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Fated is the eighth episode of Season One. It attracted 1.86 million viewers on its original airing.


MARY LEARNS THAT SOMEONE CLOSE TO HER WILL DIE — Nostradamus tells Mary of his prophecy that one among them will die soon, which causes Mary to make a decision that will forever change her relationship with Francis. Clarissa becomes bolder with her endeavors, while Kenna informs Catherine of Diane’s plan for Bash, which ends up backfiring. Henry, Aylee, Lola and Greer also appear.


Mary is sleeping against Francis’ chest and he is watching her while running his hand along her arm. She wakes up, realizing it is morning and is worried the servants realized she wasn’t in her bed. He tells her it’s too late to do anything about it, and proceeds to tickle her. Both look happy, laughing and kissing each other, until Mary asks if they are being reckless. Francis tells her that they are each others, and then kisses her stomach and hopes she is pregnant. When Mary makes a fuss, since they aren’t married yet, he tells her it would just force his father’s hand and speed up the wedding. Francis tells Mary that after they rule and extend their lines, when they pass and meet their maker, she can ask them.

They are interrupted with a knock at the door. Mary squeaks and pulls the sheets over herself. The servant enters and tells Francis that he is being summoned to the throne room. He says that someone is visiting from the Holy Sea, but when Francis thinks it is the pope he is told it is a cardinal from the Vatican.

When the servant leaves and Mary pulls the sheet down again, both look at each other and laughs. Francis moves above Mary, straddling her and sitting up. He tells her she can ask him now, saying the ‘word of God is back at Court’, making her laugh.

Kenna is lying in bed with Henry sitting at her side. She asks him to be honest with her, but he asks if she hasn’t had enough pain as it is. Kenna is still showing bruising and a bloody lip from when Vincent’s men beat her at the feast before they were to leave with Francis and his brothers. Kenna confronts Henry, saying he has not been at her side and she has asked the servants about Diane, who told her they have seen Diane in Henry’s rooms. Henry says Diane is just a friend and giving him council.

He’s looking away from Kenna, but she asks him to tell her the truth and asks if he loves her. Turning to her, he responds with being unable to let Diane go. He does apologize, saying she wanted the truth, but changes the subject to Vincent. He came back to the castle to find that a stranger with a vendetta wanted to end his line, but Kenna stops him. She admits that Vincent came for Francis, but they used brute force with her. She blames Henry, saying they only came after her because she became his mistress. Kenna’s angry, and crying, because she almost died and he chooses now to say he wants Diane.

Henry admits that he doesn’t know if Diane is a habit or a crutch, but he does know that he needs her in his life. Kenna realizes she is now destroyed, because she gave Henry her virtue for nothing. He says she isn’t, but does say it was probably too much to have expected exclusivity since he did have a wife and a mistress when they began their tryst. He does want to continue with her, but he lets her know if she asks him to choose again, he will choose Diane.

Diane is walking towards the throne room, but stops and stands alone, away from the other groups of people. Bash finds her, asking if the visit has anything to do with her plans to legitimize him. She tells him it is not, and that she would have been given warning. She also tells Bash that everything she has done was in secret and her plans will take time. Bash, clearly angry, tells his mother that he doesn’t want his brother’s job. At the other end of the hallway, Francis and Mary are walking towards the throne room, and Diane asks Bash if he would want it if he can get the girl of his dreams. She informs him that Mary will wed the next French king, regardless of her feelings for Francis. Bash doesn’t think it is a way to win a woman, but Diane reminds him it worked for Francis.

Once everyone is gathered in the throne room, Henry walks away from the men he is speaking to and heads to the raised platform the thrones are on. He reaches for Catherine’s hand, and tells those gathered that there is news from the cardinal about the Tudor Queen from England, who is dying. The cardinal begins to speak, saying that although she has not named her successor, but Henry cuts him off. He says that many believe Mary is the rightful heir to the English throne. The people around them start to clap, but Mary’s eyes widen in surprise.

Henry walks towards Mary and Francis, telling her that once the queen dies she will make a claim for the throne. And once the world sees she has France’s power supporting her, she should have no trouble.  Henry then raises his goblet and says that France will fulfil it’s alliance and she will wed Francis. Henry then walks back to where he left Catherine, who whispers to herself that it cannot happen. Once he is back by Catherine’s side, Henry raises he goblet once again and tells them to celebrate, that it is God’s will.

Catherine looks towards Nostradamus, who looks back before having another vision. He sees bits and pieces this time. Francis falls to his knees outside, a cloth mask is removed from someone’s head, Lola and others surround someone laying on the floor, and Mary emerges from a room with blood stains on her dress.

Henry goes to speak to the cardinal while Francis and Mary watch. Mary asks if she understands that a new condition was added to the alliance, and Francis tells her that if it is something his father wants and has the Vatican support on, he thinks he can get it.  Mary and Francis both know what will happen to Mary if she lays claim to England though, since the bastard Elizabeth has been gathering armies for years and has pretty much already laid claim. Francis is the one to voice it though, saying Mary will lose her head.

Catherine enters the room to join the conversation that Mary, Henry and Francis are having. Henry tells Mary that when the English queen dies, so will Henry VIII’s lines. He tells Mary that she is the next blood relation. Mary reminds Henry of Elizabeth, who was Henry VIII’s daughter. Henry dismisses this, saying she isn’t recognizes because she is technically a bastard and not recognizes by God. Catherine joins the conversation, saying Elizabeth is also protestant, which is part of why Henry is dismissing her.

Catherine tries to reason with Henry. She tells him that having a Scot on the English throne, and dismissing one of Henry VIII’s daughters will cause an uprising. There will be war, Catholics against Protestants, neighbour against neighbour. Mary chimes in with Scotland against England, and Francis mentions Mary against Elizabeth. Henry doesn’t want to hear any of it, saying that Elizabeth has always perceives Mary as a threat, going after Mary regardless if she went for the crown or not.

Mary states that Henry hates the English, which he admits that he does. He tells Mary that for 50 years they had been at war, and they spilled French blood on French soil. He tells both Mary and Francis that together they can rule half of Europe – France, Scotland and England. Turning back to Mary, he tells her not to let fear prevent her from achieving greatness, saying it is her destiny.

Henry pulls Catherine away from Francis and Mary, leading her to the door. He tells Catherine that he wants his son to marry the next English queen because he wants England. He then goes on to warn her that he will kill Catherine if she costs him what he wants.

Diane finds Bash and tells him what she thinks is bad news. Her connections in the Vatican cannot continue trying to make a case for Bash’s legitimization so he can become the next in France, since this is what is crushing Elizabeth’s chances in England.  Bash isn’t upset about this, he is actually happy since he didn’t want to be legitimized in the first place. Diane goes on to tell Bash that she is sorry for dangling Mary in his face, but he needs to forget about her. They discuss Francis’ warning to Bash a while back, telling Bash to keep his distance from Mary. Bash wonders why both Diane and Francis equate Mary to a cool glass of water and Bash to a man with a thirst. Diane tells Bash that there is a similar thirst in Mary, for Bash. She warns Bash though, telling him that he should be killed over her.

Kenna finds a servant coming out of a set of rooms and asks if they belong to Diane. When she is told they are, but Diane is not there, Kenna tells the servant to let Diane know that the king’s mistress would like to speak to her. When the servant leaves, a man approaches Kenna. He tells her that he heard Kenna mention she is the king’s mistress, and admits that he thinks Diane is younger than he originally thought. Kenna is confused at first, but doesn’t correct him in thinking she is Diane. He goes on to introduce himself as the priest she has been communicating with about Bash’s potential legitimization, and that he is sorry but they cannot continue since the pope is in favor of Francis and Mary’s upcoming nuptials. Kenna hints at Henry knowing, but is informed that he was kept in secret at Diane’s request. Kenna thanks him again before leaving him.

>Mary and Francis are headed back to the castle from a walk through the grounds. He asks if she is feeling better, and she admits she doesn’t want to go back yet. Francis tries to make her feel better by asking if marrying him is something that she wants. She admits that she wants to be with him, but she is afraid. She doesn’t know if she will have support in England when she attempts to take the throne, and she doesn’t want to start a war.

Francis wants to trick his father into allowing him to marry Mary, even though they do not necessarily agree with Henry. He tells Mary that they will discuss what to do with England later, and they will hopefully have time before the queen dies. He also says they can deal with it as husband and wife. Francis kneels, asking Mary to marry him, and she says yes. They kiss and run towards the castle together.

Catherine is rubbing what looks to be food onto the bars of cage. A canary is in the cage, which is not the same bird she had when she spoke to Aylee. Catherine sits back down; mixing the concoction she gave to the bird. Kenna storms into the room, with Catherine’s guard close behind. The guard tells Catherine that Kenna said Catherine would be expecting her. Kenna tells Catherine she needs to speak to Catherine alone. When she turns to look at them, she takes in Kenna’s appearance and tells her she looks awful. She feels for Kenna’s pain, but tells her she isn’t interested if Kenna is there to speak about Henry. Kenna informs Catherine that she has information that can save Francis pain.

Catherine sends her guard away, she asks if Kenna is there about the wedding but when Kenna mentions Diane she tells her to get out. Kenna continues though, asking why Catherine allows her to live at the castle and allowed her to take what was once hers (Henry) and who Kenna believes should now be her own. Kenna asks what Diane could possibly have over Henry, and wants to know why they can’t use the information Kenna acquired to use over Diane.

Catherine asks Kenna to continue, so she tells Catherine of Diane’s plans to have Bash legitimized behind everyone’s back. Wanting to know how Kenna acquired the information, she tells Catherine that she was mistaken for Diane when she was headed to her rooms to confront her about Henry. Catherine tells Kenna that Henry adores Bash and loves Diane. Looking off to the side, she sees the canary fall over within its cage. Catherine goes on to say that he won’t like this news now that England is in his grasp, that Diane is trying to change the line of succession. Kenna adds that she is also undermining the current rulers. Catherine, excited, says she can be tried for treason and beheaded. Kenna admits that she didn’t want that, but doesn’t argue when Catherine says she knows Kenna could live with the outcome.

Dismissing Kenna, saying she will think about how she can use this information and benefit herself, she goes back to her desk. When she passes the cage, she says very good as she looks at the dead canary at the bottom.

Mary is in her rooms speaking with her ladies – Greer, Lola and Aylee. Greer tells her they are happy for her, but based on the look on Lola’s face Mary asks what she thinks. Lola admits she is worried for Mary, and wonders if Mary is thinking of taking England for the sake of her people (Scotland) or her love (Francis).

Mary admits that she will ultimately make the right choice based on her conscience and do what is right for her people, both Scottish and French. They question if Francis will go along with her, even though the Henry thinks she will take the English throne, and she tells them that Francis will stand by her side and do the right thing and that he is a good man. She goes on to say that she will wed Francis the next night, and even though her mother isn’t there she has them, who are her real family.

In the hidden passageway, Clarissa is listening to the conversation that Mary is having with her friend, playing with her own hair.

Catherine tells Nostradamus that she doesn’t know how else to save Francis since he thinks his future is ahead of him, with Mary in it. She explains that she has tried everything to drive them apart and drive Mary away, but they love each other. Catherine admits that she would want nothing else for her son, if only he would survive their union, which she knows he won’t. Nostradamus tells Catherine that Francis will know if Catherine does something to Mary, regardless of how well Catherine might cover it up. Catherine doesn’t care, saying Francis can hate her as long as he lives.

Nostradamus thinks there is another way, saying Catherine should tell Mary about the prophecy. Catherine doesn’t think it is a viable plan, since Mary can tell others and then both Catherine and Nostradamus will be burned as heretics. Nostradamus thinks Mary may change her own fate in order to save the man she loves. And he knows that if she doesn’t, grabbing the bag in Catherine’s hand and removing the small bottle, Catherine will use the bottle of poison on Mary. He goes on to tell Catherine that if they do kill her, they will burn in the fires of hell. Catherine leaves him, taking her bag and bottle with her.

Mary joins Catherine in her rooms, asking what Catherine wants. She asks Mary if she thinks of Catherine as a stupid woman, to which Mary says she does not. Catherine asks what Mary thinks of Nostradamus, and if she believes what he had once told her about her future. Mary says she knows his words have weight, and he has some insight, but she doesn’t know what it matters to her. Catherine turns to face Mary and tells her of Nostradamus’ prophecy, informing Mary that she will one day cause the death of Francis and their marriage will seal the fate.

Mary doesn’t believe her, saying Catherine has gone to a lot of trouble to try to get rid of her. Catherine tells Mary that everything Nostradamus has predicted over the year has come true, from storms to death of infants to wars. She continues, saying she has given Mary a powerful weapon against her, which could cause her death if Mary brought it to the king. Catherine wants Mary to walk away from Francis, to save his life, if Mary truly loves him. Mary questions if Francis knows, but Catherine thinks Francis will not believe her. Catherine also knows that if Mary were to tell him, Francis will talk Mary into ignoring it, since they love each other and Francis is willing to die for each other.

Catherine approaches Mary, telling her she needs to use the love she has for her son to be strong, to walk away from him and the alliance. She begs Mary to keep her son safe and alive.

Mary confronts Nostradamus, asking about what he saw of Francis and his death. Nostradamus knows Mary must believe a little, since she went to him instead of Francis and Henry. Mary says there was truth in what he said about the Lions and the Dragons fighting on a field of poppies. Getting up, Nostradamus knows Mary has a question she doesn’t want to ask, so he tells her that Francis’ fate can be changed. Mary wants to know if she has to leave him in order for it to change, and he says she does.  Everything he has seen shows Francis’ death tied to Mary. He sees Francis dying, not much older than he is now, and Mary alone and childless in the castle, blaming herself.

Asking him to stop, Mary calls Nostradamus cruel. He tells her he doesn’t want to see these things; he doesn’t want to tell a mother she will outlive her son. There are footsteps approaching, but neither Mary nor Nostradamus hear. He goes on to say he sees a girl, one among them, dead in a day’s time. Kenna steps from around a corner by the stairs and into the room, questions what he means, one among them. Mary tells Kenna to leave, saying Nostradamus is just trying to scare her. Kenna continues to question though. Nostradamus tells Mary that he sees Mary’s ladies gathered around a girl, he does not know who, but that she will be dead the next day.

Kenna looks to Mary, clearly frightened, but Mary approaches Nostradamus. She asks if this fate can be changes, but is told it cannot.

Mary and all of her ladies sit around, worrying about what Nostradamus said. Greer doesn’t believe him, saying she was told she would fall in love with a man with a while mark on his face, but that had not happened. Lola asks Greer if she has fallen in love though, since she disappears for hours. Before she can answer, Aylee says she is still haunted by Nostradamus telling her she will never go home again. Greer thinks Nostradamus is just trying to scare them, that he and Catherine do it for fun. Lola thinks it may be another in Catherine’s attempts to get rid of Mary, but Mary doesn’t know if she is doing it to save Francis’ life.

When asked what she thinks, Mary says that both Catherine and Nostradamus seem to believe it. Mary also admits she couldn’t sleep for days when she saw Tomas’ banner unravel, showing he was the dragon, who went off to fight the English’s lion. Greer says they were just sailors though, and they did not actually fight. They do discuss that Tomas was actually slain in the forest though, where poppies were at the time.

Bash is grooming a horse when Mary asks him about Tomas’ death. He admits that there were poppies in full bloom, and that one’s mind focuses on odd things when taking a life. He asks if Nostradamus told her something she is trying to prove, saying he has known him for many years and what he says has mostly come true. When Nostradamus is wrong, Bash always wonders if he misinterpreted Nostradamus’ words, or if Nostradamus held back information.

While discussing the dragon and the lion fighting on a field of poppies, Bash explains that as a bastard, Tomas gave himself the symbol of the dragon since he did not truly inherit one. He then shows Mary his sword, saying he took on the symbol of the lion since he would not inherit his father’s.

Henry and Diane are in bed together.When they are finished, he tells her well done, before rolling over and putting on his robe. Catherine is outside Henry’s rooms and talking with some other women, watches Henry as he leaves with his guards.

Catherine enters Henry’s rooms, finding Diane in bed, whom covers up upon seeing Catherine. She says she knows Henry will be back soon, bringing Diane back a drink and some food, and how it amuses Catherine that Henry does these things for Diane.

Diane asks what Catherine wants, and Catherine admits she never thought she would want anything from Diane. She tells Diane how she doesn’t understand how she does it, having Henry stray from her to Kenna and then back again when he gets bored. Diane admits that she loves Henry for who he is, not what he can give Diane.  Catherine corrects her, saying she doesn’t understand how Diane can put up with it. Catherine puts up with Diane and the embarrassment in public because she doesn’t have Henry bothering her in private.

Walking closer to the bed, Catherine throws Diane her dress and tells her to get dressed.  She then continues, telling Diane that she knows about her legitimization plans. Before Diane can refute it, Catherine tells her not to bother, that she has connections in the Vatican.  Catherine does tell her that she first heard from Kenna, who found out because she was mistaken for Diane in her younger years. Catherine doesn’t miss the opportunity to make a jab at Diane, explaining that Kenna was badly beaten and looked terrible.

Diane says she knows Catherine would do anything for her son, which Catherine agrees with, but admits she is doing this for herself. She tells Diane that she has been anxious due to her son’s upcoming wedding.  Diane thinks it is because she cannot control Mary, who is a queen herself. Catherine tells Diane that she gave Mary some council and is waiting to see if she takes it. While pacing, Catherine stops and turns to Diane, surprised at how they are talking like old friends, and Diane reminds her that they have known each other for a long time. Finding another piece of clothing and tossing it to Diane, she tells her they won’t be acquaintances anymore.

atherine wants Diane out of the castle, never to return, or she will tell Henry what Diane was planning. Diane thinks Henry would understand since he adores Bash, but Catherine tells her the timing is not on her side. Regardless of who Henry might love, his love of power is greater and he doesn’t care what he has to do when something gets in the way of it. Henry wants England, and legitimizing Bash would prevent him from getting it. Catherine is happy since Francis might now be considered Henry’s favorite son, since when he marries Mary Henry will acquire England as well.  Diane tells Catherine that Bash never wanted to be legitimized, and if he is killed due to what Catherine tells Henry, Henry will find a way to kill Catherine.

Letting Diane leave the castle, with her life, will stop Catherine from saying anything to Henry. In addition to leaving though, Catherine wants Diane to share something with Kenna first. Catherine removes the jar with the poison from her bag, showing it to Diane, who correctly guesses that Catherine wants her to poison Kenna. Catherine explains that there are two things she does not forgive, betrayal and stupidity, both of which Kenna has in spades. In addition, Catherine knows Kenna will do anything to get to Henry, and once Diane is gone she knows Kenna will go after Catherine next. Catherine wants Diane to take one thing off of her plate, this, and questions why she must always be the one with blood on her hands. She opens the jar, smelling it, saying it smells nice and is jade. She then puts the jar down and tells Diane these are her terms, before leaving the room.

Kenna has a tray placed besides her bed with food and a cup of tea. Lola, Aylee and Greer enter the room, sitting at the edges of her bed. Kenna asks Aylee to pass her the cup, and when she lifts it, Aylee says it smells nice and asks what is in it. Kenna says it is a mix of lemon and honey, but Aylee mentions smelling a spice in it.  Kenna thinks it smells floral, and says it must be to speed the healing. She offers it to Aylee, who takes it but hands it off to Greer to hold while she goes through her bag.  She says her parents had sent her to France with things for them all to wear upon Mary’s wedding. Lola says she always forgets how rich Aylee is, as her family owns half of the land Scotland, because Aylee is so modest. Aylee hands out pieces of jewelry to each of them, telling them all to keep it.

They question whether the wedding will actually happen, since Mary spoke to Bash and found there was truth to Nostradamus’ words. Greer tells them it is up for interpretation and claims it is all giving her a headache. When asked why, she says the only magic she believes in is love, and she knows Mary and Francis love one another.

Mary is laying in bed while Francis is getting dressed. She tells him that regardless of what happens, she wants him to know she loves him. He tells her there is nothing to worry about, that they will be wed that evening, and if England is what is bothering her, but she stops him. Mary says she is not worried about politics, but is worried they are testing fate since they already have so much and are asking for more.

Frost on windows is melting, which was part of Nostradamus’ prophecy about one of Mary’s ladies dying.  Someone is carrying a cup, and walking behind them is Clarissa. One of them seems to be having difficulties breathing.

Francis asks what Mary means by testing fate. Mary thinks there is a terrible price to pay by getting everything that they were wanted. She believes this is only meant for the gods, and not kings and queens. Francis looks at her, clearly amused.

The person carrying the cup is the one having difficulty breathing. She keeps stumbling, knocking into walls and tables. Her cup is filled with a liquid with a green tint. The woman continues to move along, coughing as she goes. Clarissa is still following her.

Francis tells Mary that they have devoted their lives to their countries. He knows they are staking their lives, whether if it is laying claim to England or defying his father in the Vatican. Francis knows they will eventually do the right thing for their people. Mary tells him she likes that he is saying things with the words ‘we’ and ‘our’, before she kisses him.

The woman is still moving through unpopulated areas of the castle, coughing as she moves. She stops at the top of a set of stairs, leaning against the wall. Clarissa stops just behind her, looking at her before pushing her. The cup goes flying, spilling the liquid and crashing to the floor.

Francis tells Mary she is no longer alone in her struggles. He admits he would die for her, which makes her frown. Before either can say anything, a scream is heard and they rush from the rooms and towards the sound.

At the bottom of a set of steps several people surround a body. Lola turns to Mary, saying the servants found her and they came searching for Mary. Aylee is on the floor, a pool of blood surrounding her head. She tells Mary that she was told she would never return home again. She tries to speak, but is having difficulties. She tells Mary that there was too much bloodshed for her and they must go home now, before she dies. Everyone is surrounding them, crying, and Kenna looks to see a cat lick the spilled drink. She remembers Aylee drinking from the cup earlier.

Mary gets up, wiping Aylee’s blood from her hands and onto her dress. She sees Nostradamus at the end of the hall and remembers what he told her. She tells him he was sent from hell and that he is the devil. Francis attempts to comfort her, but she pushes him away and continues to cry.

Diane tells Bash that Catherine knows about her plans, but will keep their secret for a trade. Bash asks what the try was and Diane admits she didn’t do it because she couldn’t live with herself if she did. She remembers smelling the jar with the poison once Catherine left her alone in Henry’s rooms, then throwing the jar and watching it smash when it hit the wall. Diane pulls him to the side, saying Catherine cannot hurt them if she cannot find him. She tells Bash of her plans to go to Henry when he travels, making him see reason regardless of what Catherine tells him. She thinks that once Francis weds Mary and he acquires England, Henry won’t care anymore and they will once again be under his protection.

Bash is angry, telling his mother that he does not want to run off and hide with her until she can seduce Henry into caring about them. She tells him to leave by himself then, but to leave today. He sends her off, telling her to save herself.

Nostradamus looks down at Aylee, saying she was poisoned and questioning if he should suspect the queen when he knows the affects of this particular poison. He lifts Aylee’s hand and shows her finger tips, mentioning the blackened skin and the smell of flowers. He says the poison is one of his own, not Catherine’s, and then asks if he was being watched. He asks Clarissa, who he was speaking to all along, why she killed Aylee. Clarissa says that Mary needed to believe Nostradamus’ prophecy or she would have married Francis and caused his death.

Nostradamus realises Clarissa sees Mary as a victim of fate, much like herself. He tells her that Mary is a beautiful queen. He then grabs Clarissa and brings her closer to Aylee, telling her to look at what she had done. He pulls off her hood and tells Clarissa that she killed a child of God and made Aylee her victim, not one of fate. Clarissa has missing patches of hair, which is the only thing seen. He tells her she brought it on herself as he pulls Clarissa behind a curtain and up a flight of stairs.

Mary is packing to leave, and Greer asks about her alliance to France. Mary says she will find a new alliance, that the current one has cost them enough already. Mary believes in Nostradamus’ gift, and she cannot lose someone else she loves. She asks them to come with her, but Lola says they can’t. She knows Mary would be able to get away faster without them tagging along. Lola also says she knows if they tell Francis, he will try and stop her. Mary says she will send for them as soon as she can, and that they will all return home to Scotland.

Mary enters the throne room and tells Henry that she cannot lay claim to England. She understands that means giving up on the love of her life, as well as the alliance, but she cannot do it because it will cost the lives of too many people. He tells her she is giving up on England, but she says she is walking away from France. He calls after her when she leaves, saying he knows she is scared but now is the time to have courage.

Francis follows Mary into the hall, saying he doesn’t understand and wants to know why she didn’t tell him before.  She says she did, she told him she was afraid and worried. Francis says it doesn’t matter, he wants to marry her without any stipulations, that he loves her. Mary cannot trust that, reminding him of when he told her that as royals they cannot make decisions based on love. They have too many responsibilities to their countries and the lives of their people to make life choices based on love alone. She tells him she loves him, but she will not allow another person to die for her.

Thinking she is talking about Aylee, Francis says she is upset and in no condition to make decisions. He says he will talk to his father before Henry can go to the Vatican and blow the situation out of proportion. He asks Mary to wait for him, and she smiles sadly and tells him she will.

Mary is in the stables when she comes across a guard. He asks if she needs anything and she tells him she was just going for a ride. He says he will alert the guards, but she asks him not to. The guard tells her it is not safe for her to ride alone, and if the king finds out he let her, but Bash interrupts him. Bash knows the guard will get into trouble, so he volunteers to accompany Mary on her ride, and that he has horses ready for them. The guard is confused as to how Bash already has horses ready since he just volunteered, but leaves without questioning it further.

When they are alone, Bash asks where she is going and what is wrong. She tells him she is leaving and he cannot tell his brother if he cares about Francis. Bash asks where exactly she is going, and Mary’s response is far. Bash tells her that far is his destination as well.

Outside, both climb onto their horses as Francis and a guard come from the castle. Francis calls out to Mary, but she continues to ride off. He begins to chase after her, but knowing he cannot reach her he falls to his knees (from Nostradamus’ prophecy) and calls to her once more.[1]


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  • This is the midseason finale.
  • Last episode to feature Jenessa Grant as Aylee.
  • Toby Regbo tweeted this episode would be filled with sad things.
  • It was revealed that Nostradamus' vision of Francis' death was wrong.
  • According to Nostradamus's vision, one of the Ladies will die. It is later revealed that the lady to die was Aylee whom was killed by Clarissa.
  • Mentions of Henry VIII, Mary I of England, Elizabeth I, and Anne Boleyn.
  • In this episode, a glimpse of Clarissa's face is seen when Nostradamus takes off her mask.

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