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Ellen Norwood is the sister of Greer Castleroy, Ainsley Norwood, and Colleen Norwood, and is the daughter of Robert Norwood. After finding out that Greer was pregnant, Ellen was asked to fake a pregnancy so that she could take the baby and raise it in her place. However after getting caught by Princess Claude, it was revealed that Ellen and her husband, Lord Thomas, that they were planning some sort of scheme to take Greer's baby far away with no involvement from her which caused Ellen to be cut off from Greer's life for good.

Ellen is a member of the House of Norwood.

She is portrayed by Canadian actress, Lyla Porter-Follows.

Early LifeEdit

Ellen's family is known to be very wealthy; however, with their mines running low, the potential for future wealth is dwindling. Ellen wasn't tasked to be a lady in waiting like Greer was leaving her to stay at home with the rest of her younger sisters. Because of  Castleroy's imprisonment her dowry wasn't paid so Ellen was put into a hasty marriage that didn't bring her any children to secure her future so she agreed to take in her unborn niece until the agreement was called off.

Season ThreeEdit

In Bruises That Lie, Ellen met up with her sister at her tavern with her new husband, Lord Thomas. She had a fake baby bump on her body, to cover for the fact that she was going to be taking Greer's baby once she was born. Greer made her promise she would raise the child without caring about station, or worried about titles like they had been raised. Greer also explained how she was going to be paying for their house, because she and the baby's father wished to watch their child grow.

In Strange Bedfellows, Greer breaks off their deal due to Ellen's deception.


At first Ellen seems a supportive older sister however her manipulating was the thing that caused Greer to cut ties with her once she saw Ellen's true colors.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ellen is quite attractive, and tall with strawberry blond hair and brown eyes.


Thomas: Her husband.




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