATHERINE: No one except him. What Nostradamus sees comes to pass, I can assure you over the years. Brutal storms, newborns dying. Love and war, treachery.
MARY: This is mere superstition.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Henry would call it worse. If you tell the king what I've done, and why I've done it, he'd have grounds for my beheading. He'd have Nostradamus killed without a second thought. I give you a very powerful weapon against me, because I trust you won't use it. Instead, you'll do what needs to be done.
MARY: And what is that?
QUEEN CATHERINE: Walk away from this marriage, from Francis.
MARY: A man I love, an alliance that my country needs.
QUEEN CATHERINE: He will die if you marry him. I know that I'm asking you to sacrifice, but if you believe, at all...
MARY: I don't. I don't believe any of it.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Be very sure of that. Think about anything Nostradamus has ever told you, anything he's ever predicted. Has it come to pass?

(Mary says nothing, but she doesn't deny it)

MARY: Have you told Francis about this?
QUEEN CATHERINE: He won't believe me.
MARY: He deserves at the very least to know what you believe.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Oh. Is that really why you would share the prophecy with him? Or is it so he could talk you out of your fears? Because he will. Is it so he can choose his own fate? Because you know he'd risk his life for you. He loves you, and you love him, but that love must make you strong, not weak.

(The Queen walks from the windowsill and puts her hands on Mary's shoulders and shakes them)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Please don't let it kill him, I beg of you.

ACT 4:[]

(Mary goes to speak with Nostradamus about the Queen's warnings)

MARY: What did you see? Of Francis?
NOSTRADAMUS: What would make you believe? And you must believe a little, or you'd have run straight to Francis, or to the king.
MARY: You told me once that the lion would fight the dragon in a field of poppies. There was truth in that.
NOSTRADAMUS: Yes, I did. But that's not your real question. Ask it.

(Mary clearly wants to ask, but she remains quiet.)

NOSTRADAMUS: Can the future I see for you and Francis be changed? Yes, it can.
MARY: By any other means than letting him go?
NOSTRADAMUS: No. All images of Francis' death are tied to your union. You will be blamed for the death of the queen's firstborn. You will blame yourself, most of all. I see Francis, barely older than he is now, cold to your touch. You are wed but childless. Alone at this court. Without a friend to comfort you.
MARY: Stop. You're cruel.
NOSTRADAMUS: Do you think I want to see these things? Do you think I want to tell a mother her son will die? So much sacrifice, so much slaughter.

(Steps can be heard approaching them, as Nostradamus looks down, avoiding eye contact with Mary)

NOSTRADAMUS: One among you, a girl, dead in a day's time... Do you think..

(Kenna is the one who was heard coming into the room. She interrupts them)

KENNA: What do you mean one among us?
MARY: Kenna. Don't listen. This is meant to scare me, not you.
KENNA: You said one among us. A girl.
NOSTRADAMUS: Yes. A girl. I see your ladies, circled around. I don't know who. But one among you will die before the next frost melts.
MARY: You said that some fates could be changed.
NOSTRADAMUS: Not this one.

(Kenna and Mary storm out and head back up to their chambers)

GREER: None of us will die. It's nonsense. Nostradamus said I'd fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face. That never happened.
LOLA: Have you fallen in love at all? You disappear for hours. Where do you go?
AYLEE: He said I'd never go home again. It haunts me still.

(Kenna unsucessfully tries to comfort Aylee)

GREER: That was his intention. Nostradamus likes to scare people. He's the queen's watchdog.
LOLA: Well, we can't trust her. Maybe this is her last attempt to keep you from Francis.
MARY: Or she was trying to keep me from Francis to save his life. I don't know if there's any truth to this prophecy, but... the queen and Nostradamus seem to believe what he's saying.
AYLEE: What do you believe? You said you couldn't sleep for days after you saw Tomas' banner unfurl. And it was a dragon, as Nostradamus predicted.
MARY: The lion and the dragon will fight on a field of poppies.
AYLEE: The lion being the English that Tomas' soldiers sailed off to confront.
GREER: Sailors. On the sea. So where was his field of poppies?
MARY: You're right. But Tomas fought his real battle, the one he fought himself, in the forest.
AYLEE: There were poppies everywhere at that time, all through the woods.
MARY: Where Tomas was slain. By Francis. And Bash.

(Still not convinced, Mary goes to the stables to speak with Bash, who is grooming a horse)

BASH: You know how Tomas died. And, yes, there were poppies there. In full bloom.
MARY: That's an odd thing to remember.
BASH: The mind focuses on small things when faced with the larger horror of taking a life.
MARY: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up. To tell the truth, I- I'm probably just looking for connections that aren't there.
BASH: To what end? Did Nostradamus tell you something you hope is true?
BASH: I've known him many years. He's right more than he's wrong. And when he's wrong, I often wonder if we... misinterpreted what he said, and he's too cautious to argue otherwise. Tomas' symbol was, in fact, the dragon. Self-important but self-chosen.
MARY: And the lion was the English, of course.
BASH: As I said, Tomas chose his own symbol. That's what we bastard-born do, as technically we belong to no one.

(Bash stops grooming the horse and goes to show Mary his sword)

BASH: Allowing me... to choose the lion for myself.

(On his sword, on the blade, there is a gold lion etched into it)

MARY: Is this the sword you fought Tomas with?
BASH: A fight to the death. In a field of poppies.


(She and Henry are making love passionately. As they finish, they roll around in the sheets for a bit)

KING HENRY: Well done.

(He puts on his robe and gets up to leave. Meanwhile, outside of the room, the Queen is gathered around with a group of women, looking at various plates of food. The Queen sees Henry leave Diane's room and she goes to speak with her. She busts through the doors without knocking, scaring Diane)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Dear Diane, Henry will be back shortly with your glass of port, your apples and salted biscuits. It's such a lovely routine the way he insists on taking care of you himself.
DIANE: What is it you want?
QUEEN CATHERINE: I didn't think I wanted anything from you. I didn't think it was possible. As you have become such a certainty. And here's another: Henry strays from you to a young girl and then gets bored and returns to you. I don't know how you do it.
DIANE: Because I love him for who he is, not what he can give me.
QUEEN CATHERINE: No, I meant I don't know how you can put up with it. I put up with you, the public humiliation, because at least, in private, I don't have him grinding on top of me. Perhaps I'm saving us both some discomfort.

(Catherine picks up Diane's clothing and tosses it to her)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Get dressed. And go. I know about the legitimization.

(Diane goes to explain herself, but the Queen stops her)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Don't bother trying to deny it. I have ties with the Vatican who can confirm it, but... (laughing) do you know how I learned? Kenna. She was mistaken for you, in your younger years. She was very badly beaten and she looked terrible. You won't look so good yourself if word of this leaks out.
DIANE: You love your son, too. You would do anything for him.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Yes. I would. But this I'm doing for myself. Because I'm anxious of late. You could say that my son's wedding has me unnerved.
DIANE: Because you can't control his future wife. A Queen.
QUEEN CATHERINE: I've given her some counsel. I am eager to see if she takes it.

(Catherine is pacing around the room, not having realized she is speaking to Diane about Mary and Francis)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Look at us. We're talking like old friends.
DIANE: We've known each other for a long time.
QUEEN CATHERINE: This acquaintance is about to be terminated.

(Catherine tosses another item of clothing at Diane)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Disappear. Make up any excuse, but do not come back. If you do, I'll tell Henry what you've done.
DIANE: He'd understand. He adores Bash.
QUEEN CATHERINE: He might have understood if your timing had been better. Henry's fondness for anyone is eclipsed by his love of power. He wants England, and he's getting it when Francis marries Mary. Well... you could say suddenly Francis may be his favorite son. And you may be executed for treason.
DIANE: Bash never wanted this. If Sebastian died because of your words, Henry would never forgive you. He would find a way to kill you.
QUEEN CATHERINE: Which is why I'm letting you leave his bed, our castle, with your life. But there is something I want to share with you first. Something you can share with Kenna.

(The Queen picks up a bottle of poison and holds it up for Diane to see)

DIANE: You want me to poison her. Why?
QUEEN CATHERINE: There are two things I can't abide, betrayal and stupidity, and Kenna's guilty of both. One can be tempered, the other can never be remedied. Oh, she wants what she wants, and she will go and get it at any cost. Her desire for the king may yet cost you your life. And there's one other person who stands in her way. Who is that? Oh. Wait, I know. His wife. Me. And when she crosses me--and she will-- she will be dead anyway. All I'm asking is that you take this one thing off of my plate. Why must I always be the one with blood on my hands?

(Catherine opens up the bottle's lid and smells of it)

QUEEN CATHERINE: Mmm. Oh, it's sage. It's very nice. These are my terms.

(Catherine sits the bottle down on a table and leaves, Diane, unsure of what to do, puts her hands over her face)

ACT 5:[]


(The next day, Kenna lies asleep in her bed. A servant delivers her a cup of tea, while the girls come wake her up)

LOLA: Good morning.
KENNA: Morning. Hello.

(The cup is on a neighboring table)

KENNA: Aylee, would you pass me that (referring to the cup), please?

(Aylee reaches for the cup and smells it before handing it to Kenna)

AYLEE: Mmm. It smells nice. What is it?
KENNA: It's a brew of lemon and honey.
AYLEE: And a herb.
KENNA: It smells floral, to me. It's supposed to soothe and heal. You can have it if you'd like. It's quite good.
AYLEE: Uh, would you hold this?

(Aylee hands the cup to Greer and opens up a bag and pulls out various articles of jewerly)

AYLEE: My family sent me these. As gifts to be worn on the day Mary would be wed.
LOLA: Oh! You're so modest. Sometimes I forget your family owns half of Scotland.
AYLEE: Only the lower half.

(Aylee passes some of the jewerly out)

AYLEE: They're yours to keep.
GREER: Aylee, thank you. Do you think the wedding will still happen though?
LOLA: I know Mary talked to Bash. Nostradamus' prediction about Tomas' death was true.
GREER: I think that's open to interpretation. My head is pounding with the stress.
LOLA: Of whether there'll be a wedding or what you should wear?
GREER: The only magic I believe in is love. She should marry him.

(Greer holds up her the cup and proposes a toast)

GREER: To the power of love.


(Mary lies in Francis' bed fully clothed. She shares her worries with Francis, who tries to reassure her)

MARY: I want you to know... whatever happens, that I love you.
FRANCIS: What's going to happen? We're getting married tonight. I know you're scared. Talk to me. If it's about England--
MARY: It's not politics. It's us. We already have so much. To ask for more... Do you think we're testing fate?

(Elsewhere in the castle, the frost is seen melting down the window. A girl is grasping the bars on the castle-staircase, holding on tightly as she chokes. Clarissa trails behind her in the shadows)

FRANCIS: Testing fate how?
MARY: By believing we can have everything we ever wanted. Perhaps that privilege is reserved for gods, not queens and kings. Perhaps there is a terrible price to pay.

(The girl begins to climb down the staircase slowly)

FRANCIS: We've devoted our lives to our nation. We're still taking an enormous risk for our country, whether we lay a claim to England or...defy my father and the Vatican, for what we think is right for our people.
MARY: I like that word, "we." And "our."

(Clarissa pushes the girl from the balcony, sending her, and the cup she holds, crashing onto the floor)

FRANCIS: You've been alone in your struggles your entire life. That's over now. I would die for you.

(Mary's face turns white, but as Francis goes to kiss her, they hear a scream. They rush out of the chamber and see a group of people gathered at the base of the stairwell)

SERVANT: Guards! Your Majesty, come this way.
LOLA: They found her like this. They came to us, looking for you.
MARY: Aylee.

(It is Aylee who was pushed down the stairwell. A pool of blood lays under her head.)

AYLEE: He said I'd never go home again.
MARY: Aylee, no...

(Mary holds her head in her hands. Aylee struggles to speak)

AYLEE: Too much blood. shed for you. You-- we must... go home now.

(Mary lays her head down gently and Aylee closes her eyes and is dead. The girls start crying and Kenna watches as a cat drinks from the shattered remnants of the cup Aylee drank from earlier)


AYLEE: Yes. To the power of love. And friendship.

(Aylee takes the cup meant for Kenna and takes a drink of it)


(Mary stands up and wipes her blood covered hands on her dress. She sees Nostradamas standing on the staircase, who has just seen the full vision of how Aylee's death occurred)

MARY (seeing the frost drip from the windowsill and recalling his earlier warning, "One among you will die"): You are sent from Hell. You are the Devil!

(Francis tries to comfort her as she cries, but she pushes him away)

MARY: Oh, no. Let me go. Please.

ACT 6:[]

IN A CORRIDER: hi (Diane catches up with Bash and issues him a warning)

DIANE: The queen knows of my plan to legitimize you. Catherine has sworn to keep our secret in trade but she can't be trusted.
BASH: In trade for what?
DIANE: Nothing I can't live with.

(Diane recalls the Queen leaving the poison at her bedside, but instead of doing as Catherine asked, she threw it against the wall, shattering it into a thousand pieces)

DIANE: She can't control me or you if she can't catch us. I will find Henry again outside the castle walls. Even if she tells him what I've done, I will make him understand. When he travels, I will come to him. I will win him over. I always do. Mary will be wed to Francis, England will be in his grip and none of this will matter. We will be back in his good graces, protected.
BASH: Forgive me if I don't choose to run away with my mother and stay in the shadows while you seduce my father into giving a damn about us.
DIANE: Then go on your own. Just swear you will leave today. You are my son.
BASH: Go. Save yourself.


(Aylee's corpse lays out in the open on a table. Nostradamas stands over her body, speaking to someone offcamera)

NOSTRADAMUS: She was poisoned. Am I supposed to suspect the queen? When I know the effects of this poison. The blackening,

(He picks up her hand and looks at her darkened nails)

NOSTRADAMUS: The smell of violets. This is new poison. Mine, not Catherine's. Have you been watching me? Do you know where I keep the key? One never knows when you're close, do they? Why did you kill her?
CLARISSA: Mary had to believe your prophecy. Or she would have wed Francis. And the queen would have killed her.
NOSTRADAMUS: You see Mary as a victim. You think you have a bond because you see yourself as fate's victim, too. But she is a beautiful queen, and you...

(Nostradamas grabs Clarissa and drags her over to Aylee's body as she sceams)

NOSTRADAMUS: You are a monster! She is a victim!

(He pulls her hood off and makes her look at Aylee)

NOSTRADAMUS: This girl is your victim! Look. Look at what you've done to a child of God! You, who are nothing! You brought this on yourself.

(Nostradamas drags her away)


GREER: What about your duty to Scotland? What about the alliance?
MARY: I'll find a new one. This one has cost us too much already.
GREER: You have to tell Francis why.
MARY: I can't. The queen is right. He'll just talk me out of it.
GREER: But maybe there's some explanation...
MARY: For Nostradamus' gift? I believe in it. For Aylee's death? Maybe. Whatever it is, she's still dead. I can't risk it. I can't risk losing anyone else I love.

(Mary is packing up her belongings to take with her)

MARY: Come with me.
LOLA: We can't.

(All of the girls look at her, waiting for an explanation)

LOLA: She stands a better chance of getting away on her own.
LOLA: And you're right. If Francis knows, he will stop you.
MARY:  I'll send for you when I can. We'll go home. To Scotland.


MARY: As Queen of Scotland, I have made a decision. I lay no claim to the English throne. There are too many lives at stake, and I have a duty to those who would die for me, who believe that I would die for them, regardless of my personal happiness. I know your terms. I know this will cost me the man I love.
FRANCIS: Mary, no...
KING HENRY: You're risking everything. Everything you've spent your life waiting for.
MARY: I know.
KING HENRY: You're walking away from England, from more power than you could ever imagine.
MARY: I'm walking away from France.
KING HENRY: Mary, You're frightened. Now is the time for courage!

(Mary goes to leave and Francis runs after her)

FRANCIS: I don't understand.
MARY: Please don't. I've made up my mind.
FRANCIS: Without telling me?
MARY: I told you I was afraid. I told you I wasn't sure if this was the right choice for my country.
FRANCIS: What does that have to do with marrying me? I told you, I have no terms. I only want you.
MARY: I can't trust that.
FRANCIS: I don't believe you.
MARY: Your loyalty is to France. You have always told me so.
FRANCIS: Have you not heard a word that I've said? I love you.
MARY: Love is irrelevant to people like us, a privilege we do not share. You told me that. I remember it all. Every word, every moment, for the rest of my life... I love you. But I won't let other people die for me.
FRANCIS: That is your fate. As a ruler.
MARY: Not if I can help it.
FRANCIS: You're not thinking clearly. You're upset, about Aylee. You can't make decisions now, but I can, and I'm never going to let you go.
MARY: All I ever wanted was you.
FRANCIS: Then we will work this out. Wait for me while I talk to my father before he goes screaming to the Vatican and this... this gets out of hand. Wait for me.
MARY: I'll wait for you.

(Francis rushes off to speak with his father)


(Mary goes to get a horse to leave on, but a farmhand stops her before she can)

STABLE HAND: Your Grace. May I be of service?
MARY: I was going riding. I'm fine.
STABLE HAND: I'll alert the guards.
MARY: Please, uh, don't.
STABLE HAND: But it's not safe for you alone. If the king knew I let you go unattended...
BASH: You would be punished. We're fine here. I'll be glad to accompany the queen. I have horses ready for us.
STABLE HAND: Horses ready? But.. you just offered...

(Bash doesn't back down, so he relents)

STABLE HAND: Of course.
BASH: Where are you going? What's wrong?
MARY: I'm leaving. I'm going away, and if you love your brother, you will not stand in my way.
BASH: Away, where?
MARY: Far.
BASH: That's my destination as well.

(Bash and Mary get on their horses and ride off)

FRANCIS: Mary! Stop! Mary, please! Wait!

(Mary ignores him and rides on. Francis falls to his knees and watches them leave)

FRANCIS: Mary! Mary!


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