You come from former servants. My, what a rise your people have made. I do love a success story.
Catherine to Colin in the Pilot

Colin McPhail was Lola's boyfriend until he was killed in Snakes in the Garden.

He was portrayed by actor Ashley Charles.

Season OneEdit

In the Pilot, Colin was in a relationship with Lola in Scotland, which ended abruptly when Lola had to go to France to be with Mary. According to Lola, Colin told her that he would wait for her to return from French Court so they could be together. When Colin arrives at court, it is a complete surprise to Lola and both are overjoyed that they are reunited.

When they ask permission to be allowed to stay together from Queen Catherine, the queen asks to speak with him alone. She then threatens his family, blackmailing him into letting Mary drink a potion, concocted by Nostradamus, to let her "sleep like the dead" while he raped her, therefore taking her virginity and making her unworthy of marrying Francis. Discovered, Colin was accused of being part of an English plot to stop the alliance between Scotland and France. He was sentenced to death. Mary tried to plead his innocence but, according to King Henry, she was too late as he had already been beheaded, leaving a devastated Lola to grieve for her loved one.

In Snakes in the Garden, It is revealed that Colin was spared from death accidentally; the door to his cell was supposed to be marked with an "x", denoting a room of a prisoner scheduled to be executed, whereas the thief in the cell next to his was being detained and was meant to be tortured. The thief's door was mistakenly marked "x", thus the thief was beheaded while he was wrongly tortured.

Colin was still alive and had just finished being tortured for the day when Clarissa arrived to free Colin from his bonds. He managed to escape the castle, but Bash later found him in the woods, strung up by the feet and bled out, apparently as a sacrifice. It is reveald that Catherine's guards had found Colin and killed him to cover up Catherine's involvement in ordering Colin to rape Mary and they framed the pagans for the murder.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Colin has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. His clothing seems quite efficient. 


Not much is known about his personality but by his looks he seems like a kind gentleman who is strong and also kind of caring towards others. 



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