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Dirty Laundry is the fourteenth episode of Season One. It attracted 1.48 million viewers on its original airing.


A LIFE-CHANGING SITUATION AFFECTS MARY AND HER NEW HUSBAND — Mary returns from her honeymoon and, suspicious of Lola’s strange behavior, uncovers a deception that changes everything. Bash encounters a confused and terrified Olivia, an escaped victim of the terrors of the woods, which causes him to enlist Nostradamus for help. Meanwhile, when King Henry’s odd behavior causes misfortune, he is forced to ask for Queen Catherine’s aid. Francis, Greer and Kenna also appear.


The episode opens with Francis and Mary returning from their honeymoon; ever so in love, talking about how things are different now that they are married, and the possibility of having children. Then we see the Archduke and his sister before Henry and Catherine in their throne room discussing an accident between ships from France and Bohemia. Henry then introduces Kenna to the Archduke Ferdinand. Mary and Francis are back at the castle, and they are greeted by everyone glad to see the newlyweds home; Queen Catherine soon enters, and greets her son and new daughter in law; she then pulls Francis aside and tells him how glad she is to see him, that she wants to hear all about his travels, but later as she tells him that Bash never made it to Spain, because the bodies of the men sent to guard him were found on the side of the road not long after Francis and Mary left for their honeymoon. Francis is confused as to how this happened since he sent those guards with Bash himself; Catherine tells him that either they were attacked and Bash escaped or he killed the guards and got away, she finally tells him that Henry has men out looking for Bash, and asks him if he's glad he has a mother who watches out for such things.

Bash is seen in the woods and meets a beautiful huntress after almost falling into her boar trap. He follows her back to her camp, and meets her brother; suddenly Olivia emerges from the woods in bad shape. Meanwhile back at French Court, Mary and her ladies are in Mary’s chambers, and Greer, Kenna and Lola are trying on their new gowns, but Lola’s is too tight, and she looks quite tired. Back at the hunter’s camp they inquire as to how Bash and Olivia know each other, and it is determined that she has somehow come across the darkness.

The Archduke and Kenna are getting acquainted, and Henry and the Archduchess Cecelia are having a wild romantic romp in his chambers, when it gets a little too rough and she falls out of the window to her death. Soon after Bash brings Olivia to Nostradamus for help and rest from her injuries.

Queen Catherine is in her chambers standing at her table of potions when Mary comes in and Catherine reminds her that her duty is to have children and ensure the future of her line, and that she’d like to help her with having babies commenting that Mary doesn't look like she’s pregnant, Catherine gives her a few potions as they are interrupted by Henry who bursts into the room excusing himself for interrupting, but he has an urgent need to speak with his Queen in private. Catherine notices that her husband is in distress about something; after inquiring what’s wrong with him, Henry confesses about the Duchess Cecelia and how she fell to her death from his window; Catherine is suspicious at to why Henry would come to her of all people; however it seems that Catherine appears to be the only person Henry can trust to help him as he feels that his ministers would use this against him. Catherine asks Henry what's in it for her if she helps him, and she tells him that she wants the Chateau Chenonceau which he gave to Diane. When Henry begins to protest she tells Henry to bring his mistress back to court to help him with all the details of dealing with his dead Duchess; Henry gives in and promises her the Chateau Chenonceau. Henry admits that no none knows how better to cover up a problem than his Queen. Catherine agrees to help him with the mutual understanding that no one is to know what happened but the two of them.

Kenna pops up in Lola's room to discuss Lola’s night in Paris with Francis, and from the way she has been acting since returning back to court: tired, no appetite, her new gown doesn't fit etc. Kenna realizes that Lola is pregnant with Francis’s child, and they talk about Lola getting an abortion, and maybe being Francis’s mistress. Mary returns to her chambers to find Bash who accuses Francis of trying to kill him. Later King Henry and Queen Catherine are cleaning up the original scene of death, and moving the body with the covers from Catherine's bed; while Lola is getting advice from one of her servants and gives her money for information to end her pregnancy. Later a priest comes across Olivia in Nostradamus’ chamber and Olivia takes the cross and stabs the priest in the heart killing him. Francis walks into his and Mary’s chambers and they discuss her conversation with Bash and if Francis really did set Bash up to have him killed; Francis says that he didn’t but that Bash is not safe from him.

Meanwhile Henry and Catherine are continuing with the cover-up of Cecelia’s death with writing a suicide note, leaving it in her room, and then tossing her body out of her window; while Kenna and the Archduke are kissing in the hall below. Later Mary and Kenna go looking for Lola and she is not in her room, and Mary sets out to find her with help from Bash to stop her from ending her pregnancy. On their way to the throne room to offer their sympathy to the Archduke Ferdinand on the loss of his sister Henry and Catherine are stopped by Nostradamus who tells them that the priest is dead; they tell him that while this news is indeed awful, but they have no time to deal with it now. The King and Queen are with the Archduke, and Catherine does most of the talking of what "happened" to Cecelia; They give him a note that she "wrote" to preserve her dignity, and justify her "suicide" when he sees the note he is immediately suspicious that his sister’s death was foul play not an accident, as Cecelia never learned how to write. Queen Catherine shows that she is quite the clever woman by spinning an elaborate story about the priest being the Duchess’s lover and that he was killed under torture, with his status as a priest being unknown, and the Archduke accepts the Queen’s explanation.

Mary finds Lola and convinces her to come back, and in the room Lola confesses that her unborn child belongs to Francis. Henry and Catherine bond over working together and it seems that the King and Queen are getting closer and beginning to trust each other again, Kenna and Henry continue their affair, Mary confronts Lola about sleeping with Francis and how could she betray her Queen/friend in that manner. Bash and the beautiful huntress in the woods share a kiss, and the episode ends with Nostradamus and Olivia in his chamber with him tending to her, and showing Nostradamus, Queen Catherine, Lola, and Mary all deep in thought about the things on their respective minds.


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  • This episode picks 2 months after The Consummation.
  • Olivia returns after a six episode absence.
  • We see how Mary deals with her new husband and the other one she didn't choose.
  • Mary finds out about Lola and Francis.
  • Lola is carrying Francis' child and tries to have abortion, but is stopped.
  • Catherine is trying to help Mary get pregnant.
  • Olivia has her first kill in this episode. It also appears that she has been touched by The Darkness.

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