Estelle was a low-born woman, whom took care of Lola and her baby during The Black Plague.

Estelle was a member of the House of Narcisse by marriage.

She was portrayed by actress, Camille Stopps.

Season TwoEdit

In The Plague, She was helping Lola after the birth of her child. When Francis arrived she asked whom he was. When they noticed that Estelle's brother George had the plague, Francis and Lola quickly prepared to leave. Estelle followed them out with a blanket to give to Lola for the baby. Lola refused for the fear of plague and begged Estelle to come with them. She tells them she can't leave her family and to be careful. She's later brought to a makeshift camp by Stéphane Narcisse, who put her in a cage to keep her isolated, to make sure she didn't have the plague.

In The Lamb and the Slaughter, she's brought to court by her new husband Lord Narcisse, in order to get a blessing from the King on their marriage. When she arrives she runs into Lola and hands her a gift, containing a note that says "help me". She later meets Lola, to tell her about the horrible stories she's heard about Narcisse's previous wives and how he treated them. Begging her to be saved from Lord Narcisse. She's later told by Lola that arrangements have been made for her to escape Lord Narcisse. Later that night she arrives in Lola's chambers covered in blood because she had killed a guard trying to leave, Mary walks in on the two. With the help of Mary and Lola, Estelle is sent into a carriage leaving court. Her body is later found at the bottom of a cliff.


Estelle is a very kind-hearted and caring young woman. She took care of Lola and her baby without even knowing them and refused to leave her brother even after learning he had the plague.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Estelle has long light blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a pale complexion and large rosy lips. She normally wears the normal clothing for a low-born. Which is very simple fabric, built for practicality not fashion.



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